21321 The Valley of Color Days by Sandwell.

The Valley of Color Days.

A long fairy story by a Canadian writer, set in a valley between the Rockies and the Selkirk Mountains. The very kind fairies who watch over the valley see that the children have been ignored while their parents argue. They set about to make everyone happy again. Bright funny colour plates in the style of Charles Robinson or perhaps a cheerful Harry Clarke. SIGNED and briefly INSCRIBED by Helen Sandwell at Invermere BC, 1924 . Note: This book has been sold.



21107 Pookie and the Swallows by Wallace.

Pookie and the Swallows

Pookie, the little white rabbit with the beautiful wings, spends the summer with the swallows. Detailed drawings and coloured pictures on every other spread.



Michael of Ireland

Irish fairy stories, illustrated with black ink drawings and silhouettes by the author.



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