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Whoops! Flat Stanley is looking for a book! His own book, first issued in 1964, with illustrations by Tomi Ungerer. He won't find a nice copy!  It's a very rare book.

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Kittens (or cats) meet cannibal at sea

This is a children's book, beautifully illustrated in full color, about a few kittens (don't remember the exact number) that live in an upturned boat on a shoreline, and then take a voyage out to sea, or get lost a sea. At the end of the book, they land in the South Seas somewhere and meet a friendly cannibal, a character with very big lips and many huge ostrich feathers. The art is very intricate and full of great details, such as many little sea creatures, crabs, etc., with their own little personalities, running around the bottom of the pages. I think there is also a bird in a cage that goes along with them. I had this book in the 50's or 60's, but I don't know the title. It is not the two-page story by Clarence Mansfield Lindsay called, "The Three Little Kittens Who Went to Sea", which was published in the 50's in a magazine entitled "Wee Wisdom". I saw that reproduced and it's not it. This is a book of its own with several pages.

I was thinking it could be cats instead of kittens. I think also there is a marlin somewhere in the plot, perhaps the marlin drags them out to sea, but that detail is fuzzy.

I've been looking for this book since 2005! Please help! Thanks!

Dogs with names of Toothy Perkins, No-tail Ryan and Wilbur

My dad read this to me in the late 1950's, early 1960's.
There are probably other dogs in the story, but these are the only names I remember!

Puppy Who Chased the Sun

There are two on abe.


The Puppy Who Chased the Sun

Le Grand  (Wonder Books)
This popped right up on Google. Good when you have an unusual group of names.

poetry book from late 30's

perhaps early 40"s. Plain cover. Contained such works as Little boy blue, o captain my captain, a speech by Lincoln, etc. Designed, I think, mainly for children.

Monster on the Jungle Gym

There was a book that I remember reading from the early 80's it had a scary looking monster sitting on top of a jungle gym with sharp teeth and shaved head and off to the side you could see the children from the classroom who were too afraid to go outside to play. I believe it was a book of short stories or poems. I can't think of what it was called. Any help would be appreciated.

Boy Who Solves Curse That Makes Children Die

I read this book a long time ago about a boy who moves to England because his dad has to work for a mansion. There is this other boy living there who has autism and is very good at math. It turns out that there is a curse in the house that makes children of the family die in it I remember some girl was frozen a boy drowned someone fell and a boy got too close to a clock when it rang

Heritage Press Grimms Fairy Tales 2 volumes

Looking for Heritage Press Grimm Fairy Tales, two hardcover volumes gold covers with oval green tags on the front they were in cardboard boxlike containers the authors were Jakob & Wilhelm Grimm the illustrator was Lucille Corcos. I believe they were published in 1962. Any help would be grateful, these were important to me when I was young.

Heritage Press Grimm

These are not difficult to fine. Below is the result of Grimm, Heritage, slipcase, and Corcos, and there seems to be a nice set for $24, but you may find a less expensive one in which the seller has not listed all the information.


I remember reading a book in

I remember reading a book in the 1980s where the protagonist begins to fade away to the point where he/she is forgotten by those that knew them. They fade into an alternate world inhabited by other things that are also lost including people, animals, food etc. I think the title of this book was one word relating to the themes of being lost, misplaced, displaced etc. It has been really annoying me that I can't remember, can you help?

Displaced person

Displaced Person by Lee Harding? Read this too, around 1989.

Looking for a children's book from my youth

I am looking for a book that I loved from my youth. The book is about a dollhouse that is in a child's room. The dollhouse has dolls inside that talk with a talking monkey who lives on the roof, and talks to the dolls down the chimney. His favorite doll is Amanda and they get married at the end. The other dolls names are: Jaqueline the french maid, Amanda, and a bossy english doll. The monkey teases her about her hair which is attached to her hat. When Amanda got sick they fed her cherry cough drops. I remember that the monkey said, " I likes Amanda." I believe he was talking to the little boy who owned the bedroom. I hope that someone can help me find this book.

TJ Schmidt


Sounds like FIVE DOLLS IN A HOUSE by Helen Clare, illustrated by Aliki. Looks like it was published at different points with different covers.

I remember reading a book in

I remember reading a book in the 1980s where the protagonist begins to fade away to the point where he/she is forgotten by those that knew them. They fade into an alternate world inhabited by other things that are also lost including people, animals, food etc. I think the title of this book was one word relating to the themes of being lost, misplaced, displaced etc. It has been really annoying me that I can't remember, can you help?

