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Please leave your queries on Looking for a Book?  not here, or email me.
Way below on this page are archived short, dated responses to actual searches, which I could once access through Drupal, but no longer. Instead I am logging notes every week or so about new features or entries on the website, mainly just to keep the page going for search optomization purposes, though it will be useful to us. Feel free to skim though.


Remember a green book with a clock and a train?

I am trying to track down my favorite book from my childhood that has probably been destroyed and thrown away :( It was green with a train and a clock in the cover, a short adventure story of some kids regarding a train that probably served for helping kids with learning how to say what time it is. Any clues anyone? I would really appreciate any kind of help and would be thrilled if I could manage to find it so please contact me at cheers everyone!

Woman wants kids...Tiny children appear in her house...

Looking for a book that I read once when I was little...Its a woman who lives out in the country who desperately wants kids. Then tiny kids appear, and she loves them alot. They make a cake for her, and she makes tiny clothes for them. Finally, at the end of the book, a real sized baby appears on her doorstep and her tiny children say goodbye....Ring any bells?

Childrens Book from the 1960s

I am looking for a childrens' book from the 1960s. I thought the name of the book was The Nickel Plated Stove. It is where a child wanted their mother to get a new stove for the house.

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