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Please leave your queries on Looking for a Book?  not here, or email me.
We're leaving this page up because of the existing queries. Way below on this page are archived short, dated responses to actual searches from a system we used before Disqus, which I don't want to delete.


Searches to Sunday, March 6

3/5/2010 epamanaus
Epaminondas, most common as a collectible book:
Epaminondas and his Auntie, originally written by Sara Cone Bryant, early 20th c ones by Constance Egan, illustrated by A. E. Kennedy, another in 1938 illustrated by Inez Hogan and a fairly modern one retold by Eve Merriam. A very much sought after book, but unfortunately no one can spell the title. All you need to remember is E P A M and google will fill in the rest of the title for you! There are many other versions, hundreds of copies for sale online.

Caldecott, Two T's; Newbery One R.
Newberry is the cat illustrator.

Bookhouse for Children. The older ones were actually spelled Book House, so it's best to search for both. We are a good source for Book Houses, but none of ours are on line now. I currently have one complete green 6 vol. set in quite nice condition, and many partial sets which I intend to complete someday and might sell off volumes of. Look on your title page in the lower left hand corner for a number or letter to match the printing. As I remember the printing indication goes A-G, then 8. 9. ...We look for black 6 vol sets, have a few green ones, and usually some rainbows or blues.....(We also have a Book House set in its original wooden house, but I'm not too eager to pass that one along!

It's Mabel Lucy Atwell, not the other way round, but we have nothing with her illustrations right now.

If you are looking for a W. E. B. Dubois children's book, you might be thinking of Dubose Heyward, who wrote the wonderful Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes, illustrated by Marjorie Flack. We try very hard to keep this title in stock in early printing with jacket because the modern paperbacks seem a little washed out.

Chillee Um-Gum by Colle, Alfred and Lois Van Alstine. Grosset & Dunlap, (1938). We have one in pretty rough condition.

Also "tag along tulu" which must be:
Tag-Along Tooloo written by Frances Clarke Sayers and illustrated by Helen Sewell, who did the first Little House printings. We have none at present.

Also, "purdy and the prince" which might refer to:
The Princess and Curdie by George Macdonald, a wonderful book originally written in 1877, which has been reissued many times with different illustrators. We have a Dorothy Lathrop one online.

Bobbsey is the correct spelling for The Bobbsey Twins series. The search showed no results because we do not stock Stratemeyer type series (long mass market series). Here's a good page by James Keeline, who is a careful researcher and the former manager of the Prince and the Pauper Bookstore in San Diego

I noticed someone was looking for Miranda-with-the-Mouse by Margaret Mary Pearson (title is technically spelled with hyphens). If you live in Australia, don't forget to check first with Nanny's Web in Melbourne for children's books. I've never seen this book, but it looks charming.
26 Poplar St. Caulfield South, VIC, Australia 3162 Caulfield South, VIC, Australia Tel: 03-9505 3050.

Searches, Monday, March 7 through Sunday, March 13

3/13/2010 "Elmer and the Dragon" A book we usually have in stock. We're out right now.
"Children's books in Spanish" The short answer is "Very Few". We don't see many older books from Latin America or even Spain, aside from fairy tales and variations of Don Quixote, and when I see them, I generally add them to my personal collection. Same for books published in the US in Spanish. Modern ones, and there are many excellent ones, go first to our granddaughter and then to our favorite teachers. I will be creating a Foreign Language Book Topic List this spring, maybe dividing it up somehow, as we have many older French, Dutch, Scandinavian, and German books.

3/12/2010 "ISBN: 0-448-03076-4" Most of our books are too early for ISBN numbers, which came into common use about 1972. (SBNs in 1966, InternationalSBNs 1970) Some of our books are post 1972, but I don't record ISBN numbers, since I don't sell on Amazon.

"Pinky Finds a Home". I'm always looking for the 1941 Margaret Worthing Nelson title, illustrated by Anne Heyneman. A minor classic which I loved as a child, and extremely elusive. Worldcat lists six in libraries. I have found one in about 20 years. There is also another short little 1975 paperback with the same title, part of a series about a cartoon pink elephant, also rather hard to find as it turns out. Truman Price has the only copy on abe. (Not here)

3/10/2011 Giant in a bathtub. There's a popular Whitman Giant book called "Elephant in a Bathtub"

3/9/2011 "dog mischief farm discovery" "town dog goes to farm" Quite a few books fit this description, including our Tale of Terrible Towser illus by A. El Kennedy. But look on Google Images for Nic of the Woods by Lynd Ward, a boy and dog story set in Canada. Also, for funny tales of a much more mischievous dog: the Mishmash series by Molly Cone, widely available at the time in paperback and Weekly Reader BC, two of them now republished.

3/8/201 Funny Animals published by Charles E Graham. We don't have the book although I'm always looking for one in nice condition. Best to use the fewest words possible in a search as 19th c publishers changed wording frequently, like using Graham and funny animals.

3/7/2011 Cable Car Children: The Trolley Car Family by Eleanor Clymer? (not Trolly), a Scholastic paperback, scarce in hardback. Or Boxcar Children by Gertrude Warner? (not Box Car)? Also there's Trina's Boxcar by Patricia Martin. Cable Car Children would make a great book, but I could find no references.

Searches, Monday, March 14 through Sunday, March 21

3/19/2011 "penelope lively" As you probably saw we have a couple of pages of books by Penelope Lively, also four not online, including a 1974/1974 reprint of the Heinemann Norham Gardens and a nice 1st Am Astercote. We're always happy to send a list; not all books are online.

3/18/2011 "horse with a hat" Of course there are lots of horses with hats in kids books, (Robert the Rose Horse, or Mr. Ed) but the one that springs to mind is Casey the Utterly Impossible Horse by Anita Feagles, a popular Scholastic paperback. Very funny. He also wore striped pajamas.

3/16/2011 "The Tall Book of Nursery Rhymes" is actually called The Tall Book of Mother Goose, illustrated by Rojankovsky. We don't currently have one, but can be found easily if you don't care about a nice jacket.
"mother goose complete" The first US version was: The Only True Mother Goose Melodies, look in our MOTHER GOOSE topic list for a 1905 reprint. For a large collection of Mother Goose, The Annotated Mother Goose edited by William Baring-Gould would be interesting and very inexpensive. ($5 on abe)

3/15/2011 "I Learn To Knit To Dress My Dolly Primrose " Sooo close: I Learned to Knit to Dress My Doll Primrose by Lamarque, D'Elaine. Ours recently sold, a beautiful copy. I was sorry to see it go because I had transcribed almost all the patterns and knitted a doll sweater from it! It is fairly hard to find. I don't see any online right now.

Searches, Monday, March 21 through Sunday, March 28

3/26/2011 For the person who tried in so many ways to find a Night Before Christmas by Clement Clark Moore.. Ours seem to disappear over the holidays. We have none in stock. Coincidentally, I'd been tryiing to remember a book which I'd turned down on a prepublication offer and always regretted not buying, Nancy Walker's bibliography of "The Night Before Christmas" Just found it today. Available at Oak Knoll and we will probably carry it. I have to order it first and see..

3/24/2011 "latimore" Eleanor Lattimore? We like her writing and have 16 in stock, most on this site except for a Little Pear, a Three Firecrackers, and a Cousin Melinda. (We also have some books by Deborah Lattimore, a modern reteller/artist of ancient myths: The Prince and the Ax isn't uploaded.)

3/23/2011 Wonderful search words! "wind" "treehouse" "toadstools" ("Girls on a toadstool" sounds like Elsa Beskow or Sibylle von Olfers, but no specific book comes to mind, look at pictures on Google images) For Olfers, see our pictures: We'll post quite a few Elsa Beskows when the foreign picture books are done. Nine in stock currently.

3/22/2011 "anderson's fairy stories" Hans Christian Andersen... Danes have "e"s.

