Song Sheet of The Fiddlin' Sheepherder.

A little collection of 24 song lyrics (The Convict and the Rose; Red River Valley; Will the Circle Be Unbroken, Nellie and Her Still, Pictures from Life's Other Side, etc.) and a few poems. Little is known about Moore, except that he was born in Nebraska in 1869, was a fiddling champion, played in Cowboy Loye's Band in the 1940's, and was known for his quick wit and humor. This is an uncommon booklet; unable to find evidence of any other copies anywhere.



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Song Sheet of The Fiddlin' Sheepherder.
Moore, James Francis.
No publication data; presumably from about 1940, probably in West Virginia.
Paperback. spine-stapled, 107x139 mm, 16 pages.
Very Good: clean and unmarked, a little faded near the spine; contents on clean white paper, unwrinkled.
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