Racketty-Packetty House.

Their shabby dolls' house is pushed aside to make room for the Tidy Castle, but the inhabitants of Racketty-Packetty house have a great romps all the same. (With this Burnett title, the American book is the true first.) Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD




Racketty Packetty House

This delicious little story held me captivated from start to finish,enhanced by the original illustrations which I simply HAD to smile at.All children and adults like myself who have grown up enough to love fairy stories once again,MUST allow themselves to enjoy this wonderfully original tale which is definitely timeless.I am certain it be as much of a treat today as it was when first published 106 years ago!!! Like the inhabitants of Racketty Packetty House,I love to laugh and smile at the silly things which can drive others to drink!!! A CLASSIC NOT TO BE MISSED!!

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