3/21/2011 "Eleanor Graham" I 'm assuming you are referring to the children's author and first editor of the Puffin Storybooks, also a poet under Eleanor Graham Vance. We have, not uploaded, a nice first of Head O'Mey in a not so good jacket. "Grandmother from Head o'Mey" in the north of Scotland comes to stay in London with her daughter and her granddaughter, Nella. 'Memories of a Scottish childhood in the last century blend with those of the author, as a little girl.' " Some years ago, we purchased a complete run of first edition Puffin Storybooks, "Fat Puffins". I want to keep it intact for a university donation, but I'm sure there will be some duplicates of her books and anthologies, so check with me if you are interested.

Search, Monday, March 28 through Sunday, April 3

3/30/2011 "skunk from blackrock" Could this be The Monster Behind Black Rock by Judy Varga.New York : William Morrow, ©1971. Little Skunk trips over a sleeping caterpillar and sets off a chain of events that panics the entire forest. We've never had this book, but have had several others by Judy Varga. Great artwork!

3/29/2011 "misty of chincoty" Chincoteague. No wonder you couldn't remember the spelling! Just use Henry, the author, and Misty, when you are looking for this book. We don't have one online; we do a nice autographed Stormy, Misty's foal as well as another one.

3/28/2011 "grimms fairy tales" Sorry you had no results. On any standard booksearch putting "grimms fairy tales" in the title will only result in a book with a title of those three exact words, not, for example "The Brothers Grimm, Popular Folk Tales" which we do have on this site. Best to put Grimm in the author field. Then you will get all 16 Grimm titles that we have listed. This will also work for Bible, La Fontaine, ABC, Mother Goose, and Alphabet, our other "authors of record".     

forgetfull freda?

looking for a book, called forgetfull freda? cant find it anywhere, about a forgetfull mouse, who ties string to her finger to remind her to do something but then forgets why shes tied it on.

The Big Surprise by Michael Pellowski (Forgetful Freda)

"On a very special day, Forgetful Freda, a mouse, cannot remember why she has tied a string on her finger."
Stock Image
    The Big Surprise (Happy Times Adventures) (ISBN: 0816705771 / 0-8167-0577-1) This one seems to be it, in paperback at least. I found it by looking on Google. note: forgetful.

Searches, Monday, April 4 through Sunday, April 10

4/8/2011 Not exactly daily this week, but with luck about 50 new books, most with pictures, will be uploaded today.

"Dare Wright" "Lonesomest Doll" There is a book call the Lonesomest Doll by Abby Farewell Brown and illustrated by Arthur Rackham in the first edition. But since you were also searching for Dare Wright, I wonder if you meant "The Lonesome Doll", the one with the photographs of the doll and the teddy bears. We have one in stock, which will be uploaded with this new batch. '

"children's linen books" "abc books"  Hope you saw the Cloth Book List and Alphabet Book List  icons on the front page. I should add these to the search page. I think I put every cloth book we had in the cloth list, even ones in fair condition. The topic lists each have 40 - 50 books in them.

"Waggery Town"  by Philip Duncan, about some dogs who set up a town of their own, great pictures. I see there's only one on the net, and we haven't had one for 10 years. A wonderful book. Good luck!

"Mrs. Pepperpot" hope you saw the ones we have. They came together and are very nice.





Searches, Monday, April 11 through Sunday, April 18

4/11/2011 "Rupals The Red Fox"   Vulpes, the Red Fox by Jean Craighead George. Great book! We don't have one in stock, but it shouldn't be hard to find, either the 1948 original or the 1996 reissue by Dutton.

4/12/2011 "0-7105-0327-X" We don't list ISBN numbers since many of our books are too early for them anyway. I did look around for House Mouse in the Garden. The fact that it is listed by the same giant company on Amazon at three different condition grades, all priced $5.94, does not inspire confidence! Good luck.

4/13/2011 "roland emmett" is a very common misspelling of "Roland Emett". I was surprised to see that we have none of his caroon illustrations in stock right now. He illustrated Walter de la Mare's Bells and Grass,  of all books, and it's wonderful.

The Rambles of a Rat is another book we don't have and I would like to stock. We like those Victorian animal books, see the Pretty Poll on this website. There are quite a few on abebooks, but most in England.

4/15/2011 "may gibbs, maye gibbs" You had it right the first time "May Gibbs" We don't have any gumnut children in stock right now. If you like illustrators like Elsa Beskow and Sybille von Olfers, and you don't want to set your 3 year old loose on a $200 book or buy a reproduction, take a look at modern illustrator Daniela Drescher.  Like them, she creates plots that are sweet and forgettable. However, the illustrations are just gorgeous, with beautiful details of little wild animals and flower, and delicate magical creatures. and without that kind of harsh New Age look, which I don't care for.

4/16/2011 "newf" Hope you also searched for "Newfoundland." We don't have much, but look at the picture on Pete by Robinson. The Newf was one of Pete's gang, and the glimses of him are wonderful. If you click on the picture, you can see the details well and you might even be able to decipher the print.

4/17/2011 "Mrs. Rabbit's Tea Party" Stories within collections are extremely difficult to find. First, look on the Loganberry Anthology page recommended in "Looking for a Book" to see if you recognize the cover.


Trying to find a story out of a Childrens short story collection

I'm trying to find a short story or possibly fable that was read to me as a child. The title was "Mrs. Rabbit's Tea Party" I do not remember the author or the collection book it was in. Can anyone assist? I'm trying to pass on to my Granddaughter.

Please contact at

Searches, Monday, April 19 through Sunday, April 26

4/21/2011 "the lonely caterpiller" A Lonely Little Caterpillar by Nina Neron published in 2008 by PublishAmerica.   
1424199239 Apparently they are a bonafide publisher rather than a reprint house, and this paperback was originally published at 29 dollars, which is surprising.

"Leonard Weisgard" You should have come up with quite a few! Our search is currently set up so that if a book is written and illustrated by the same person, the illustrator is shown by initials "LW, illustrator"  For that reason, we have one which you wouldn't have caught in an illustrator search Down Huckleberry Hill.

"pinnohio"   Pinocchio is right up there with Epaminondas as an impossible to spell title (for Americans, anyway). We actually have quite a few Pinocchios.

Disobedient Car. Is this possibly "The Taxi That Hurried", a little Golden Book? The taxi isn't exactly disobedient, but he drives like a maniac!



Searches, Monday, April 25 through Sunday, May 1

4/25/2011 My Book House, we have quite a few sets and partial sets of the Book House, most the older 6 volume sets. They include a green set with all volumes, including Vol 1, in nice condition, and also a wooden house with the set and large picture books within. I don't think I have them uploaded here, but please email us

4/26/2011 "zuzki" Were you perhaps thinking of Suzuki Beane by Sandra Scopettone? I think so because someone also searched "beatnik" Quoting Jackson Wegren's text on his listing. "my name is suzuki beane/i have a pad on bleeker street/with hugh and marcia." Mystery writer's Sandra Scoppettone's first book, illustrator Louise Fitzhugh went on to write Harriet the Spy in 1964." The firsts of these are quite expensive, the paperbacks a little less.

"our wonder world" If you go to , go to the Advanced Search, and put wonder world in the title and Geo. L. Shuman & Co (or just Shuman) in the Publisher you will get about 100 results, a mixture of sets and individual books from 1914 and later ones from the 20's.

"rasmus klump" I have been meaning to respond to this one, the original Danish title to a comic series for little children, also called, in other languages, Petzi, Pechi, Pol, etc. We've had a more recent Pol, but I didn't realize that the series went back so far, to 1951, and was so much a part of Danish culture. I'll keep a look out for these.

"teeny weeny" is Teenie Weenie, all by William Donahey. We currently have 2 Teenie Weenie Towns in stock, one on this site.

"mehitabel" We used to stock this, but don't any longer because it's not really directed at children, funny though! In double checking my mehitabel spelling I ran across He's putting together a complete bibliography of Don Marquis.

4/29/2011 "puppy in the window" Puppy in the Pet Shop Window? by Schrank, illustrated by Meg Wohlberg (1961) One in ratty jacket and a nice pictorial cover on ebay right now, a few on abe without jacket. This query was quite a few weeks ago. Hope you see it.