A children's collection set with dark blue covers

I remember some of the stories in the collection, make way for ducklings, and to think that i saw it on mulberry street and a hole is to dig were all in it. I had the books when I was very young in the early nineties but they were possibly older than that. There was also a story about a little gnome like creature who left footprints in the snow. If anyone can help me locate these books I would be extremely happy. I lost them in a flood that occurred when I was 14 and I would love to share these stories with my 3 year old son.

looking for old children's book of short stories

This book was old, and at my Grandpa's house...it contained "The three legged pot" not sure if that was the title, the pot said "I skip,I skip" and helped a poor family by stealing from the rich- another story in it was about a squirrel with his tail trapped in ice,owl tried to pull him out by pulling on his ears,which just made them long, finally having to snip off his tail-thus creating "Rabbit". Another was about two bros{farmers}one taking what grew above the ground, one taking what grew below.One bro. duped the other by growing corn the other bro.then said next yr, I'll reap what grows above the ground-they planted potatos{or the like}. Another was about a frog riding an elephant, starting out as friends, but slowly the frog dupes the elephant into doing his bidding for the other creatures to see. There were many stories in this book-the only references Ive found are on the three legged pot, but none containing the book! I would LOVE to read this book again!

Children's fairy book from the 1950/1960s

I had a book in Australia when I was a young girl during the 1950s/1960s and it was about a young and bumbling fairy who always got things wrong and had her spells go wrong, etc. I think the name was something line "The bumbling fairy", or some other word used for "bumbling", but I just can't remember now and would like to know what the title was. Can you help me?
Used to read it all the time when I was young - as I related to a lot of her bumblings - LOL - but can you help me with some suggestions?

Was it " Curious Adventures

Was it " Curious Adventures of Fairy Fluster" by Hazel Wilson?

stories for young children

I just need to find this old fairy tale book it had stories like boy who cried wolf, and a man that finds a golden axe, a story about kids outside of castle in a tree. best i can do.
the color is blue/green on outside wide

Personalized Birthday Book

I received a book for my birthday sometime between 1978 and 1981. It was personalized with my name and names of some of my family members. The child in the book was dressed in a cowboy/cowgirl outfit and was preparing for a birthday party. I can't remember the title or author, but I know the story had something to do with ponies that were on the birthday cake. From what I remember, they went missing and I had to save them, or perhaps they were my family and had been turned into tiny ponies. The book had a lot of illustrations, but they weren't in color. I know it isn't a lot to go on, but I would really like to get more information on this book.

There was a series of books

There was a series of books called the "Me" books, or something like that. They were personalized stories. Parents could fill out a form with their children's interests, the names of siblings, pets, etc, and get a book back that had the child as the star of the story...other companies over the years have advertised books similar to this, but the ones I remember had much better story lines, were very well written, and really engaged a child's imagination.

If I recall, my brothers book was about a dragon who flew out on adventures with the little boy in the story, and mine was about a unicorn, but I might just be making that up. I just saw your last line, and we may not be remembering the same books, because I remember these having color illustrations.

chocolate kitten story

hi there, i was telling my 3 year old a story that came into my head about a little girl who bought five chocolate kittens in a pretty box for her little brother's birthday, but during the night she ate them all, does this ring bells with anyone else? thanks for your time. tee

Chocolate Kitten Story

I love this story - my mother read it to me as a child. I have it in a book called Time For A Story - an Eileen Colwell reading aloud selection published by Puffin Books. If you want I can scan the story and email to you.

lost kitten

I read these two books in kindergarten or first grade, so this would have been around 1970. They were both picture books, with an older not-cartoon style of illustration, I'm guessing late 50's. This has been driving me nuts for years.

The main one, the one I really badly want to find, was about a kitten who was lost and crying. The narrator chides the kitten, giving examples of animals who suffered misfortune and did not cry. One example was a horse who got his tail shut in the barn door. The book speaks of a little boy who was lonely and sad. Then it starts raining on the lost kitten. The lonely boy hears the kitten cry, and finds him and takes him in. The last page shows the kitten all warm and dry and happy. The illustrations are in a realistic style, not cartoons.

The other book was about a little girl who was lonely and wanted a dog. She is told to wish three times. She says, "I wish I had a little dog. I wish I had a little black dog. I wish I had a little black dog all my own." Then she finds a stray little black dog and is all happy. Again the illustrations are in a realistic style.

I've been trying to find these on and off for nearly 20 years. I appreciate any help, thanks.

