My Book House, Christmas House.

20420 Christmas Book House, 20420 Christmas Book House, 20420 Christmas Book House

A very charming green Christmas Book House, made of wood, with book spines decorated with lighted windows and Christmas Trees in gilt, green, shaped plates with yellow and red, and colourful margin decorations in yellow and red on the top boards. The house is the usual one with the dormer in front, but only one chimney and also with a set of red steps leading to the Travelships, which are placed in the center. It may have come with three separate wooden trees as well, according to the photographed ad in Dorothy Loring Taylor's reference, page 100.



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20420 Christmas Book House
20420 Christmas Book House
20420 Christmas Book House
Christmas Book House.
Miller, Olive Beaupre.
Chicago, The Book House, green, 16th edition (printing) c. 1922-33, with 6 volume set and the three Travelships in wooden house with steps. There is a side chimney with little open windows in the eve as well as the usual cut out long (longer?) windows on each side. Christmas binding
Juvenile hardback set.
CONDITION: House: Very Good, original paint, little steps are still there, solid and straight with no missing parts or chips. Book Set: Bindings nice. Interiors Good Minus to Very Good; to be brief, we would not ordinarily purchase or sell a set in this condition: all hinges and some pastedowns margins are glue foxed, Vols. 1 & 2 are very, very dirty. Vol 1 has fep torn in half. Erased and unerased pencil throughout, from scribble to adult account records. Cracked hinges on Vol 1, France, and Japan. That said, the plates are only lightly rubbed and the pages in vol 2-6 and interior pages of the Travelships are flat and clean. The wonderful Christmas bindings are bright and clean giving it a nice appearance when shelved.
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