No-Sitch: the Hound

No-Sitch by Stong/Wiese., No-Sitch by Stong/Wiese.

No-Sitch is a strange-looking oversized pup with a voice like a cow, about two-feet-six in his bare feet, about three cats long. He is Bert's constant companion, even on a heapin'jitterish expedition to the old mill at night. By the very funny author of Honk the Moose, with perfect illustrations by Wiese for the text.



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No-Sitch by Stong/Wiese.
No-Sitch by Stong/Wiese.
No Sitch: the Hound.
Phil Stong.
/Kurt Wiese, illustrator.
Dodd, 1936/1936, 2nd. 8.6x10.3, 80 pp.
Picture Book
CONDITION: Very Good with Good Minus jacket; 1944 owner inscription; edges and corners worn, in jacket with very tattered top edge, small holes, chips, good front and back illustrations; unclipped 2.00.
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No-Sitch by Stong/Wiese.
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