Kiddie's Number Book.

22201 Kiddie's Number Book cloth, 22201 Kiddie's Number Book cloth

Mathematically very nice as it goes from 1 to 12. Also the pictures are gorgeous, with large natural looking farm animals with lots of character appearing in a woodland setting with black "sky" broken by large trees. This book appears as "New" in the McLoughlin 1927 list, and it was expensive in its time. Unfortunately, the good quality linen used in its construction, although it takes detailed lines and colour beautifully, tends to crease, making white lines. Louise Dorothea Tessin (Roats), (1894 - 1962) a California artist, illustrated children's books, activity books, and art education books for McLoughlin and Milton Bradley



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22201 Kiddie's Number Book cloth
22201 Kiddie's Number Book cloth
Kiddie's Number Book.
/Louise D. Tessini, illustrator.
Springfield Mass.: McLoughlin Bros, Linen Books, Kiddie's Series, No. 1580, (New) in 1927, 1st.; yellow cloth book, orange titles, with two very large sitting rabbits against a dark green background on front, one goose running over the grass on back, large coloured paintings on every page; 9.75 x 11.6; np.
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CONDITION: Fair; no names or other marks, quite clean, slightly frayed, but with only one staple holding and extremely creased and wrinkled.
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22201 Kiddie's Number Book cloth
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