Modern Juvenile Fairy & Folk Collections

Fairy & Folk Tales: Modern Juvenile Fairy & Folk Collections. Includes modern written fairy tale collections, modern 19th c author collections (Grimm, Andersen, Asbjornsen, Perrault, etc) and theme based collections. Does not include Myths, Fables, and Legends, a related term.
The Golden Thread by Sasaki by Tazu Sasaki /Etsuro Suzuki, ill

The Golden Thread: Japanese Stories for Children.

The Boy and the Little Badger, Ko-chan Who Rode a Shrike, The Woodpecker and the Soap Bubbles, Sae-chan's "Road of Time", The Golden Thread and the Rainbow, How Far Does the Wax-Stone Road Go, White Bonnet Hill.



Pedro Fools the Gringo written and illus. by Brusca

Pedro Fools the Gringo, and other tales of a Latin American Trickster.

Many tales of the trickery of Pedro Udremales exist, for he travelled Latin America, fooling the rich and powerful with his outrageous cunning. Here is a collection of twelve stories told in simple prose with many illustrations. Note: This book has been sold.



Korolu, the Singing Bandit.

Chamlibel, near the town of Bolu in western Turkey, was for many years the stronghold of the singing bandit Korulu and his 777 bold men. From there they set out to rob the rich and give to the poor. Collected by the author from school children. Note: This book has been SOLD.



Stories to Shorten the Road by Effie Power, Dorothy Bayley, ill.

Stories to Shorten the Road.

Poor Man and the Flask of Oil, Murdoch's Rath, Man Who Was Going to Mind the House, Hans Who Made the Princess Laugh, King of the Birds, Why the Sea is Salt, Hafiz the Stonecutter, Old Woman and the Tramp, Goody 'Gainst the Stream, Katcha and the Devil, How the Son of the Gobjaun Saor Sold the Sheepskin, Jack the Giant Killer, the Three Golden Hairs of the Old Man Vsevede, The Red Ettin, The King and the Miller of Mansfield. Chosen by a Cleveland librarian.



Ardizzone's Hans Andersen.

Ardizzone's Hans Andersen.

Who better to illustrate Andersen!



The Pineapple Child by Peggy Appiah, Mora Dickson, ill.

The Pineapple Child and other Tales from the Ashanti.

Stories told to the author's husband by fellow political detainees. Appiah, the daughter of Sir Stafford Cripps, says she is constantly amazed by the inventiveness and humour of these folk stories, still very much a part of Ghanian life today.



Bantu Tales by Virginia Holladay, Rocco Negri illus.

Bantu Tales.

Nineteen short tales collected and told by Holladay, a teacher in what is today the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with wonderful woodcut illustrations.



Zuni Indian Tales by Aileen Nusbaum, Margaret Finnan, ill.

Zuni Indian Tales.

Nusbaum's small son, Deric, was adopted by the Zunis, and as he sat as the feet of the elders of the tribe and listened to tales, she was able to record them.



The Hamish Hamilton Book of Kings, Farjeon & Mayne, ed; Ambrus, ill.

The Hamish Hamilton Book of Kings.



Land of the Rainbow Snake, Berndt, ed. Dhoki Yunupinga, ill

Land of the Rainbow Snake: Aboriginal Children's Stories and Songs from Western Arnhem Land.

Stories recorded by an anthropologist from women of Oepelli and the Goulburn Islands in the Guwinggu language who used them to teach children about the natural world and about history of sacred places. Note: This book has been sold.



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