20520 Willie the Squowse by Allan, Quentin Blake ill.

Willie the Squowse.

A sane squirrel tries to do good in a crazy human world. This enchanting tale from a Canadian playwright won The Times Story Competition and was first printed in the Times Saturday Review; here published with many illustrations.



Panache, l'ecureuil by Lida (Faucher) /Rojan. (Rojankovsky.), ill. Pere Castor.

Panache, l'ecureuil.

A vibrant red squirrel in this one!  Nice early editions of the Pere Castor animal books, dates noted. We also have Froux and Bourru in this vintage and condition. Also Plouf.



The Knot Squirrel Tied by Uttley, illus Tempest

The Knot Squirrel Tied.

Rat's behaviour was so insupportable that squirrel tied a knot in his tail that would never come out. How Rat learns to work and becomes an artist.



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