Looking for children's story book...

I had this boom when I was 8 or 9 years old (1982) My recollection of the book had a story for each day of the year and would precede each story with "April 1" or "September 27", etc.

From what I recall of the illustrations, I would think this book to be c.1950s. There may have been an orangey tint to some of the pictures. It was a moderately thick book. I don't recall the title *or* the author, but hopefully someone will recognize it and tell me what it was.

Be sure to check Loganberry's Anthology finder for story books

I think this is probably 365 Bedtime Stories by Nan Gilbert Illustrated by Jill Elgin. Whitman, 1955. You can see a picture of it on Loganberry's Anthology finder    It's the first one listed. The book came out in different covers over the years. This is a wonderful page, because story books can be very difficult to identify. It's recommended on my Looking for a Book? page. Hope it's the right one.


Hi I am looking for 2 books by Richard Carpenter with the character Catweazle in them.


We don't have them, but

We don't have them, but they're available. Catweazle and Catweazle and the Magic Zodiac.  Try The Methuen copies, though expensive, didn't seem to include any in collectible condition. There is currently a Catweazle on ebay ex.ib w dw starting at about $21 from Australia.



Searches, Monday, May 9 through Sunday, May 16

5/9/2011 "The Mermaid and the Simpleton" by Barbara Leonie Picard. We've had this in the past. I always pick up a Picard in nice condition when I see one. Wonderful writer.

 "mrs. quigley's tree house"  probably Miss Twiggley's Tree (ISBN: 1930900171 / 1-930900-17-1) by Dorothea Warren Fox. You can find the Parents original or a nice reproduction of this by Purple House Press.

"19th c cloth books" I hope you looked at the Cloth book topic list. We have several. See the icons on the homepage.

5/10/2011 "Alphabet Books"  A lot of searches for Alphabet books today. I hope you saw the ABC list link on the Home Page. If you scroll down, you'll see the topic Icons. There are about 45 books on the ABC list.

"Pickles the Fire Cat" It's true the cat is named Pickles, but you are looking for just "The Fire Cat" by Esther Averill. All we have in stock is an ex-lib of Jenny's Birthday Book, in jacket.

5/11/2011 "old miss muggs" and variants. Interesting. Aside from mugs from Mississippi, a music hall song, and the Cat's-meat man's wife in Doctor Dolittle, I could find only a reference in an 1856 book attributed to Bradford or Learner    Cousin Cicely's Silver Lake Stories: The Green Satchel; a Collection of Pieces in Prose and Rhyme, for the Silver Lake Stories by Cousin Cicely. The was a story called My first School-Mistress, who was Miss America Muggs, and her mother, "Old Miss Muggs" who tried to terrify the children with an evil Peggy who lived in the barn loft. This book is online on Google and listed in Worldcat. There is one for sale on abebooks, if it's the right one. Just use "green satchel" as the search term.

5/12/2011 "dog catcher"  I see that someone got no results from dog catcher. Try the description and you will get Down Huckleberry Hill, a wonderful book about a dog catcher. We also have Dorothy King's Catch the Dogs (also called Puppy Play House) with six moveable dogs, but the person doing the catching is a pet store owner, not a dog catcher.

5/13/2011 "mushroom people" While there are mushroom trees (on the Mycetians planet) and mushroom houses (the Mushroom Center Disaster) the only mushroom people we could think of are in Leo Lionni's Theodore and the Talking Mushroom and Ida Bohatta Murpurgo's The Misjudged Mushroom (Ars, in English). I'm sure more exist, especially from the 20's and 30's when animated plants were in vogue.

5/14/2011 "When the sky is like lace" by Elinor Lander Horwitz, illustrated by Barbara Cooney Viking 1975. Such a beautiful book! We've only had it a few times. ""On a bimulous night, when the sky is like lace." Three fair sisters move from the warm colours of home through the blue-purple night, encountering singing otters, affronted snails, wild trees, picnics, parties.." Thanks for the reminder. There's a first on ebay right now, but with water damage.

Searches, Monday, May 16 through Sunday, May 23

5/16/2011 "the lonly doll" for The Lonely Doll, "My Brimful Book" for The Brimful Book, both of which which we have in stock. Wish I had one of those typo correctors on the search engine! "mokie & pokie" I have a clear memory of a book on an early reader level about two little dancing imps/gods in Hawaii, but I can't find it, trying several spellings. Is that the one?

5/17/2011 Search Tips: This is a very simple search engine, so just use the main words when you are searching.

When I write descriptions, I try to save space, so I don't use "This book is about...." That means that searching "book about lions" will not get any results. But if you search "lion" in the Description field, you will get 30 books! 

Instead of "illustrated by" use the illustrator field box. Use the last name only to avoid confusions with initials.

5/18/2011 "cat on the calico mat" I couldn't find this, and it's odd that a mat would be made of calico, unless the mat was braided... are you sure it's not the calico cat?  

We do have one book in stock about a palomino Capture of the Golden Stallion  by Rutherford Montgomery. Another one we often have, a Famous Horse Book, is Wild Palomino, Stallion of the Prairies by Stephen Holt. Note: "Palomino"

5/19/2011 "rupert the bear" These don't show up as often in the United States... Here's an amusing book we had recently: Rupert: a Bear's Life by George Perry and Alfred Bestall. "The "biography" of Rupert Bear from his first appearance in 1920; with comments by Alfred Bestall, his creator, and coloured panels from the strips and annuals on every page." Very inexpensive.


Searches, Monday, May 23 through Sunday, May 30

Sorry, no comments this week as we are switching to an Intel OS. (unless I see a quick and easy one!)

I have the books "Stories to

I have the books "Stories to Tell to Children" by Sara Cone Bryant, dated 1907 and The Work-Play Books "Round the Year" by Gates and Huber, illistrated by A. Gladys Peck, dated 1932.

How can I found out what they are worth? I would like to sell them.

Thanks for your help.

Stacy - Jackson Center, PA

Finding the value of older books

Please read through the Looking for a Book page, and also the link from that page to the one on buying and selling books.

Searches, Thursday, July 21 through Sunday, July 24


7/24/2011 THE LITTLE RED HEN 3-D Puppet Hologram Izawa. There is currently a nice one on abebooks. Impossible to search on Amazon.

7/23/2011 "orange embossed cloth" Very clear, but for searches here and elsewhere try "blindstamped cloth". Then browse through: 19th c stamped cloth books were often issued in different colours, and red can fade to orange!

"beskow" We have about 6 in stock but none of our large European collection is uploaded yet. Email us, if interested

7/22/2011 "Birthday Tree" There are two: one by Ethel Collier illustrated by Honoré Guilbeau for William Scott, from 1961, but republished, and another poetic modern story by Paul Fleischman illustrated by Barry Root. Both are easy to find online. We don't have either one.

 "Blackberry Farm" series by Jane Pilgrim., originally published midcentury and very charming. We don't have any right now, but we definitely stock them. (There are modern reprints, but I have not seen them.)

7/21/2011 This feature is back, after over a month of new set up. Now the sold books will not be returned on the Search and cannot be placed in the Shopping Cart. (Notice that you can look at photos of "sold" books by making "ARCHIVED BOOKS" True.)

"Fantastic Flight" Just looking through Abe, there seem to be many copies of a few titles of children's nonfiction, from the history of aeronautics to paper airplane making. You may have been thinking of "Glorious Flight/ Across the Channel with Louis Bleriot. by the Provensens. Caldecott Medal Book for 1984. We have two 1sts in stock, nice books but with Good jackets.

"Kobbol" Was this Kobboltozo:, a mean old dwarf, 19th c? We have a Last of the Huggermuggers listed, but no Kobboltozo in stock. (There were many more of this book and they are much less expensive, even early ones.)


