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Old Raven's World by Jean West Maury/ Ben Kutcher, ill. Little Brown 1931, 1st p

Old Raven's World.

Creation stories of the Tlingit, built around the story of two boys who meet in a little town in Alaska. The book is dedicated To My Godson Merrill Whitney, adding to the printed dedication, the author has handwritten "who always justifies my faith in him, Jean West Maury, October 9, 1931." SIGNED AND INSCRIBED BY THE AUTHOR TO HER GODSON,



Nannabah's Friend.

Nannabah's Friend.

Nannabah is lonely tending the sheep by herself for the first time, until she makes a doll family to keep her company. When she returns to the canyon the next day there is a little girl, a new friend. Quiet desert scenes in lavender, tan and black. NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



Sunset for Red Elk.

Based on the author's own experiences and friendships as a boy on a Montana horse ranch in the early 1900's.
This Book has been SOLD.



The Wind is Not a River.

When a village on the island of Attu, near the coast of Alaska, is attacked by Japanese soldiers, two Aluet children escape and live off the land, using the Old Ways taught them by their grandmother.



Walk in the Sky.

Joey Montagne, a Mohawk, comes from a family of skyscraper construction workers, but his wish is to become a musician. An early children's book about, but not by, an urban Indian.



The Battle of the Wind Gods.

The mythical battle in Blackfoot country between the North Wind and the South Wind. SIGNED and briefly inscribed by author.



Kachina Dolls to Cut and Color by K. and E. Bischoff.

Kachina Dolls to Cut and Color by K. and E. Bischoff.

Attractive shaded lithos, A page-long introduction respectfully explains the religious significance of the kachina. A high quality colouring book, which is abundant, thus price. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



In the Reign of Coyote: Folklore from the Pacific Coast.

In the Reign of Coyote: Folklore from the Pacific Coast.

In this retelling, Indian servants on a large ranch across the bay from San Francisco tell the stories to little Dona Juanita and Don Antonio. Sources cited in the preface for the tales of different Native American tribes of Alta&Baja California. Note: This book has been SOLD.



Zuni Indian Tales by Aileen Nusbaum, Margaret Finnan, ill.

Zuni Indian Tales.

Nusbaum's small son, Deric, was adopted by the Zunis, and as he sat as the feet of the elders of the tribe and listened to tales, she was able to record them.



Indian Tales for Little Folks. Philips Platt & Munk 1928/1914

Indian Tales for Little Folks.

10 Native American children's tales, by an author who spent nearly 50 years in touch with traditional people. Over 200 little margin drawings which are keyed and listed. Note This book has been sold.



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