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Featured Books

22469 Frisk and his Flock, Mrs Sanford 1877/1876
22476 Reward of Merit four cards Greenaway
20075 The Crimson Fairy Book, A. Lang, H. J. Ford Illus, Longmans 1st printing
22355 The Princess and the Goblin, MacDonald, F.D. Bedford,
22466 River-land, R.W.Chambers, E.Shippen Green, ill.
22470 Beautiful Joe, Saunders, Copeland illus, later reprint.
22484 Our Dogs F. T. Barton [1911]
22195 Willie P. Shelton's Books, homemade spines and stitches.
2200 0Der Gartentraum, Ernst Kreidolf, Schaffstein 1911. 1st printing.
22093 Nouveaux Contes de Fees Mme la Comtesse de Segur.
22481 Drawing for Children 1875/1830's
22266 Gute Freundschaft, Oscar Pletsch, illus. later printing c 1900
22472 The Habits of Rabbits.Kahl. 1st printing, SIGNED.
The Cat in the Hat Houghton Mifflin Educational salesman's sample, early.
20122 Angus and the Ducks, Marjorie Flack, c. 1946/1930.
22498 Crickets and Frogs by Gabriela Mistral. Bilingual book.
16485 Stevie, John Steptoe 1965
Thoroughbreds, written and illustrated by C. W. Anderson. Macmillan 1942, 1st pr
22471 Away Went Wolfgang, Kahl. 1st printing, SIGNED in Salzburg, first book
22437 Lenski Making of a Picture Book 331/3 Record
22480 Golden Book for our Children, Bozhinov, illus..Bulgaria,1st (Zlatna kniga)
22299 Das Marlein von den drei Schneiderlein  Anna Bohm, Richard Schaupp ill.
21974 De Bruilloft von Kloris en Roosje, Freddie Langeler, ill, [1927].
22085 Un tout petit conchon Adrienne Segur. 1946
21908 Parabaik Myanmar Burma Tattoo Pattern Book
22482 Merry-Go-Round, panorama, Doris Stolberg. 1944
22183 The Snowman Peggy Cloth Book 102, 1959
22263 Bayard, Pierre Belves, illus.,Pere Castor Panorama. 1946
22076 The Chestry Oak, Kate Seredy, Viking 1948, 1st,
22213 Black Fox of Lorne by Marguerite de Angeli, Doubleday, 1956 1st.
22115 Beyond the Blue Mountains L. T. Meade Cassell 1910/1893
22214 No Boats on Bannermere G.Trease, R. Kennedy, ill., 5th printing.
21100 The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids. ill Hoffmann

The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids.

Humorous and glowing pictures of the little kids and their world.



21085 The Bearskinner.

The Bearskinner.

A young soldier, out of work after the war, makes a bargain to wear a bear skin, and not to pray, for seven years in exchange for life long prosperity. Hoffman's work on this book was cut short by his death in 1975, but published as an interesting work in progress.



21077 Bluebonnets for Lucinda. Sayers

Bluebonnets for Lucinda.

Set in Oleander Island in the Gulf of Mexico off Texas with Lucinda and her Cat named Barnacle.





20923 Little Pals

Little Pals.

Three sections: We love cleanliness, we love study, we love labour in which very capable little Chinese children air their bedding, study together, and are genuinely helpful.



20920 Un-Happy New Year, Emma. Stevenson

Un-Happy New Year, Emma.

Little Emma witch makes one New Year's try at being nice to mean old Dolores and Lavinia. But they have resolved to be meaner than ever. So she and her friends play a (not very mean) trick on them.



20918 Uncle Roland, the Perfect Guest. Green

Uncle Roland, the Perfect Guest.

The children love it when Uncle Roland comes to visit. No one else teaches them how to blow tunes on their noses. And their Dad thinks he's OK too. But Mom isn't quite sure about the chaos.



20919 Is Your Mama a Llama? Guarino

Is Your Mama a Llama?

A little llama goes on the search for his mother, and each animal gives him part of the riddle to find her. Cute pictures of baby animals in their environment and the nice full page jacket illustration of the first.
Note: This book has been sold.



20915 The Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean.

Interesting well-illustrated short articles on classical sites surrounding the Mediterranean, Tarxien, Knossos, Mycenae, Delphi, Epidaurus, Rhodes, Leptis Magna, Hagia Sophia, Mistra, The Topkapi Palace.



20916 Bad Day at Riverbend. Van Allsburg

Bad Day at Riverbend.

Tangled lines of color turn out to make a joke at the end.