catalog 19

Summer Visitors.

Michael, at a camp in Yorkshire with his school form, comes to enjoy the lonely landscape.



The Riddle of the Figurehead.

Stella isn't sure about their summer exchange student at first, but Philippe is a good hand with the boat. Together he and Stella set about righting an old wrong done to Sammy, who lives a simple life in a little cottage on the beach. NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Daba's Travels from Ouadda to Bangui (Les Randonees de Daba).

Born in the Central African Republic, the author held several degrees and at the time this book was published taught in Laval University in Quebec. This is a recollection of his childhood and youth.
Note: This book has been sold.



Vassilis on the Run (Flucht Wassilis, Flucht).

Vassilis and his family return to Greece from Albania, and he must become a shoeshine boy in Athens. Here he unwillingly becomes involved with drug runners, is framed, and must escape the police to establish his innocence.



Tom-Toms in Kotokro.

The exciting adventure of a Polish father and son, seeking safety in the jungles of the Ivory Coast, and Yago, exiled by his tribe.



The Lonely One.

Bill, orphaned early, goes from Wellington to Wairarapa or the Wydrup, a rough ranching community in the foothills, and makes his way on his own through his persistence and his horsemanship. Vivid scenery and horses.




In a future world, which looks back on ours as the fabulous, inventive age of Ago, a group of young people take over the guardianship of a marble torch and set out on a journey to find its true home.



The Boy Who Asked for More: The Early Life of Charles Dickens.




The River and the Forest.

Volodya sets out for his grandfather's hut but the weather changes and he gets lost. The journey starts idyllically, but soon becomes life-threatening.



Encounter near Venus.

The four children set off into space for the planet of Nede with their brilliant and grumpy Uncle Bill. Note: the extra word (illustrator) is a new feature from abe, not my typo.



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