20520 Willie the Squowse by Allan, Quentin Blake ill.

Willie the Squowse.

A sane squirrel tries to do good in a crazy human world. This enchanting tale from a Canadian playwright won The Times Story Competition and was first printed in the Times Saturday Review; here published with many illustrations.



19717 The Little Esop.

The Little Esop. (Aesop)

A charming little book with each verse or story illustrated by a clear woodcut. Although there is no authorship attributed, given the date, the publishers were probably involved. Aesop "became and instructor, and conveyed his lessons of life and manners in the simple and entertaining form of fables; or incidents and dialogues, supposed chiefly amongst the beasts and birds. If these animals could really speak, perhaps we should find them complaining of injustice at having such follies imputed to them; and if there were an Esop amongst them, he might give us THEIR thoughts of US, and so produce the most instructive and amusing book of fables in the world." The Little ... Robinson Crusoe, Pilgrim's Progress, etc also published at this time.




One of the author's charming little fables, less known that the Babar sequels. Here, Emilie brings a funny little man back to civilization, where he can only stay if he puts a cork on the end of his spike. He doesn't stay long!Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. Ethel Hays, illus. Folio.

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. Ethel Hays, illus.

The town mouse changes her outfits frequently and tries to show her country cousin a good time. Marvellous bright colours in this large version of Hays' book. Hays' animals have some of the wit and irony of Felix Lorioux, although her people do not. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Reynard the Fox by Hazard.

The Story of Reynard the Fox.

A version of the Reynard/Renart cycle first published in England in the late 1400's, which begins with the trial scene and the chickens bringing in their murdered daughter on a bier. Quite a lively contrast to the moral tales available!




Little Sophie and Lanky Flop.

Little Sophie and Lanky Flop.

One night, Sophie, bedridden, awakes to find her dolls casting a play "What Life Has to Offer". Teddy Bear, Sophie, her old doll Lanky Flop, and Terror the cat take a dramatic voyage through Life. With black and white drawings in text on every page. NOTE: This book has been sold.



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