Russian Folk Tales.

21793 Russian Folk Tales Afanasiev/Bilibin., 21793 Russian Folk Tales Afanasiev/Bilibin.

From a set of six tales collected by "the Russian Grimm" at the turn of the century and published separately in 1901- 1903. Bright Bilibin reproductions. Ivan Tsarevich, The Grey Wolf, and the Firebird; Sister Alyonushka and Brother Ivanushka; Finist the Falcon; Marya Morevna; The White Duck; Vasilisa the Beautiful; The Frog Princess.



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21793 Russian Folk Tales Afanasiev/Bilibin.
21793 Russian Folk Tales Afanasiev/Bilibin.
Russian Folk Tales.
Afanasiev, Alexander, translated by Robert Chandler.
/Bilibin, illustrator.
New York: Random House, Shambhala, 1980/ 1903, first paperback edition thus; tan SOFTCOVER, coloured illustrations; 9x11; 79 pp.
Picture Book Softcover,
CONDITION: Very Good Plus; no names, tight, straight, clean pages, corners fanned slightly; 9.95
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