My Book House Wooden House.

My Book House Wooden Case.

A charming old house in original condition. Many of these were produced for the Chicago Century of Progress exhibition of 1933-34 as promotional items. People could buy a set with the Travelships and take them home in a house! Please refer to our Book House page for full information. Many more pictures after the fair. Note: This book has been sold to a good home!



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My Book House Wooden Case.
My Bookhouse and the Travelships in a Wooden House Case.
Miller, Olive Beaupre.
Chicago: The Book House for Children, 15th edition in original six washed green volumes with gilt top edge and cover plates with raised simulated brush strokes, along with the three Travelships, in grey wooden house with red roof. The Book House volumes sold with the house, not the Travelships, appear to be on thinner, more acidic paper than other 6 volume sets.
Juvenile hardback
CONDITION: Very Good Book House books and Good Travelships in Good Plus wooden Book House; no names or other marks on house or books. All books appear to be original to the house, certainly the Book Houses, which have different paper quality, and probably the Travelships which are of the right era and wear pattern. MY BOOK HOUSE BOOKS: The cover plates have rubbed on all volumes, otherwise no flaws on Volumes Two through Six. Volume One, has a lightly soiled page and, as usual, is looser than the others, although I suspect this is partly due to the design of the house (see photo). TRAVELSHIPS are clean, also with no names but have been frequently read and the the spines are faded and are worn through on the spine end. France is somewhat better than the others; the dark blue Japan has a rip in the spine cloth. THE HOUSE: there has been no repainting or repair, all the paint and the parts are original (original chimneys). The decals on both ends are in very nice condition. As you can see there is scuffing to the paint and two problem areas: a long narrow chip on the edge of the back roof and a small piece of facing wood about 1.5x3" underneath the Travelships. Nothing affects the structural soundness of the toy, which is heavy and solid. We have built the packing and shipping expense for this 35 pound house into the price, so only the usual US shipping $3.50. International shipping at cost adjusted, contact us.
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