*************** DOGS IN OUR LIVES.... 30 BOOKS ***************

22471 Away Went Wolfgang, Kahl. 1st printing, SIGNED in Salzburg, first book
Pretzel and the Puppies by Rey.
21351 Maggie, a Sheep Dog (Kuvasz) by Patent /William Muñoz, photos.
22470 Beautiful Joe, Saunders, Copeland illus, later reprint.
Kata by Cecil.
Linhay by Lamplugh
21570 Naughty Puppies
Mr. Peck's Pets by Louise Seaman /Berta & Elmer Hader, illustrators.
Favourites. (Dean's Rag Books 6325/1)
20162 SnippSnappandSnurrandtheReindeer by Lindman.
No-Sitch by Stong/Wiese.
21884 Gabriel Wrinkles Bloodhound by Doughtie ill Saxon.
21492 War Dog by Treece, ill Payne.
Taxi Dog by Barracca.
20386 Storm of Dancerwood by Chipperfield
22484 Our Dogs F. T. Barton [1911]
21457 Brim's Boat by Gaunt
13735 Les Tribulations d'un Chat B. Rabier.
il primo libro di Susanna by NIcoletta.
20383 Jock of the Bushveld, abridged. Fitzpatrick
Mesaventures d'un Chien by Rabier.
Lost and Found by Little.
Dog Toby by Bingham.
4551 How Dog Began - Baynes
Farmyard Book. Dean's Rag Book #282.
20359 Bobtail Puppy Book by Cecil Aldin.
Pussy Cats and Puppy Dogs by Beeson.
Nothing at All by Gag
20479 My Little Hen by the Provensens
21064 Do you have the Time, Lydia by Ness.
20912 Paddy's Pay-Day Alexandra Day
20385 The Mystery of Lincoln Detweiler and the Dog Robinson
8511 Steve and the Guide Dogs. by Armer / Kocsis illustrator.
5281 The Blue Jackal - Brown
13646 The Blue Jackal - Marcia Brown.
21466 Where Was the Little White Dog? by Johnson.
17680 Angus Lost. Flack
20122 Angus and the Ducks, Marjorie Flack, c. 1946/1930.
22495 Dog Pals Dolch
20444 Frannie's Fruits. by Kimmelman / Mathers, illus
20847 James by Ruth Park, Niland illustrated.
20387 JIm Ugly by Fleischman, illus Smith.
22252 Dick et Georgie by Perrin-Duportal,, Kuhn-Regnier, ill.
20384 Help! Yelled Maxwell, Stevenson.
21654 Lassie comics.
21098 Woofus the Woolly Dog, by Curry, Winship ill.
21212 Yank in Africa by Bartman, Diana Thorne ill.
20124 Whingdingdilly by Bill Peet.
20382 Petey by Betty Cavanna, Beth and Joe Krush ill
21422 Rab and his Friends by Brown.
20376 Ravenshall by Hooper, Douglas Hall, illustrator.
20379 The Magic Dog by Edmonds.
21338 The No-Sort-of-Animal.by Mary Palmer / Abner Graboff, ill.
21040 A Dog Day by Walter Emanuel, Cecil Aldin, ill.
10969 The Turnspit Dog by Maria Leach, Winifred Bromhall, ill.
20859 The Bone Stranger by Frank Remkiewicz,
21065 4 Puppy Book by Hermina, Robert Fisher, ill.
20375 A Boy and Five Huskies by Guillot, de la Fontinelle, ill.
21651 Angus Lost by Marjorie Flack.
20387 Only One Woof by James Herrior, Peter Barrett, ill.
20832 Jocasta Carr, Movie Star by Roy Gerrard.
21262 Country Noisy Book by Margaret Wise Brown, Weisgard, ill
Alphabet Dreams.

Alphabet Dreams.

An ABC adapted from an old jump-rope rhyme, nicely illustrated. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Babar's ABC.

Babar's ABC.




The Peek-a-Boo ABC/Demi

The Peek-a-Boo ABC.

A nursery book on boards with a door for each letter: Open the ark and see the animals, the bear in the barn, etc. NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD.



7580 Navajo ABC; a Diné Alphabet Book. Tapahanso/Shick.

Navajo ABC; a Diné Alphabet Book.

A for arroyo, B for belt, C for cradle board. An alphabet that serves as an introduction for young children to cultural aspects of the largest Indian nation in the United States..



Miss Hickory.

Miss Hickory.

A little wooden doll lives with the meadow animals. Note: This Book Has Been Sold.



Daughter of Liberty.

Daughter of Liberty.

The experiences of Polly Sumner, a French fashion doll in Boston during the American Revolution who once brought a note to Paul Revere and is now residing in the Old State House. Miss Boutwell, a children's librarian, came from an old NE family.
NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



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