20437 Mr. Petersand's Cats Slobodkin

Mr. Petersand's Cats (and kittens)

When Mr Petersand, the summer cat supplier of Firefly Island, had to go to the hospital, most of his cats mysteriously disappeared. So he changed his policies toward the summer residents.






20424 The Enchanted Forest Legends of the Scolt Lapps

The Enchanted Forest: Legends of the Scolt Lapps.

Wonderful, perceptive folk tales from a tribe in Northern Lapland, some ancient, some from post Christian times, in which the language of the translator, who lived for long periods of time among the Scolts blends smoothly. Note: This book has been SOLD.



20514 New Illustrated Book of Favorite Hymns. Tenggren

New Illustrated Book of Favorite Hymns.

A large and beautiful collection of carols.



20539 The Old Lady Who Ate People. Hinojosa

The Old Lady Who Ate People.

One of a Mexican folklore series published in Mexico with astounding mythic paintings by a young Mexican artist.



20556 Night Cars Teddy Jam

Night Cars.

One snowy winter night, the author's little son couldn't sleep. Here is what they saw out the window: "Night cars humming through the snow/Night cars drifting/Night cars slow..." A perfect father and son book.



20516 Willie's Fire-Engine Keeping

Willie's Fire-Engine.

Fine art work by a real original on the story of how Willie becomes a hero.



20525 Just Me Marie Hall Ets

Just Me.

A little boy learns from the animals on his farm how to move as they move. When he sees his dad about to take the boat out on the pond, he runs "like nobody else at all. JUST ME.. and together we went to sea." A quiet and satisfying story.

this book has been sold



20388 Maggie and the Pirate. Keats

Maggie and the Pirate.

Eerie paintings of the children's adventures at night in the bayou.



21428 Bonny's Big Day. Herriot

Bonny's Big Day.

We just love this one, $5 or not! Bonnie has not worked for 12 years and so she is truly a "Family Pet" when she enters the class at the Darroby Show and wins. NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



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