Birds and Animals. McLoughlin, 1920's.

Birds and Animals.

A beautiful big book, with what I would assume are older chromolithos inside, a bit fainter than the birds on the cover. The sepia pictures are very nice, all by the same anonymous artist. This large book is constructed with half folio sheets glued together, rather than folded sheets.



Our Pretty Birds. Homewood Publishing, 1902.

Our Pretty Birds.

An unusually beautiful linen bird book with fine paintings and detailed, labeled drawings and chromos. Both the paintings and the drawings appear to be by a single artist, whose signature I cannot find. The book begins with an alphabet poem of birds A to Z "Zebra Waxbill, whom I don't suppose you've seen." The many English birds are identified. Scarce. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



La Pension Corneille des Oiseaux. by Ulmes / Fontanez, ill. Delagrave 1920/1914.

La Pension Corneille des Oiseaux

Scenes in the life of the crow society, by a Swiss painter, filled with imaginative detail.



British Birds by Vesey-Fitzgerald, Allen Seaby, ill (Ladybird)

British Birds and their Nests.

Full coloured pictures of about 25 British birds facing text in this little book. The birds themselves are detailed, each with an egg, painted against a lovely, impressionistic watercolour background of their habitat.



Penguin's Way by Johanna Johnston, Leonard Weisgard, Ill.

Penguin's Way.

Rows of penguins in a masterful fluid design, graceful scenes of penguin life: distinctive blue, black, yellow, and white illustrations . With an interesting story of a penguin's winter. NOTE: This Book Has Been SOLD.



The Bluejay Boarders.

A pleasant story set in Kansas in 1913 about a family of children, their grandmother, and a nest of baby jays. By the author of Rifles for Watie.



The Beautiful Blue Jay and Other Tales of India.

A collection of tales told by Indian mothers to their children today, not classical Indian tales, or western tales, but nursery tales from a variety of Indian sources, some not previously written down.



Tea Kettle Cottage and the Hurricane.

A cosy little tea kettle cottage inhabited by robins survives a storm, with coloured charcoal pictures on each page.



The Boy on the Roof.

Susan, who lives "below stairs" in the household of an Edinburgh professor just after WWI and David, a ragged boy who secretly raises pigeons, meet on the roof.



Golden Dicky. Saunders, Marshall./George Hood, frontis, ill. Stokes, 1919, 1st.

Golden Dicky: the Story of a Canary and his Friends.

A later book about the care of birds by the Canadian author of the plea for kindness to dogs, Beautiful Joe. "The children who read these delightful pages will surely form lasting friendships with Dicky-Dick, the cheery songster, and Chummy, the stout-hearted little sparrow, and all the robins and grackles and crows who with the dogs and squirrels and Nella, the monkey, make up the lively company embraced in these chronicles." A wonderful painting of early 20th century decor on the front plate and frontis. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



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