A boy goes into a haunted mansion and leaves an old man

My Brother and I read in the 1980's. We have been searching for it ever since. The old man is telling the story to a little boy about what happened to him.

possible answer

Sounds like THAT TERRIBLE HALLOWEEN NIGHT by James Stevenson, 1980.

Childhood Book On Tape

The story was about a little girl who's mother was gone for the day or she spent the day with her mother. It may have been mothers day or a birthday of some sort... a special occasion. From what I recall the cartoon drawings were very detailed and it was a shorter book. I remember reading it in the mid 90's. I can't seem to find the book in my collection but I believe it had a blue cover. If you know the title or have a guess please reply!

Looking for title of book ?80's

I am looking for the title of a book. I think it was about a boy playing in his bathtub? I know there was a part where he was playing with boats, and the last page is a giant with his legs hanging out of the bathtub. The illustrations in it were very memorable to me, but I cannot remember the name. Would love to find it, and read it to my kids.


total shot in the dark

Take a look at I AM A GIANT by Ivan Sherman. It's a girl in the book, but she wears pants and could be mistaken for a boy. Someone scanned it and nararted it on YouTube so you can check and see if it matches your memory http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KE1U5oJWd1M&feature=youtube_gdata

Looking for a poetry collection and a book of short stories

Two books I had as a child that have been niggling at me for years are:

A collection of poetry, it was quite a thick hardback with a blue cover, and maybe had the owl and the pussycat on the front cover but I'm not too sure. There were quite a few black and white illustrations in it, a lot in a pen and ink style if I remember correctly. I remember a couple of the poems in it: one was about a girl who is bothered by miniature aeroplanes that fly around her while she's on her bed, with an accompanying illustration. Another was about a couple, maybe newlywed or engaged, who play hide and seek in a castle, and the girl hides in a chest that closes and locks, so is trapped and dies. I think there was an illustration of a skeleton in a veil being pulled out of the chest with it. There was also, I think, a poem about a boxer who killed another boxer in the ring.

A book of short stories, the only one I really remember anything about was one in which a young boy accidentally or intentionally hurts or kills a butterfly, and is then haunted by butterflies or something, and there's a scene where he has to look after some butterflies or moths to atone for what he did, and he has to store them in his mouth, and he can feel them flying about in there. I have a vague memory of another story involving a baby or a cot being stored up a tree, but this may be from something else.

I know it's not much to go on, but I'd be very grateful if anyone has any ideas. Cheers!

children's picture book/story

It's an illustrated story about a fish that is unhappy with it's bowl and wants to be in something(I don't remember what exactly) else.

I remember a rhyming bit from the end of the story:

"Now the moral of the story
little boy, little girl
is be happy and content
in your own little world."

This may not be exact. But the book was a large thick paper illustrated story. Staple bound. Not regular book binding as it wasn't a very long book. I'm pretty sure it was written in the 1970's by a woman in Florida. My mother knew the author, but doesn't remember her name anymore.

Christmas Book?

I am looking for a book, that my 5th Grade teacher read to my class in 1974. The book is about a little girl and her younger brother. The children are poor, and it is Christmas time. All I can remember, is that there is no money for gifts, but the little girl tells her brother to put his shoe (dutch?) outside their front door for Santa to fill. She prays and asks God to please fill the shoe for her brother. The next morning, the children awaken to find a kitten in the shoe, that crawled in to keep warm. It was a wonderful book! I hope someone can help me find it!!

Girl finds cottage in woods with a dog

I read this book in in grade 4 about 12 years ago.

It was a little girl in the woods and finds her way to a cottage. and she had a dog. I think a st. bernard.

Book Search

I am searching for a 1940's vintage book about a brother and sister (eight to ten years old) leaving the city, via train,for a vacation on their uncle's ranch "out west." They get to dress in western wear - boots and hats - and ride horses. It may be a Golden Book.

There was a series of books

There was a series of books about a girl detective called Trixie Belden. It was published in the 40's, I think. She travelled out west with her brother and several other friends to her uncle's Dude Ranch for Christmas, and she was failing Math, so the only way she got to go was if her older brother agreed to tutor her in math. She had a younger brother, too, but I think he was too young to go. The stories had three girl characters, and three or four boys. The girls were named Honey, Trixie, and Dianna, who they always called Di. I want to say the stories were set in upstate New York, but I am really not sure about that one.

series of books

You are right. I read these many times! I still have a set of these Trixie Beldon..There is a site called Trixie Beldon where u can buy the books, paper dolls and etc

The book and or books you are

The book and or books you are referring to are the "Trixie Belden" Books. Not sure if there is a web site for these books or not. Anyway, I read the series of Trixie Belden when I was young. When I retired from teaching and became our Librarian of our city's library I was able to order these books for our library about 5 years ago through our libraries system (vendor).
Different authors wrote for the Trixie Belden series but you should ask your local library about the books. Sorry, I was on this web site looking for a book and just happened to catch the words Trixie Belden.