Searches, Monday, July 25 through Sunday, July 31

7/30/2011 ...animals.... boat.... river...otter .must be Wind in the Willows, But also, Brim's Boat and Brim Sails Out both by Michael Gaunt, 1960's, about a terrier and his friends sailing a barge on a canal and then adventuring downriver. Wonderful books! I've been trying to remember these for a long time, the problem being that it was a canal, not a river, where Brim's journey began. We have both in ex-lib, inexpensive. Also, could be realistic books like Dorothy Hogner's Wide River and Holling's Minn of the Mississippi, or  fantasies with a lot of river like Burman's Catfish Bend Series or Lively's Voyage of the QV66.

7/27,8,9 I seem to have deleted these from the search page without pasting them here. If you thought you need the answer to a search, email me.

7/26/2011  ropurdthebear Rupert the Bear by Alfred Bestall, a series begun beginning, in book form, in 1921 and still going strong. We don't stock series, but we've enjoyed and recommend A Bear's Life by George Perry and Alfred Bestall, all about Rupert with beautiful colour photos. The 1995 book is Rupert's 75th Birthday Edition. Ours is sold, Abebooks is better for both these than Amazon..

dr.seuss ... books by dr. seuss....  You had it, just needed a space between dr. and seuss; unfortunately, our search does not correct common typos. I usually just search Seuss. We have several. There's no text that actually says ..books by dr. seuss.. so that search will come up empty.

7/25/2011  Fine illustrators searched today: Ardizzone, Zolotow, Blegvad, Some books we usually stock but don't have too: War and Peas by Michael Foreman, Doctor Dolittle and the Green Canary, The Chestry Oak, a favorite Kate Seredy.

Cowboy Andy by Edna Walker Chandler, quite easy to find. She also wrote a reading series, Cowboy Sam, which rural boys still like. (I've used it as a teacher.)

boys and rocket and moon, Space travel, older, for younger children, would include the Mushroom Planet Books by Cameron and Rusty's Space Ship by Lampman, both discussed on this site. If it's just the moon, take a look at "You Will Go to the Moon" by Freeman, on this site.. published in 1959.  Pre moon landing children's space travel books would make an interesting collection!

Searches, Monday, August 1 through Sunday, August 7

Friday, Aug. 5 Thanks to the person who searched nursery rhymes 5 times yesterday, the Topic Lists are now accessible on this page. Each list includes about 50 books. If the Search doesn't return anything, try browsing!

Thursday Aug. 4  "japanese fairy tales" "chinese fairy tales"  I neatened up the tags on these books so you could call up a list. You'll find only a  few pictures; most of these tales are illustrated by modern artists and I haven't completed that Topic List yet,  but I'd be glad to email jpgs.
Chinese Fairy and Folk Tales.
Japanese Fairy and Folk Tales.

Wednesday, August 3. "in the garden"    I noticed someone searched the words, in the garden, four times running, must have been frustrating!  Using the simple site-wide Search box at the bottom of every page will give you many, many pages of results for a common word like garden.

For a book, always use this Search page.  Putting the words, in the garden, in the Title of this Search page gives you seven books. Putting your phrase in quotation marks in the Title narrows it down to four books, probably what you wanted. If this phrase was part of the plot of the book, rather than the title, try  Description or Publishing Data (which also describes the binding).

Tags also generate small lists, but are not completely uploaded as yet. You could go to a photographed book, then click on the red "garden" Tag. You'll get a small list, including one I hadn't thought of.

Tuesday, Aug. 2. "Sing - A - Long Sairy, little country girl in a calico dress, 1942-1954" .... Sing-Along Sary by Margaret R. Moore.(1951) We don't have it, looks like a sweet book. There are 6 on, all but one reasonably priced. I called up 404 Sing-a-long listings, then 3,917 Sing-along listings, and searched within both those results for Sairy and Sary. Very quick. If you weren't quite sure of the girl's name, Abe allows you to sort the returns in various ways, including Title A-Z or Z-A, so you could browse.

Monday, 8/1/2011  "Linen Book Mother Goose McGloughlin Brothers"     McLoughlin, always a challenge to spell!  We're small enough that you could just put McLoughlin in the Publishing Data field and browse. You could also browse the Cloth and Mother Goose Topic lists. There was a Mother Goose in the McLoughlin Linen Series which we currently do not have. If you are looking for that particular book, try Linen in both the title and the keyword.  For other books, in this and any site, using a search, you'll have the cloth/linen/linette and Mother Goose/Nursery Rhyme problem. .

I looked for "granja alegria" but couldn't find it or "granja alegre" as a children's books. This is a wild guess, but what about a Spanish translation of Tistou: les pouces verts (Tistou of the Green Thumbs) by Maurice Druon?

Searches, Monday, August 8 through Sunday, August 14

Sunday, August 14 ..... my lord bag o rice....My Lord Bag-o'-Rice. Too bad, we do have this book and your search as written works on our Search page, but not using the site-wide search at the bottom of each page. Our 5,000 book stock is really not very large: just avoid weird punctuation! ( lord bag... works well)

Saturday, August 13 ..... the Pink Flamingo Motel... Must be the wonderful Pink Motel by Carol Ryrie Brink, rare in nonxl Macmillan so one of the few Weekly Reader Books we stock (currently out so I can't double check on the Flamingos).... popcorn, filled house..... 100 pounds of Popcorn by Hazel Krantz? See paperback pictures on other sites ...Jane Shaw Penny Foolish... 3 on abe in UK, none on Amazon..... wheeled toy... We have a Paddington Bus and Toytown Turnpike in Play Books.

Friday August 12,  ..... girl, falcon.... If you are looking for an older book, Falcon Fly Back by Elinor Blaisdell is probably it. We have one in stock. 

... cloth books.... The trouble with searching cloth books on any site is that you will get books with cloth covered boards (too many results) and that they are also called linen, rag, and sometimes muslin or calico books (too few results). Go to any of the books on the Cloth Book Topic List at the left, open a book page, and click on the red Tag term "cloth books". That will return all of these  on our site. Actually, because our cloth books are in nice condition, they will all be included in the Topic Book list, but that is not true of other Topics.

Re The King and the Princess comment, how did I chose the best book from a list of ABE dealers unknown to me? 1) The price was in the mid range, not the beat up cheap one and certainly not the $77 with all the plusses, actually I am familiar with that dealer. 2) The condition grade was modest relative to the flaws described, Very Good Minus. 3) The dealer seemed to be familiar with specific books, see the Whitman comment. 4) A fulfillment rating of 5 stars means they are fairly organized in their shelving and record keeping, 4 stars is ok too. (the exception being dealers who primarily do national and international book fairs).

Amazon gives the illusion of predictability with their interface, but you are actually in exactly the same situation with less information and less contact with the dealer to go on.

Thursday, August 11. Sorry for the lapse, we had a houseful of family last weekend. Someone was searching Ancient Egypt, so I made a Tag list, not all illustrated: 

It is fun to browse short lists using the little red Tag words at the top of each book page, but the tags are not complete on this site. For example, SIGNED will return a list of 4 books when we actually have 132 signed books for sale.

King and The Princess

Author is Jack O'Brien, illustrated by Robert Doremus, copyright 1946, Whitman Publishing Company. A story about a dog and cat. The cat got in a trap and it mangled her right front leg. The leg was amputated and a peg leg was put on. King and Princess were best friends. When a forest fire came, King took her to a small island and kept her safe. A great story from my childhood. I now have a grand daughter and her dog is going to have her leg amputated and I thought this would be a great book for her. I can't find one and would like help in getting this book. Thank you so much for your help. Thanks, Tenny in Cheyenne.

King and the Princess by Jack O'Brien.

Dear Tenny,

There are about 9 on abebooks, only one with a dustjacket. Use the advanced search and search the title and author.

Here are the results in case this works

I don't know any of the dealers but the second one listed looks like the best (Mill Pond Shoppe). See the posting below for my criteria for selecting a dealer from a list of unknown ones.

My sympathies to your granddaughter... I've known several dogs with three legs, though, and they don't seem to notice it at all. They just run all around happily!


