20497 Ned Feldman, Space Pirate. PInkwater

Ned Feldman, Space Pirate.

Ned finds a pirate with questionable judgement but a flair for adventure living under the kitchen sink.





21545 The Yellow Book of Hob Stories. Mayne

The Yellow Book of Hob Stories.

Little Hob scurries around the house trying to keep everything safe and sound. It is his job to keep the mischievous spirits away.



21541 Another Man 0'War. Anderson

Another Man 0'War.

Katy's grandfather, a respected former trainer, found her a great grandson of the famous race horse. He was small as a colt, but together they worked with him and watched as "another Man O'War" developed. The explanation of gradual, gentle training, many interesting stories of famous horses, and Anderson's beautiful pictures of Banner growing from a gifted colt to a three year old.

this book has been SOLD



21542 Punky Goes Fishing. Ward

Punky Goes Fishing.

"A little girl spends the day fishing with her grandfather... And guess who caught the biggest fish? ... Awash with joy and high spirits, Sally Ward's sunshiny story is flooded with loving feelings between the two generations." Author lives in Martha's Vinyard. Gift condition.



21538 Netta Mayne.


Five stories about irrepressible Netta and her gentle friend Catherine at home and school.



21539 Andrew Jackson. Judson

Andrew Jackson.

The author is able to explain the complex politics of this era clearly and to present the first president of the common man with feeling..



21536 The Men of the House. Mayne

The Men of the House.

Visap searches for his father in the forest with the help of a monkey



21537 Netta Next. Mayne

Netta Next.

More cheerful Netta stories.



21532 More Farmyard Tales. Jackson

More Farmyard Tales.

Probably from the Jackson's Farm Stories (1946). One of a pleasant little series of good tales and reprinted classics for young children, originally published several years previously by Arnoldo Modatori, Milan and Deux Coqs d'Or, Paris.