19776 Hannibal and the Bears by Baker, Hodges, ill. OCB

Hannibal and the Bears.

The Shoe Shop bears now have a good home, and so they set out to rescue the toy animals in the dump from the flood which threatens their makeshift home. The wise old elephant Hannibal helps make the move. "one of the best toy-world stories I have read for years... Ingenious plot, superb characterization.." Naomi Lewis. The price is kind of a mystery to us!  NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



19891 Uncle Stories by Martin, Quentin Blake, ill.

Uncle Stories.

"Uncle is a tremendously wealthy elephant. He has a B. A., a patriarchal disposition, rather strict notions of correct behavior, yet a sentimental nature and a certain joie de vivre" Here he takes on the nasty Hatemans, with the support of his friends.



20099 Abba by Stevens oldchildrensbooks


A lovely, simple story, not quite a fantasy, not quite a parable, of a little elephant who must travel through dangers to find Einhorn the Great White Buffalo, the only being who can help his friend. A perfect book to read aloud to a thoughtful young child.



Circus Baby Petershams Macmillan 1950, 1st or early.

The Circus Baby.

In one of the Petersham's most charming books, Mother Elephant tries to teach her baby to eat at the table, just as her friends the clown family do. She herself is too big to fit at all and the baby makes a mess just as the clowns arrive! NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD.



21583 Babar at Home by de Brunhoff (UK)

Babar at Home. (Babar and His Children).

The tender story of Babar en famille, edited and colorized after de Brunhoff's death by his brother Michel, making, an interesting comparison with the Daily Sketch strips. Translator unattributed, but with small differences from the US Merle Haas Babar and His Children.



Agapanthus is Lost.MacFarlane./Margaret Lees, ill. NSW, Bay Books, 1970

Agapanthus is Lost.

"One day a circus came to town. 'I have never seen and elephant and an elephant has never seen me,' said Agapanthus. 'We must go today." A funny story in bright stylized art, hard to find. Note: This book has been sold.



Kellogg's Funny Jungleland. (1909).

Kellog's Funny Jungleland.

Very funny creatures, which allow for multiple transformations. This toy was published by Kellogg over many years, with gradual shifts in illustration. These are abundant, and I picked this up because it was available and I was collecting advertizing pamphlets, but you can get one in nicer condition for a reasonable price. Note: This Book Has Been Sold.



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