Featured Books

17722 oldchildrensbooks The Fisherman and his Wife

The Fisherman and His Wife.

The story of the greedy fisherman's wife, who at the end of this tale, wants to be "like unto God". NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



20099 Abba by Stevens oldchildrensbooks


A lovely, simple story, not quite a fantasy, not quite a parable, of a little elephant who must travel through dangers to find Einhorn the Great White Buffalo, the only being who can help his friend. A perfect book to read aloud to a thoughtful young child.



20250 Tonio the Great by Moers ill by Wilkon

Tonio the Great.

When Tonio the great circus high wire artist suddenly becomes afraid, his clown friend solves the problem. NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



21218 The Raven and Other Fairy Tales. Payne

The Raven and Other Fairy Tales.

Four African tales illustrated by Payne include the title story, The Queen Bee, Clever Beauty and Dapplegrim, Tales that were first told and illustrated for children in the Sewanee Kindergarten and Nursery School Note: This book has been SOLD.



21202 Bearhead Kimmel


An old Russian folk tale retold. SIGNED and briefly inscribed by AUTHOR.



21186 Granpa Burningham


A very little girl chats with her granpa as they go about all sorts of interesting activities. A wordless ending with an empty chair. NOTE: This book has been SOLD.





21089 Elin's Amerika. De Angeli

Elin's Amerika.

Early days of Swedish immigration. Bright colour and nicely made though a book club. NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



21051 The Story of Delicia. Newman

The Story of Delicia.

A matter-of-fact rag doll writes of her first days with her mama, a busy little girl of about five. Photos of Delicia, her mama, and her new stuffed friends on every spread. Adolphus, of Delicia and Adolphus, appears at the end.



20920 Un-Happy New Year, Emma. Stevenson

Un-Happy New Year, Emma.

Little Emma witch makes one New Year's try at being nice to mean old Dolores and Lavinia. But they have resolved to be meaner than ever. So she and her friends play a (not very mean) trick on them.



20919 Is Your Mama a Llama? Guarino

Is Your Mama a Llama?

A little llama goes on the search for his mother, and each animal gives him part of the riddle to find her. Cute pictures of baby animals in their environment and the nice full page jacket illustration of the first.
Note: This book has been sold.



20916 Bad Day at Riverbend. Van Allsburg

Bad Day at Riverbend.

Tangled lines of color turn out to make a joke at the end.



20906 Sun-Day, Moon-Day, how the week was made.Gilchrist

Sun-Day, Moon-Day, how the week was made.

Each day of the week includes a page or two of information and then a myth or folk tale. Liberally illustrated. Note: This book has been sold.



20905 Dear Peter Rabbit. Ada

Dear Peter Rabbit.

Imaginary letters among several friends: Peter Rabbit and nursery story characters. NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



20902 Jason and the Golden Fleece. Fisher

Jason and the Golden Fleece.




20891 Smudge, the little Lost Lamb. Herriot

Smudge, the little Lost Lamb.

Smudge went exploring but fortunately Penny found him and returned him to his mother. Lovely watercolour illustrations.



20888 Sheep in Wolves' Clothing Kitamura

Sheep in Wolves' Clothing.

"Will Elliott Baa's smarts and the help of a gang of rugby-loving cats be enough to crack this case?... colorful, antic illustrations bring this comic mystery to life."



20496 The Firebird Demi

The Firebird.

A beautiful book, and inexpensive because of the mark.



20437 Mr. Petersand's Cats Slobodkin

Mr. Petersand's Cats (and kittens)

When Mr Petersand, the summer cat supplier of Firefly Island, had to go to the hospital, most of his cats mysteriously disappeared. So he changed his policies toward the summer residents.




20442 Mother Goose Wendy Watson

Wendy Watson's Mother Goose

Many short poems, sometimes 6 to a spread, each with a little drawing.



20525 Just Me Marie Hall Ets

Just Me.

A little boy learns from the animals on his farm how to move as they move. When he sees his dad about to take the boat out on the pond, he runs "like nobody else at all. JUST ME.. and together we went to sea." A quiet and satisfying story.

this book has been sold



21428 Bonny's Big Day. Herriot

Bonny's Big Day.

We just love this one, $5 or not! Bonnie has not worked for 12 years and so she is truly a "Family Pet" when she enters the class at the Darroby Show and wins. NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



20816 The Snowbird Calvert

The Snowbird.

A family story of an orphaned niece and an unusual horse set in the Dakota territory in 1883. Note: This book has been sold.



20643 Darkling Peyton


Jenny falls in love with a racehorse and has to figure out how to board and train him