21536 The Men of the House. Mayne

The Men of the House.

Visap searches for his father in the forest with the help of a monkey





21276 Johnny Crow's New Garden Brooke

Johnny Crow's New Garden

A small modern reprint.



21218 The Raven and Other Fairy Tales. Payne

The Raven and Other Fairy Tales.

Four African tales illustrated by Payne include the title story, The Queen Bee, Clever Beauty and Dapplegrim, Tales that were first told and illustrated for children in the Sewanee Kindergarten and Nursery School Note: This book has been SOLD.



21202 Bearhead Kimmel


An old Russian folk tale retold. SIGNED and briefly inscribed by AUTHOR.



21167 Mister Penny's Circus. Ets

Mister Penny's Circus.






21136 The King's Flower Anno.

The King's Flower.

"A king discovers that bigger is not always better" in this modern fairy tale. Note: This book has been sold



21134 Anno's Medieval World.

Anno's Medieval World.

Anno would like to have called this book "How People Living in the Era of Ptolomaic Theory Saw their World." Not a general book about the European Middle Ages.



21131 Upside-Downers Anno


More pictures to stretch the imagination, a sequel to Topsy Turvies.



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