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The Pavilion by Elfrida Vipont. Holt Rinehart Winston. 1970, 1st printing.

The Pavilion.

How the Haverard family becomes aware of the beauty of the old music pavilion nearby, and tries to save it from developers.



Castle Blair. Shaw/Varian. Roberts Brothers, 1885/ 1878.

Castle Blair, a story of youthful days.

A large unruly family in an Irish castle and their run-ins with the estate agent, based on the author's own childhood. Well ahead of its time in the breadth of its setting, this book remained popular into the 20th century. Flora Shaw (1852 - 1929) became a very well known international journalist. A funny book that is still a delight to read..  (Note the review of Treasure Island, first appearing as a book in 1883, in the catalogue.)



Camping Spree of Kiddies Three, Dods/Margaret Evans Price,ill Stecher (1916)

The Camping Spree of Kiddies Three.

A resolutely cheerful poem about family camping, quite fun, with sweet pictures in lovely colours.



The Family Under the Moon.

The Family Under the Moon.

The loving thoughts of a family of three generations under the moonlight, with soft, poetic watercolour illustrations in dark blues, blacks, and pale yellows.



21583 Babar at Home by de Brunhoff (UK)

Babar at Home. (Babar and His Children).

The tender story of Babar en famille, edited and colorized after de Brunhoff's death by his brother Michel, making, an interesting comparison with the Daily Sketch strips. Translator unattributed, but with small differences from the US Merle Haas Babar and His Children.



19354 King Baby.

King Baby and other stories.

Just an incredibly charming little piece. The little children on the cover are dressed in everyday smocks and stockings and the baby in a large bib. The first story shows a large fat baby in a high chair looking down on his doubtless displaced little sister who is being led to him by big sister: " King Ba-by is on the throne. If King Baby smiles WE will smile. If King Baby looks sad WE will be sad. If King Baby holds out his fin-ger and says, "Wah! Wah!" we will walk with him." WorldCat ascribes this to Mary Boyle; there were apparently a series of these.



19602 A Houseful of Children by Sanford

A Houseful of Children.

A leisurely story about a family of seven children who live in a rambling village house. A very pretty book.



21559 VerySmallTaleofTwoVerySmallBears by Grosvenor

The Very Small Tale of Two Very Small Bears (The Story of Two Little Bears on top board).

Sold away from their parents' circus to be trained by a drunken clown, the little bears manage to escape, and, after a long search on their bicycles, encounter Mr. and Mrs. Bruin on the beach. Darling little bears, gentle humour, happy ending. One of only two books by the California teacher and artist, Fredrika or Frederica Grosvenor, somewhat in the style of G. H. Thompson, with finer line and minimal clothing. NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



20252 Katie Morag and the Big Boy Cousins by Hedderwick.

Katie Morag and the Big Boy Cousins.

Katie rather enjoys the antics of her five Big Boy Cousins, until they go just a little too far. Another romp on the fictional Isle of Struay, ending with a starlight feast.



21071 Palestine Pictures or the Story of a Tour through Palestine by Watson.

Palestine Pictures.

An account of the late 19th c tour of an English family in the Holy Land with many friendly stories of the local Moslem people they met. The childcare details, the anecdotes about places they stayed, and the stories about the children, Patrick, about 4, and baby Margaret, bring Mrs. Watson's writing to life in what was probably the only work of hers ever published. A young family's peaceful and inspiring tour though a beautiful land, good little travellers! The little picture collages of local scenes and people are captioned with Biblical references and the text contains Mrs. Ward's thoughtful and nonjudgemental connections to the Old and New Testament. Hard to find. Note: This book has been SOLD.



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