1950s set of children's books

I'm trying to find a volume from a 1950's set of children's books. The covers were gray. They weren't Childcraft books, but were a similar set. The volume that I loved, and am looking for now, was the stories and poems book in the set. Some that I particularly remember we're: the Ant and the Grasshopper, There Are Fairies at the Bottom of Our Garden, The Magic Pot ("Cook little pot,cook"), and a story about Mr. Dog and Mr. Raccon...Christmas at Hollow Tree Inn. I'd love to find these stories now.

Ghost book hardcover with black pages

My brother and I have been looking for a book that we had when we were kids.
It was a large size probably 12" wide and maybe 15" tall hard cover.
Keep in mind I am remembering it being large, but I was a lot smaller then.
It was about a little ghost. The pages were all completely black and all the pictures were white. They looked like it had been drawn with white chalk.
My older sister remebered it being called something like "the littelest ghost"
I really don't remember much about the story, just how distinct the color and pictures were. The time frame would have been in the early 80's
But the book could have been much older than that.
Thanks for any help

French Girl & the Easter Bunny

My aunt (Primary School Headmistress) gave me a book of hers probably from the 1930s-40s

It had a small French girl - can't remenber the name but typically French & the easter bunny. The book was large & had many other stories all featruring this girl. I vaguely remember her having to do his 'round' perhaps he was sick?
\My father 'donated' my books to the school prior to our moving but i would love to get a copy.

Red Headed Irish Werewolves

A young adult book that my local library in Albuquerque had in the 90's, about a girl who visits Ireland and meets the children of a local family who all have red hair and are werewolves.

Series of Greek Mythology Books

My middle school library had them. They had dark blue covers, of a material that felt like cloth, and each one covered a Greek myth, one per book, with much detail and back story. There was one about Medusa, one about Hercules, one about the Sphinx, and so on. They were illustrated with classic paintings, one of which was 'The Siren' by John William Waterhouse, and also lots of abstract paintings. At the beginning of each chapter, the first letter of the first word was done in a stylized alphabet, each letter being a different mythological creature. I read them in the early 90's, but I don't know when they were published.

There was a series of Greek

There was a series of Greek Mythology titles published by Franklin Watts in the 1990's. Her=cules, Perseus, Medusa, Ahtena....  Most if not all were written by Nany Loewen.  Is that the right series?  (we don't have books this modern in stock, to check the details),

I'm not sure, but I don't think so

I was in middle school from 1992 to 1994 and the info I've gotten on the books you mentioned suggests that they were not published before 1998, too late to have been on my school library shelves. I will keep looking into it, but any other suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.


I'm looking for a children's book I read in the late 80's, early 90's about a boy named Anatoli who goes to strange worlds by going behind a wall in his house (I think). In one of the worlds he meets a witch. I remember there being two or three books about Anatoli.

Stones turn out to be eggs book

I vaguely remember a children's book I read as a kid. All I remember is that there was some wall with stones in it, but at the end the stones turned out to be eggs. They were possible dinosaur eggs and they may have been varying colors.

Yea I have been having

Yea I have been having trouble with remembering the same book.. I think the wall was in an old mill like building andthe path going to the mill also had the stones that turned out to be eggs..

I'm not sure if this is the

I'm not sure if this is the same book but when I was a kid I had a book about eggs (not sure if they were ever rocks?) but there was a witch and then in the end they hatched. But the book's name was "Megs Eggs"

Egg/Rock Book

Unfortunately Megs Eggs is not the book I'm looking for but thank you so much for trying.

Detective Iguana book

I know there is a well known book called detective iguana, but that is not the book I'm trying to find. This book was interactive. It was a mystery book about an iguana that gets stolen or kidnapped or something and you need to figure out where it is. There are clues and maps and things that come out of the book for you to use. It is a children's book from when I was younger around the 90's. If you can think of anything please let me know, I'd really appreciate it.

"The Search for Snookums" is

"The Search for Snookums" is about a stolen iguana...

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