20923 Little Pals

Little Pals.

Three sections: We love cleanliness, we love study, we love labour in which very capable little Chinese children air their bedding, study together, and are genuinely helpful.



20920 Un-Happy New Year, Emma. Stevenson

Un-Happy New Year, Emma.

Little Emma witch makes one New Year's try at being nice to mean old Dolores and Lavinia. But they have resolved to be meaner than ever. So she and her friends play a (not very mean) trick on them.



20918 Uncle Roland, the Perfect Guest. Green

Uncle Roland, the Perfect Guest.

The children love it when Uncle Roland comes to visit. No one else teaches them how to blow tunes on their noses. And their Dad thinks he's OK too. But Mom isn't quite sure about the chaos.



20919 Is Your Mama a Llama? Guarino

Is Your Mama a Llama?

A little llama goes on the search for his mother, and each animal gives him part of the riddle to find her. Cute pictures of baby animals in their environment and the nice full page jacket illustration of the first.
Note: This book has been sold.



20915 The Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean.

Interesting well-illustrated short articles on classical sites surrounding the Mediterranean, Tarxien, Knossos, Mycenae, Delphi, Epidaurus, Rhodes, Leptis Magna, Hagia Sophia, Mistra, The Topkapi Palace.



20916 Bad Day at Riverbend. Van Allsburg

Bad Day at Riverbend.

Tangled lines of color turn out to make a joke at the end.



20914  Don Quixote. ill Boix

Don Quixote.

"...being a faithful translation and adaptation ... of the first part of Cervantes' original classic published in 1605" Detailed little pictures throughout the text and large coloured illustrations by an artist living in Valencia.



20912 Paddy's Pay-Day Alexandra Day

Paddy's Pay-Day

Paddy's mistress gives him a little green purse with his share of the take from his work as an entertainer. The story follows him around town as he uses his money to buy food and flowers and go to a matinee. (Lassie with Elizabeth Taylor) An almost wordless fantasy with full page paintings.



20913 Mardi Gras! Coil

Mardi Gras!

Large sumptuous photographs of New Orleans at Mardi Gras, from a little history to the street clean up. NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



20911 Por el mar de las Antillas Guillen

Por el mar de las Antillas anda un barco de papel.

33 poems, some riddles, of Nicolas Guillen (1902 - 1989) a famous Afro-Cuban poet. The illustrator of this new edition is also a Cuban, living in Spain. In Spanish.