catalog 19

Woodland Crossing.

Five Imaginative animal fables, philosophical musings by animals and plants of the woodland. Jan Brett's first illustrated book. (She is not mentioned on the flaps)



The Riverboat Crew.

Who was most important on the riverboat? Bill the skipper? Gus the stoker? Bill and Gus traded jobs to see, but when Sam the Cook refused to work, the answer became clear. Genial, crosshatched watercolours.



The Cat Who Rode Cows.

Pandora feels embarrassed when she first moves to the country because she cannot hunt. Then she discovers cows!



Before the War: 1908 -1939, an autobiography in pictures.

An album of paintings from the author's childhood and marriage with photos and postcards painted in as well to form a unified picture book, originally created for his wife. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Katie Morag and the Two Grandmothers.

Grannie Island is a bit put out when glamorous Grannie Mainland arrives for Show Day. Then her prize sheep, Alecina, wades into a murky pool just before judging, and Katie knows just how Grannie Mainland can help. Wonderful pictures of island life!



The Shepherd Boy of Bethlehem; William and his Dog; on Profane Swearing and The Sailor Boys of Eimeo.

A father talks with his son about the story of David.



White Violet.

A long religious family story, full of drama, featuring a child lost and found. Note: the 1870 without parentheses is a number generated by abe's search engine and made visible by their choice: out of the bookseller's control. I am not implying that this book was published in 1870.




A nice little volume in gift condition. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Amahl and the Night Visitors.

The words and story follow the opera very closely, with many bright illustrations.



The Painted Pig: A Mexican Picture Book.

Pedro wanted a toy savings pig just like his sister Pita's. Bright pictures of traditional Mexican children and toys.



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