Searches, Monday, August 15 through Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday, August 21 .... camembert mouse artist.... Perhaps the very funny Anatole books by Eve Titus from the 50's about a mouse artist in a cheese factory, or the Max Nibblington app?

Gian Barrusca.... We always learn from our customers! An Italian classic of juvenile literature by Vamba (Luigi Bertelli)  that first appear in the Giornalino della Domenica in 1907. Abe has only the modern reprints of this, although other early books of his are listed.

Saturday, August 20 crane.... We just uploaded two nice Pan-pipes with pictures, a first and a second printing, ...marchen... only our English language books are currently on this site. We have about 4 older marchen, just email.

Friday August 19 .... Sweet Pickles... Richard Hefner.... I'm sorry but we do not stock long series. There's a person who sells vintage books online who might stock these, but your best source is Ebay or Amazon. Same with readers. Even though James Blaylock was a recognized science fiction writer in the 70's, his children's books are more modern than what we stock. They look fun to read though!

Tuesday, August 16 .....stories about bears..... Here's a Bear Tag list. It's very long, so you could also look at Wild Bear, Teddy Bear, Bear Legend, and Bear Story (anthropomorphic bears, like 3 bears!)

Monday, August 15 .... Chinese girl..... Most likely to have been the Caldecott Honor picture book Mei Li I have also made a short Tag list of our books on Chinese and Chinese American women and girls Also check Chinese Folk and Fairy Tales.  ....Judith Bathie.... an Australian author who wrote feminist books for children in the mid 70s. We do not have her books, hard to find although they are widely held by libraries.

Searches, Monday, August 23 through Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday, August 28 ...merrylegs...Not in stock. We do have Paul Brown's Circus School and  War Paint: an Indian Pony, on our abebooks listings, Good without jackets. Unless books are early, extremely rare, or in excellent condition, all the books photographed on this site have jackets as indicated. mouse, country mouse... Usually "town mouse". We have this one: illustrated by Ethel Hays.

Saturday, August 27. ...owl and worm... Lost the comments. I looked around for this one and remember remarking on how many books there are about friendly owls. Our little chickens would be surprised to hear that! Remember the great picture of Squirrel Nutkin and Mr. Owl? Also someone searched for the Westy series by Percy Fitzhugh.

Friday, August 26. Searching tips:....sam'L gabriel.... I think you used the sitewide search and got only one return. Use this search page, put Gabriel in the Publishing Data, and you will get 10 nice Sam'l Gabriel books and 2 false positives. 10,000 books may sound like a lot, but compared to the large search engines, it's nothing, so use the simplest search term you can think of on our Advanced Search and skim.  Our Advanced Search works well because one person has been doing consistent entry for almost 20 years!..... the Haunted Motorcycle.... The Haunted Motorcycle Shop by Harriette Sheffer Abels, lots on abebooks, easy to find, cheaper ones on Amazon, but took me 4 tries to find it. Amazon's book search only works well for new books and ISBN numbers, otherwise use Google to search Amazon.

Thursday, August 25 .... acorn headed..walnut headed... Are you perhaps thinking of Miss Hickory? (See jpgs)  ... Great Sea Horse by Isabel Anderson.. alas, we have none in stock, as you probably know there are quite a few old ones on abebooks....Paddle to the Sea... We actually have two copies, not yet entered, a first printing with the original jacket painting as well as an early printing without a medal but with the familiar jacket. Email if interested.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011 girl.... there are two Star Girl's. We have neither of them in stock, but here are the descriptions from ones we have had:
- one by Henry Winterfeld: (1957) The children find a star girl in the woods and help her to escape.
-another by Thelma Hatch Wyss:(Viking 1967) The Bannock Indian story of Star Girl and her climb to the sky. The details of the wildflowers and roots which Star Girl and Wind woman gather are accurate and illustrated by graceful drawings throughout the text.
.... tall book of make-believe... currently on Ebay there's a good one in jacket, a much later Harper & Row, so we aren't interested, still, a nice present.  
...magic key... The magic key, (1901)  by Elizabeth S Tucker, scarce, a worn one on right now.
... toby chipmunk... Sorry, no Toby Chipmunk by Margaret McElroy and Jessica Younge. Although we don't carry reader series, we do carry well-illustrated supplemental story books occasionally, like Emma Serl's books and these.

Tuesday, August 23 ... Puffin.... If you are looking for Puffin Storybooks, juvenile novels, be sure to come back in a month or so. We have a complete run of the first 2000 (50 years), and in the course of organizing this collection discovered hundreds of duplicates, all 1sts, VG-NF, some very early, which I will list. Email with requests. ....honey bear, dusky rusky forest... Honey Bear by Dixie Willson, (note spelling) illustrated by Maginal Wright Barney, Volland (1923), several on abebooks, all expensive. For a wonderful article by Tom Wolfe on the influence this book had on his writing, google "Honey Bear Willson Yale"

Monday, August 23, 2011....ruma ankanpoikanen.... (Finnish) We do have the Ugly Duckling and Quacks, both beautiful older books. ... Little Women... None in stock at present, we are always looking for Roberts and Willcox copies. ...The Three Bears... I'm putting together a collection of Three Bears books, which should be up sometime soon.


Searches, Monday, August 29 through Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday, Sept 4 ..... Raynard the Fox... also spelled Reynard and Renard; to see Sold copies of Reynard the Fox (1860) or  the common Volland 1925 Reynard, change the Archived Books setting on the Search Page to "True"...... S. W. Partridge and Co.... Best to use the full name of the publisher, but not "& co"  "and Company" etc as these terms were written differently. We actually have two by this publisher with pictures: Our Children's Pets, by Josephine and The Governess or the Missing Pencil-Case by Rev. Barr. Abebooks has four Uncle Jack Partridges in Good,  not Very Good, condition. For more about Good vs. Very Good see below.

Here is a copy of a recent email exchange that explains Good vs Very Good

" Your description says "good," but then you say soiled, worn, etc.  Just how good or bad is it?"

Good in Good jacket; ex-lib, usual marks, much read, soiled and loose, edges worn, dw spine faded.

Hello, In answer to your query, a reasonable question!  "Good" in bookseller terms means pretty bad but complete, not falling apart, without major flaws like magic marker scribbles all over the cover.

Here is the official ABA description of "Good":
G=Good condition. Not broken, any major tears are specified. May have name, soil, wrinkles, hinges starting, bumped and worn corners, edges, and spine ends, or some combination thereof. Jacket may have edge tears, chips, rubbing, soil, with any major flaws specified.

 What most people think of as "Good" is really "Very Good", so that's what you should be looking for. VG=Very Good
Very Good condition. Often unmarked, no tears, but signs of having been read. VG books may have an owner's name, light edgewear and tiny bumps to corners or spine ends or minor wrinkles, all specified. A dust jacket may have minor edge tears or chips and rubbing on spine ends if it is clean and bright.

The absence of a jacket, ex-library signs, and book club editions should always be noted.

What confuses things more is that on Ebay or other places where people are using normal language instead of bookseller terms, a "good" book is often in very good condition. These days, you really have to look at the flaws specified rather than the grade. If no flaws are specified you should ask. It is conventional among professional booksellers to mention the worst flaws first (ie if the book has worn edges, you can assume all the pages are there) but amateur sellers don't always do this. 

Saturday, Sept 3 ...cherry ames, hardy boys... We read them, our children read them, we can see how it might be fun to collect them, but dealing in Stratemeyer Syndicate type series books requires keeping track of hundreds of almost identical volumes: we don't carry them.... little bear of bumpkin hollow... probably Teddy Bear of Bumpkin Hollow by Sharon Boucher  (the first edition Elf-Book, # 429 the second edition #561) There are quite a few on Abe or Amazon, scattered around. They are astonishingly expensive. ...houghton mifflin company... 4 pages of results; using houghton mifflin in the Publishing Data on the Search page yields 15 pages

Also searched: Poor man's pepper by Winifred Pares; Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (Great Britain)
Jan Rinke Dutch illustrator and author, early 20th c.
Mary A. Brooks 1950's illustrator, Blyton, Alice etc.

