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20179 AnimalLandontheAir by Frees, photos.

Animal Land on the Air.

A series of very short intertwined stories, bringing radio, motorcars, and planes into Animal Land, and beginning with A Young Matron, thinking sadly of her husband, Archingback Stripes, reported missing in action in World War I, we presume. Frees has written an interesting preface on animal photography: most suitable are kittens from six to ten weeks of age, as their attention is caught by sight, while a puppy's is distracted by sound. [White 745] NOTE: This book has been sold.



20286 Marjorie's Little Doll School by Patten Beard, photo illus.

Marjorie's Little Doll School.

A delightful tale in which the author, Emma Patten Beard, and her young friend "Marjorie" create an elaborate game in which Marjorie's dolls go to boarding school, presided over by the charming Miss Littledoll and three teachers. Beard herself attended Bradford Academy in Massachusetts near the turn of the century, and her memories of a peaceful prewar life away at school are exact and loving. The little girl's sewing ability is quite impressive. Early photographic illustration (Mus White 488)  Embossed gold foil emblem, Page & Shaw, Boston laid in.
Note: This book is SOLD.



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