CAT 22 C Modern Picture Books 1920+

Modern picture books 1920 and beyond, includes play books etc.
21608 The Great Blueness by Lobel.

The Great Blueness.

From the Great Blackness (or black and whiteness) the Magician introduces the primary colours into the world, one by one. Each brings delight to the populace but eventual problems... until the pots overflow... A very simple and interesting story for young children with no technical terms.



21597 Coucou la Goutte by Terré

Coucou la Goutte/Plays her Part in the War.

"Captain Hélene Terré is the Commandant of the Voluntaires Françaises of the Free French Forces. She herself has experienced the bitterness of seeing her country over-run by the Germans and has been supported by the knowledge that she is helping to keep the flame of freedom burning. Something of this is reflected in Coucou's life. She is a little black French girl, who, after an adventurous escape from France succeeds in joining the Free French and carrying out a dangerous job which brings glory to her and success to her cause." (flap) A straightforward morale-building wartime story in French and English, illustrated simply with bright colours, about a brave and patriotic young girl. (La goutte is her drop of French blood, interesting in view of present conditions.) NOTE: This book has been sold.



21484 Nogbad and the Moon Mouse by Postgate.

Nogbad and the Moon Mouse.

Just as Old Fatty was about to be the first to drink at the horse trough, something strange fell right into it. Nog stories make really interesting reading for a beginner, and an adult! Drawings on every page in pink, yellow.



21106 Make Way for Ducklings by McCloskey.

Make Way for Ducklings

Mr. and Mrs. Duck find a home on the Charles River. Note: This book has been SOLD..



21465 The Lion's Story by Johnson.

The Lion's Own Story.

Unfortunately for this bookseller, this copy is too tight to read! "..her lion is no Pooh. A tougher-minded, more unsentimental stuffed beast it would be hard to find." NY Herald Tribune. "Ellen's bewitching logic and sophistication and her range of activity with the lion seem completely unforced." Horn Book.



20325 Die Himmelsküche (The Cloud Kitchen) by Bohatta-Morpurgo

Die Himmelsküche. (The Cloud Kitchen)

Darling pictures of the little angels and their daily lives, their beds, their school, their toys, and their kitchen! These books, reissued from 1949 to 1955, have their own style, paper boards rather than pasted on plates, and jackets, all illustrations. (Bode #56)



20438 A Flying Saucer Full of Spaghetti by Krahn.

A Flying Saucer Full of Spaghetti.

Wordless. A Robin Hood tale for the very young. One little girl is hungry and poor, another little girl faces a huge pile of boring spaghetti. Enter the little blue elves and their flying saucer! NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



21062 The Journey of Bangwell Putt by Mariana.

The Journey of Bangwell Putt.

A reproduction of the original hand lettered hand-coloured book, this book retains the charm of the heroine, a stumpy little doll from Deerfield who longs for adventure. Bangwell Putt has one memorable night at a ball in the Museum in New York.



20575 Lollipop Princess by Estes.

The Lollipop Princess.

In Estes' book, The Moffats, Jane Moffat wrote this play for her paper puppet people and first performed it outside of Rufus's window,which was raised a crack so he could watch while he lay in bed with scarlet fever. Estes cut the play itself from the original manuscript of the Moffats, and here it is.



21005 The Seashore Noisy Book by Brown.

The Seashore Noisy Book.

Little Muffin hears everything, but he had never heard the sea. Adventures follow. "'Ho! Ho!' said the captain as he pulled Muffin out of the water. 'I think I've caught a dogfish this time.' Weisgard's bright angular illustrations of the curious sea creatures go right along with Muffin's inquisitive nature.



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