African American

Everett Anderson's Friend.

Everett loses his apartment key and makes a new friend, Maria. NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



The Girl on the Outside.

Based on the integration of Central High School at Little Rock in 1957 and on the brave actions of Elizabeth Eckford and Grace Lorch. Told alternately from each girl's point of view, the portraits show the range of opinion in each community.



Which Way Freedom.

"Obi escapes from slavery during the Civil War, joins a black Union regiment, and soon becomes involved in the bloody fighting at Fort Pillow." Written to give children a deeper understanding of African American participation during the Civil War.



The Planet of Junior Brown.

Junior Brown and his homeless friend Buddy Clark hide out in a secret basement room with an intricate model of the solar system the janitor has built. When their truancy is discovered Buddy takes Jr. to live with him, shielding him from confinement.




It was getting late, and getting dark, and the children decided to take the shortcut down the railroad tracks. Crews depicts the terror of the huge train bearing down! From his childhood memories of visiting his grandmother in Florida.



Ludell & Willie.

The second Ludell book, continuing her life story as she grows up, grows away from her grandmother, and dreams of running off with Willie and becoming a writer. Set in rural Georgia. YA



The Bells of Christmas

The Bells of Christmas.

The story of a traditional Christmas in 1890, celebrated by an African American family who has lived on this land beside the historic National Road in Ohio for generations. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



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