The Beautiful Blue Jay and Other Tales of India.

A collection of tales told by Indian mothers to their children today, not classical Indian tales, or western tales, but nursery tales from a variety of Indian sources, some not previously written down.



Hansel and Gretel: a play for little children adapted from the opera.

They don't come more charming than this! Sepia photos of a young children's production of Hansel and Gretel, in costume, "since most of the play is in the woods, out-of-doors performances cannot fail to give the greatest satisfaction.."



The Shepherd (Pastir, later published as The Magic Ring).

A fairy tale of a cowherd, a princess, an Emperor, and a kingdom, illustrated with little figures in a surreal folkloric landscape that looks almost like a toy set. One illustration contains a car and the date 1957.



The Magic Ring, a Picture Story from Yugoslavia. (The Shepherd, Pastir).

The first edition, published in Slovenian and a year later as The Shepherd in English, was a very large oblong book, so the design and the picture quality both suffer in this quarto version. Still a charming story



Puss in Boots.

A well produced little book on good paper with very amusing animal plates. Note: This book has been sold.



The Cold Flame.

"A retelling of the tale of a poor retired soldier saved from starvation by a witch, who also gives him a magic flame that he may use for good or evil. Based on the Grimm's tale called "The Blue Light."



The Rolling Rice Ball.

An old man gained welcome to the mouse community underground when his rice ball rolled down their hole, but then he became too greedy. Note: This Book Has Been Sold.



The Sun, The Wind, The Sea and The Rain.

A retelling of the argument as to which was more powerful. Spreads are alternately black drawings on dull gold and bright oil pastel and tempera paintings.



Drakestail Visits the King: A Magic Latern Fairy Tale.

"Drakestail may be small, but he has brains, and he knows that a duck can have too many friends."



The Blabbermouths.

A traditional folk tale: a poor farmer is offered a chest of gold if he will not tell a living soul, and his wife saves the fortune.



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