Friday, September 2 ... ben and the rocking horse.... Benjamin Rocking-Horse by Paula Geldenhuys, English with hyphen, American without, (1980), try Amazon or Abe; ...fairy... we have so many, the best way is to go to the new Folk and Fairy Tale page, narrow your search to the type of book you want, then click on a red Keyword on a book page to get more fairy tales without pictures, ...a dog of flanders the nurnberg stove and other stories 1909.... best to use the Search page, not the site search and to use a shorter title in the title field: We do have a Maria Kirk version of this book under Dog of Flanders, Nürnburg stove. You could put "1909" in the Publication Data, but it's not necessary on a site as small as ours.

(Thursday, in Portland looking for a fiddle)

Wednesday, August 31...matias perez... Are you perhaps thinking of Perez and Martina by Pura Belpré, illustrated by Carlos Sanchez? It's a classic mouse love story, originally published in 1932 but republished often; an image can be easily found on Google. .... big horse saves small horse.... there is a book by Martha Goldberg "Big Horse, Little Horse" published in Scholastic pb as well as hardcover, but it appears to be about a wild horse and a toy horse in the Southwest or Northern Mexico, hard to imagine the plot.

Tuesday, August 30... For a change, here's a photo that explains why we always pack in cardboard.

Monday, August 29..... nursery rhymes... Remember to look at the MOTHER GOOSE topic list to the right of the Search page. Each of the topic lists has about 40 books with many photos. If you search a topic using the Single Keyword, you'll find more books, some ex-libs, etc, but some in nice condition. Not all collectible books are photographed yet.

... everglades mystery.... Everglades Mystery by Ada Graham, illus with photos on abe. We also have two Stephen Meader's Everglades Adventures on abe Or could it be could also be the Secret Raft by Hazel Krantz, a Weekly Reader?


Searches, Monday, September 5 through Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday, Sept 11. ...all by herself... All By Himself by Kay Clark, Illustrated by Allen Shaw, The Twins A Plakie Product, Youngstown, Ohio, 1950. (none with hankies that I could see online). ...noisy nora... Noisy Nora, an early Rosemary Wells, wonderful book, sorry, not currently in stock, and there don't seem to be any 1sts in jacket from 1973. ...a boy and a dog he found... there are so many books with this theme: put a query on with more information on Looking for a Book?. and someone might recognize it.

Saturday, Sept 10... pancake covers town... Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs by Judy Barrett?  At Chewandswallow  the weather starts getting worse and worse. "Violent storms bring giant servings. A huge pancake covers the school" ... silly goose... many stories, but older books are:  Silly Goose by Jack Kent, Oswald, the Silly Goose by K. R. Wittington (1974), any of the Petunia stories by Roger Duvoisin; Petunia the Silly Goose Stories is a nicely reproduced, inexpensive collection of four books by Knopf .... lots of searches involving mice, kookaburras, a cage and a girl, also betty and some kind of printing press..... you can always leave a query with more information on Looking for a Book.

Friday, Sept 9 Friday, Sept 9...Kangaroo Stew... by Norman Bridwell of Clifford fame. ...goose that swaps body parts... The Churkendoose-Part Chicken, Turkey, Duck and Goose by Ben Ross Berenberg, Wonder Book #547?  Both these are easy to find on Abebooks or Amazon, the Churkendoose rather expensive because in the early days of the net, it was scarce, and the prices remain high even though a lot of copies have appeared. See What are Rare Children's Books?

Thursday, Sept 9....galloping piano... intriguing because no synonym comes to mind and the title isn't listed in the usual places. I did learn that "Galloping Gertie" was the first Tacoma Narrows Bridge, which was built and collapsed in 1940. Truman says that Howard Garis had a Galloping Gas Stove (1926) Do either ring a bell? ... Since so many people view this page: WANTED TO BUY Black Book House Vol 6 of 6, The Latchkey, 1921, A/B edition (a design, not a castle, on the spine). We are trying to complete some sets and move them along but sellers never, never list the printing so it's taking much longer than expected. Early Book House printings are shown on the bottom corner of the title page, except for the A/B editions which are blank. Please Contact Us if you have one.

Wednesday, Sept 7th. Lots of searches yesterday! ... i am bunny, richard scarry... the author was Ole Rissom, with early Scarry illustrations (Golden 1963) a sweet book, not in stock. ... bertha hazard... Rhymes and Poems? (1904) doesn't seem to be available anywhere but see ... joann lives here... one copy on abe, poor condition,  Jo Anne Lives Here. Wratten, Harriet A., text. Billings, Edna, photographer (Whitman, 1935). .... buttons and bows, button and bow... a new Canadian book, Button and Bow: Friends Forever (ISBN: 1412096235 / 1-4120-9623-5) by Susanna Jennicrai, hard to find.  .... cookie book, cooky book... Thanks for trying both spellings. You probably want "The Cookie Book" by Eva Moore, illustrated by Talivaldis Stubis, Seabury Press 1973, hard to find in hardcover, also was a Scholastic paperback. .... enid blyton, biggles, W. E. Johns.. Well, I guess if we don't do American series, we can't do English series, but I am very tempted by girls' school stories, not to mention early Mary Mouse landscape books. ...the wonder house... anna freud... Actually, by "Tom" (Martha Gertrud) Seidmann-Freud, Freud's niece. I could find no English translation of the Wunderhaus in WorldCat; The Magic Boat, which we have had, is identified as the new Wunderhaus, but I think it's a different book.

Tuesday, Sept 6th ...Blueberries for Sal... Our favorite, sorry we're out.  .....60's & 70's children's books... Pull down the PUBLICATION field box to CONTAINS ANY WORD and enter 196, 197 separated by commas.
If you are comfortable using Searches, our page More Tips for Searchers contains many advanced tips, specific to our consistent entry system. You will have to pull down to the Search method you need.

CONDITION field: DOES NOT CONTAIN    ex-lib  will eliminate ex-library books.

CONDITION field: DOES NOT CONTAIN  without jacket   will  eliminate books which should have a jacket and don't, but will not eliminate earlier books published without jacket.

Use the PUBLISHING DATA field to specify decades or centuries, a little trickier, but fun. Watch out for reprints.
PUBLISHING DATA field: CONTAINS ALL WORDS:  (use the leading digits of the decade or century like 196 or 18) will return books first published then.
PUBLISHING DATA field: CONTAIN ANY WORD: (use the leading digits see first example) will return books published in both of the dates chosen (OR).
You can also eliminate one decade or century this way
PUBLISHING DATA field: DOES NOT CONTAIN    199  (use only one term) This will eliminate books published in the 1990's but you will get false positives  (ie no books with 199 pages).

Monday, Sept 5th.... we don't want to live in a house...We Were Tired of Living in a House by Liesel Moak Skorpen, Parents, easy to find........ann of green gables.... "anne"; we don't have one anyway but we have some early unentered Emilys. .... golden name day... Truman has a collectible Golden Name Day by Jennie Lindquist in jacket with jpg on abe  We have two Crystal Trees with and without jacket on this site ...ruddy hugstable... also try huckstable and huxstable Maybe the Rick and Ruddy (dog) series by Howard Garis? /....k.m.peyton... no results for this but 3 pages with a space "k. m. peyton."  What a picky search! In general, avoid abbreviations, hyphens, possessives. With under 10,000 books you can just skim the search results. ......... alices adventures in results? same problem, use "adventures in wonderland". We do have a few Alices, although we are low right now. How big is 10,000 books? About like a small shop, with almost that many unentered books lurking in the back room. Not really very big, but specialized, so it seems larger if you are looking for the kind of children's books we stock.

