Tusk and Stone.

Arjun searches endlessly for his sister through many lives, experiencing the glory of a warrior, the endurance of a captive, and the power of a stone mason. Set in the religious and cultural milieu of 7th century India.



The White Elephant and Other Tales from India.

Stories taken from various sources and originally broadcast by the "Radio Lady", which read smoothly. Her introduction gives children further books to explore and introduces them to comparative folklore. The illustrations are beautiful: full color plates inspired by Mughal painting, each facing a decorated caption, and others in black and white. (Since all Volland paper was "plate" quality, the colour and b/w could be printed on either side of the sheet.)

The stories are: The White Elephant, The Grain of Corn, The Timid Little Rabbit, Singh Raja and the Cunning Little Jackals, The Kingdom of Mouseland, The Alligator and the Jackal, The Bold Blackbird, The Kid and the Tiger, The Brahmin and the Tiger, The Bear's Bad Bargain, The Man Who Rode a Tiger.



The Beautiful Blue Jay and Other Tales of India.

A collection of tales told by Indian mothers to their children today, not classical Indian tales, or western tales, but nursery tales from a variety of Indian sources, some not previously written down.



White Fawn of Phalera.

The author's familiarity with India permeates this 50's style teenage love story set in a mission hospital in the Rajput desert country.



India Reader.

Thirty-six readings and thirty-seven poems, selected from both traditional English sources and Indian history, Babar, Nehru's thoughts from prison, and others; nicely illustrated with prints by D. N. G.



Folk Tales of Sind and Guzarat.

With an introduction by M. de P. Webb, December 1924, when recent finds at Mohenjo Daro lent an extra excitement to Sindh tales. An uncommon original edition of a book which has been reissued, most recently as Folk Tales of Sindh & Gujarat, 2000. NOTE: This Book has been sold.



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