A Winter Home, Alexei Barsukov, illustrator.

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A pop-up folk tale in a snug little house with five animal friends who are visited by seven wolves; animal personalities rather commercial looking, but the Russian cottage interior is enchanting.



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A Winter Home.
Zheleznova, Irina, trans.
/Alexei Barsukov, illustrator.
Malysh Publishers, no words (1984). Pop-up, continuous cutout card strip forming doubled covers and book pages, black on cover with circular hole on back from which emerge fleeing wolves, 8.3x9.5; c 14 "pages" .
Play Book. Pop-up, Softcover
CONDITION: Very Good; no names or other marks, some creases near bottom spine and on rear wolves, which also have 1" closed tear (it is tempting, but futile, to try to pull them out.)
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