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The Adventures of Turkey: Boy of the Australian Plains.

The author, a schoolteacher, grew up along the same sleepy Australian River and went to school with a boy much like Turkey.



Emma Tupper's Diary.

Emma intends to win a school prize for her diary's description of the Highlands; instead she is caught up in a cruel hoax, perpetrated by her strange cousins. A funny book despite the mean children.



Magic by the Lake.

Four children on vacation find a lake full of magic that they must tame. Whiter paper than the American, true, first printing, which looks like a book club. NOTE: This book has been sold.



Underground Alley.

On Town Day, the Prince paid a yearly ceremonial visit of pardon for a long-ago transgression against the Crown. Patty worked to ready the town's treasured site, a perfectly preserved medieval alley buried below street level. Ancient mystery solved!



The Boy and the River (L'enfant et la riviere).

A poetic tale of a boy and the river that calls to him.



The Fox in the Island (Le renard dans l'isle).

NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



The Night-Watchmen.

Playing alone in the park, Henry meets two old tramp brothers. Turns out they have dug a public works hole so they can camp in the hut, turns out one's a fine cook and the other is writing a book, turns out they are waiting for a mysterious night train, turns out the Greeneyes are after the secret whistle. Perfect!



Grandmother's Journey (Mormorsresan).

For the sake of Lamsa and her foal, Anders sets out with his grandmother from Sweden to Finland and then to Russia to earn some money. Set at the time of the Tzars, when Finland was a Russian Grand Duchy. NOTE: This Book has been sold.



The Citadel of a Hundred Stairways.

"On the terraced mountain side lived Titu, a Quechuan Indian boy, with his family in their tiny home. Then came the American Mr. Selden, seeking a way to remove gold from his mines by using underground water systems. And with him was his son, Tony."




A children's game in old overgrown ditches (New Zealand underrunners) turns into harsh reality.



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