Searches, Monday, September 12 through Sunday, Sept 18, 2011

Saturday, September 17...cats abc.... Probably, The Kittens' ABC by Clare Turlay Newberry (note 2 r's) Harper Brothers 1946. We sold a nice one this year. Kittens' ABC was reprinted by Harper & Row with quite a different look in 1975, and Amazon lists them together on one page, so be careful. Always best to order preISBN books through Abebooks. Amazon informed dealers yesterday that it was going to consolidate some of its multiple duplicate listings, but I'm afraid it's too little, too late. There is also Charlotte Steiner's Annie's ABC Kitten : An Alphabetical Story About Annie and Her Pet   which would be for younger children.

Here's the review I left on Amazon, kind of fun!

The first, collectible, edition of the Kitten's ABC was published in 1946 by Harper Brothers NOT Harper & Row, which would not come into being for almost 30 years. It was a very beautiful book, "Hand set in Cloister Oldsyle at the Golden Hind Press, New Jersey" The depth of the pictures comes from the special ink and paper used for the lithographs, which cannot be duplicated in reprints. The picture on the right with the blue border on the jacket shows this Harper Brothers first edition, although we can't tell which printing.

The Harper & Row book is apparently a revised edition from 1975. Typical of the enormous mess Amazon has made of collectible, preISBN books, both editions are shown on the same page. An early printing of the first edition in an OK but not wonderful jacket is worth about $75. I don't know how much the 1975 one is worth, but it should be a fraction of the 1946 book. Also, many of Newberry's books were reprinted in a large size about 10 years ago and remaindered for $5, perhaps Kittens' ABC among them.

I rated this one star, but it is not the bookseller's fault this is so mixed up, and it's certainly not Clare Newberry's fault. Or the kittens'. That leave one suspect.

Friday, September 16 ...beulah...Beulah by Augusta Evans? The Victorian book about an orphan? Look on Abebooks, there are many of them, some not print on demand. .....Mike Mulligan.. sorry, a favorite but we seem to be out . ...briar rabbit... The Walt Disney version does have Briar in the title, otherwise look for Brer Rabbit. ...bunkle brings it off... The last in Pardoe's interesting series and her last book (1961), apparently hard to find. Worldcat has no listing; Wikipedia does.

Thursday, Sept. 15.... little.... I saw that someone had searched little many times over and wondered if they were looking for this very funny YA book, Little, Little by M. E. Kerr "Two suitors compete for the heart of Little Little, a dwarf heiress who is tired of being treated like a pretty doll." ... dog cracker... three possibilities, a small white terrier story Little Dog Cracker by Rachel Taft Dixon (Whitman/G&D 1933) and two real dogs: Cracker. My Dog Friend by W Harold Thomson (Simpkin Marshall 1934) with photos, a Cairn Terrier, and Sleeping Partners: Cracker and Micky by Cecil Aldin (Cracker was a bull terrier and Aldin's famous model and companion, Micky, a sweet Irish Wolfhound). A good short article on Cracker and Aldin.

Wednesday, Sept 14 ... magic paintbrush... an old Chinese tale with various modern illustrators; look on Amazon and you will see most of them, or search on and on the results page pull down Features to Bookseller Supplied photos and you will see the more collectible ones. ...illustration our Collector's Corner see our New Children's Reference  for currently available books, and our Books for Collectors  for basic recommendations. We do not yet have any of our reference books uploaded on this site.

Tuesday, Sept 13   A Penny for Benny....Let's Go Fishing 1949..... you probably don't mean the modern Benny and Penny series, so, Benny and his Penny by Lois Lenski (1931), Let's Go Fishing by Kathryn Jackson (1949); only one of each for sale online, see, from Picture Book Cottage,... nursery rhymes.... please remember to look at the Topic Lists on this page and the home page.....A mothers guide to her children value of 1st edition... There will be no text on this site with these words, so you will get no results: if you want to find the value of a book, look it up on the Advanced Search and adjust for edition and condition; our prices are in line with the current "market value". ... the Bremington Musicians... usually "Brementown". ...Pokey little puppy...try Poky.... .Where's Timmie...Where's Timmy, a real cloth book Whitman (1959), cute spaniel.

Monday, Sept 12  .....little girl with lots of dresses ends up wearing rags... maybe a memory of The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes? a little girl from a poor family makes up the story of her many dresses to keep from being teased, a beautiful book which we try to keep in stock. ...Felix Sutton, Vestal... We have very little nonfiction, but use the advanced Search on, Author Sutton, Keyword Vestal and you will find a good selection masters... The Horsemasters (one word) by Don Stanford, lots available on Abebooks in hardback, Scholastic, or Puffin, a bit expensive, looks good!

Searches, Monday, September 19 through Sunday, Sept 25, 2011

Saturday,  September 24...three little horses... by Piet Worm. We'll have our new copy entered soon. ... Septimus Slink.... well, there's Caroline Corner 'Twixt Will and Fate, (1879) which includes "The Slinkinsmirk Family" who are exactly like their name, on Google Books, pretty obscure! ...Books for eight year olds.... We do have a reading list under the Reader's corner, but are you looking for "Stories for Eight Year Olds"? I was only aware of the Puffin book, but there are several, including one from 1908 illustrated by Harry Rountree.

Mr. Popper's Penguins
Mr. Pengachoosa
Ballet books
Ann Schlee

Friday, September 23 To all: These daily notes are actually responses to people who use the Site Search and get pages of returns or no returns at all when we have the book. If you are reading this, you're using this Book Search and are probably having an easier time of it. Email me with further questions...fisherman's wife... I think you searched for this before. It's The Fisherman and his Wife. Look in the archived comments on Still No Luck? ...the christmas dog... dogs love christmas, and there are many books about christmas dogs! Look on ...musetta, white cat...there seems to be an adult mystery series with this cat by Clea Simon, and a cute Musetta rabbit book by Elzbieta, still untranslated from chinese brothers... undoubtedly exists, but the well-known picture book by Claire Huchet Bishop, illustrated by Kurt Weise, is Five Chinese Brothers (we are out of stock).

Thursday, Sept 22...violet needham... a marvellous British writer of historical fiction from the 40's; thanks for the reminder: I was surprised to see that we had only one left. ...richard scary... we don't have any but you want Richard house...still in progress; I am trying to finish these Book House pages this weekend since we have the Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair coming up on October 8th and 9th...fabuland lego books... interesting, only a few online.... bears...use the red Keywords (tags) on the book pages too; we have bear story, teddy bear, and wild bear lists within Bears.

Wednesday, Sept 21.... magic fish... an old tale from Grimm, reprinted many times including Lang's Green Fairy Book and vol. 2 of the Book House. There are 194 Magic Fish books listed on, but the tale is usually titled "The Fisherman and His Wife" and there will be many of these. Look at the picture sources to recognize your book: Google Images, Ebay, Amazon and Abe's Bookseller Supplied photos for the older ones. We have the Margot Tomas illustrated Fisherman and his Wife in stock.... ghost cadet, alphin...Ghost Cadet by Marie Elaine Alphin.... (1992), late for us, but there are 61 copies on, including some nice hardbacks.

Tuesday, September 20... zolotow... her books go in and out quickly; we also have a copy of Timothy Two; ... teddy bears series... no, we don't have any but we've been thinking about stocking them... dreamweaver...two on, both modern and easy to find on abe or amazon,  Dreamweaver by Louise Lawrence and  Dream weaver by Jonathan London, a spider picture book, note the space, ... what a jolly street... 365 bedtime stories; a story for every day of the year about the children on What-a-Jolly Street, by Nan Gilbert  (Whitman, 1955)  best buy, and least expensive, on Abebooks or Amazon from Dorothy Meyer, a long-time children's book specialist: her "acceptable" grade is going to be the "very good" of many recent sellers; a lot of grade inflation has gone on in recent years.

