21136 The King's Flower Anno.

The King's Flower.

"A king discovers that bigger is not always better" in this modern fairy tale. Note: This book has been sold



21134 Anno's Medieval World.

Anno's Medieval World.

Anno would like to have called this book "How People Living in the Era of Ptolomaic Theory Saw their World." Not a general book about the European Middle Ages.



21131 Upside-Downers Anno


More pictures to stretch the imagination, a sequel to Topsy Turvies.
NOTE: This book is SOLD



21130 Anno's Journey.

Anno's Journey.

Inspired by the journeys through Europe of this Japanese artist and incorporating references to composers and painters, all carefully drawn. "By the end of my journey, I realized that I had set out not to collect information, but to lose my way."



21102 The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks. Paterson

The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks.

A Japanese folk tale illustrated in the style of 18th c Japanese woodcuts.



21100 The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids. ill Hoffmann

The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids.

Humorous and glowing pictures of the little kids and their world.



21085 The Bearskinner.

The Bearskinner.

A young soldier, out of work after the war, makes a bargain to wear a bear skin, and not to pray, for seven years in exchange for life long prosperity. Hoffman's work on this book was cut short by his death in 1975, but published as an interesting work in progress.



21077 Bluebonnets for Lucinda. Sayers

Bluebonnets for Lucinda.

Set in Oleander Island in the Gulf of Mexico off Texas with Lucinda and her Cat named Barnacle.



21033 More and More Ant and Bee Banner

More and More Ant and Bee: Another Alphabetical Story.

Single words to read.  Note: This Book Has Been Sold..



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