teddy bears

19776 Hannibal and the Bears by Baker, Hodges, ill. OCB

Hannibal and the Bears.

The Shoe Shop bears now have a good home, and so they set out to rescue the toy animals in the dump from the flood which threatens their makeshift home. The wise old elephant Hannibal helps make the move. "one of the best toy-world stories I have read for years... Ingenious plot, superb characterization.." Naomi Lewis. The price is kind of a mystery to us!  NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



21582 Mother Goose's Teddy Bears by Cavally

Mother Goose's Teddy Bears, illustrated and adapted to Mother Goose.

"Sure of a welcome before you so much as open the book. The pictures and adaptations are by the same hand, and full of the delicious, chubby attractiveness which only little bears possess. Mother Goose lends herself very readily to a Teddy Bear interpretation, and the colored full-page illustrations and line decorations will delight the children beyond measure." From a 1907 review that holds just as true today. These gently coloured and adapted Steiff bear photos, Teddy's family album, delightfully illustrate verses like "Little Ted Horner/Sat in a corner.." Published just as Teddy's bears became teddy bears, and a lasting part of American culture. The author, a young Colorado postcard artist, apparently never wrote another children's book, but what a fine one this is! NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



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