Monday, Sept. 19 .... water babies... We only have a Dent reissue right now, but if you are looking for an older one, also try water-babies, the original spelling, which will make a difference on some search engines. .... Huffy Wants to be a pet by Edna Groff Deihl....We have both of the earlier boxed Noodles... and Huffy..., but not these. Always best to search the minimum (huffy, deihl, or I might try huffy, edna since people will misspell deihl). I don't see the separate volume for sale online, but there are two copies of the combined volume, Little Want-to-Be's, which includes both the Huffy Wants to Be A Pet and the parallel Noodles...; on Abe search under huffy, deihl; on Ebay search 1929 LITTLE WANT-TO-BE'S Edna Groff Deihl BEAUTIFUL ART, this one is quite a bargain if you don't mind the glued spine.... Far Away and Long Ago... Did you mean Long Ago and Far Away Stories, Grosset and Dunlap (1962) illustrated by Bill Rutherford? Several inexpensive ones on Abebooks; the Picture Book Cottage copy will be by far the best, even though it is only $2 more; they grade and pack professionally and will answer any questions.... one dollar horse... probably The Dollar Horse by Miriam Young, but it could be Claudia's five-dollar horse by Natlee Kenoyer or even Twenty-dollar Horse by Gerald Raftery! There are many inexpensive copies of each on abebooks. (found using "dollar horse" and Audience: Juvenile on the left)


Searches, Monday, September 26 through Sunday, October 2, 2011

Saturday, Oct 1- Tuesday, Oct 11 We will be at the Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair Booth 706 at the Seattle Center next weekend. It's a wonderful fair, with many children's book dealers. Let me know if there a book on this site you would us to bring. We will not be researching queries this week, just a few spelling hints. ....Tale of Mr. Toodle-oo...The Tale of Mr. Tootleoo by Bernard Darwin was first published in 1925, & Tootletoo 2 in 1927; the pictures were in colour. These two books were followed by Mister Tootleoo, 1 & 2 , London, The Nonesuch Press, 1932, with pictures redesigned in black and white.  All nice books, but years ago I bought the b/w Nonesuch b/w by mistake..... willy wonker, factory... You're thinking of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The sequel is called Charlie And The Great Glass Elevator: The Further Adventures Of Charlie Bucket And Willie Wonka Chocolate-Maker Extraordinary..... split page books... also called flap books.  Hard to search for!

Tuesday, September 27... snip, snap, snurr... Snipp, Snapp, Snurr books by Maj Lindman. We have two Red Shoes on this website and another one coming soon, but if you are looking for a book to read with children, consider the 90's Whitman paperbacks rather than a pricey ex-library: large, on nice paper, with beautiful colour quality and you'll be able to buy several. ....sia lives on kilamanjaro... I(Kilimanjaro), a very beautiful book by Astrid Lindgren, from the Macmillan Children of the World series, late 50's and 60's, with sparkling black and white photos by Anna Riwkin-Brick. I have a collection of my own, and a few extras on this site, but not Sia. I'd suggest Ebay because not everyone knows what these books are. ...Can I Get There by Candlelight... by Jean Slaughter Doty, haven't bought one of those for a while, just looked, amazing prices on abe, more or less artificially created... water babies... also water-babies, the original spelling.

Monday, Sept 26..sheep eat grass... sort of like a sheep corps lawnmower? Probably The Sheep of the Lal Bagh by David Mark   Parents' 1967, very easy to find, try abe. .... angus, crab, partin....  Angus the Tartan Partan: the story of a crab by Janet Caird, Nelson 1961; I'd IDed this previously but now the one I had found online is gone, searching angus, and crab was a good idea... mushroom planet books... we have Mr. Bass's Planetoid, listed on abe with jpg, ex-lib in nice jacket.


Book from when i was little

I dont remember the name of it, nor the author, all I remember from this book was that there was a boy who was teasing a dog, and went to run away and the dog ended up biting him and there was this little doctor with a huge rabies shot to give the boy. This book was from sometime in the 80's, or early 90's. If someone could help me I would really appreciate it, this has been driving me crazy for years!!!

Nursery rhyme book with photos of cats in clothes

I think it was a golden book from the 1950s. It contained Mother goose rhymes and there were photos of cats wearing clothes. "Polly put the Kettle On" was one of the rhymes and one cat is standing at the little stove and the other cat is sitting at a table. I have spent a lot of time online trying to find the book.

The Night the Crayons Talked - Vik Knight

I am desperately looking for a copy of this childhood book from 1975. The Night the Crayons Talked by Vik Knight was a childhood book that my mother and I shared together. My mom recently passed in a tragedy and I am looking for closure. I am willing to pay anything for this book. I hope someone can help me find this precious book.
Danise Miller

Trying to Find an Old Book I read as a Child

There was a book I used to check out at the library when I was a kid...around the late 1970's. I have no recollection of the name of the book, but I remember it was about a character named Este Maude Hay who was a school teacher during the day, but she liked to drive her little red sports car at night. That is all I remember, but I would love to find it for my daughter.
If anyone has any ideas of the name or where I could find it I would appreciate it.

I just wanted to share with

I just wanted to share with everyone a great website I discovered the other day. They offer downloads of classic fairy tales with fantastic images and entertaining narration and character acting. Not only do my kids love them, but I find them enjoyable as well. These timeless stories can be downloaded to computer or mobile device and they are very inexpensive. They gave me a coupon code to be shared. Enter 10off at download.

I usually delete comments

I usually delete comments that included links to commercial sites, but this is the old Milliken Educational Publishers of plaid workbook fame, certainly reliable and cheap, even without the coupon. The artwork is undistinguished and if the writing is anything like the old black line masters, it will be unremarkable, too. Still, maybe a good thing for long car trips.

Slim tales

My mum aged 77 has been looking for this book for a long time. She had it as a little girl, so pre early 1940's and she says it had mouse characters. Thanks

trying to find an old book that I read when I was a child

the golden fairy tale classics Vol.1 it was printed in canada and this is a name on the front of the book TORMONT I tried tons of places and still no results I have the book next to me but it is destroyed it is in very bad condition can't even read the stories in it

Read the Looking for a Book

Read the Looking for a Book page. Use abebooks. There are 73 listed.

old school book reader



You seem to have the actual

You seem to have the actual book. If you are interested in its value, check using the Advanced Search on
Condition is all important.

Childhood book

My mother used to read this book to me. Oddly, it was my favorite. It was about an old man who took a country drive in the afternoon. He came upon this house because I think he got lost or it began to rain and he needed a place for refuge. Anyway, a sweet lady invited him in and made a fire for him, gave him a warm blanket and prepared a meal for him. Their encounter was meaningful because both were lonely and now they had a new friendship.

Looking for book

Hi there,
I am looking for the book titled: What's in your pocket Lucy Locket... I cannot find this anywhere, please would you know where to look?

children's horse story


I'm looking for a book and don't know who the author is or what the title is. I just know it was one of my favorite stories read to me by my grandmother.

It was about a gallant horse (I believe he pulled a fire truck) and his master. I remember the horse being injured and a picture of it in a large sling. I also remember him being driven, blind, but trusting his master to guide him. The master had to make a choice at one point to guide the trusting horse into a wall (I think) to avoid hitting a person (child?)further injuring the horse. I remember the story ending with the horse still trusting the man.

I know this isn't much to go on. If you do happen to know anything about this story, I'd love to hear it! I purchase the book "Blitz" and it isn't the book I was looking for. I had a feeling it wasn't as I didn't recall it being especially similar to Black Beauty and Blitz does have similarities to it.

Thanks for your time!

Michelle Schoen

The Adventures of Princess Pet Volume 2

Two of these charming books were published by the Pet Dairy Company in Johnson City, Tennessee. They featured the adventures of the lovely and kind Princess Pet and her friends Pet Brown Mule and Pet Brown Bear. I have Volume One and would love to add Volume Two to my collection. Any information on these books is appreciated. Volume One was published in 1951 and Volume Two in 1952 or 1953. Thanks!

Remember a green book with a clock and a train?

I am trying to track down my favorite book from my childhood that has probably been destroyed and thrown away :( It was green with a train and a clock in the cover, a short adventure story of some kids regarding a train that probably served for helping kids with learning how to say what time it is. Any clues anyone? I would really appreciate any kind of help and would be thrilled if I could manage to find it! Cheers everyone!!

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