The Adventures of Taxi Dog.

Taxi Dog by Barracca., SIGNED Taxi Dog by Barracca., Taxi Dog by Barracca.

A stray dog gets himself adopted by a taxi driver and drives around New York all day, every day. Artist's first book. SIGNED and INSCRIBED by artist with a little drawing of Taxi Dog.



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Taxi Dog by Barracca.
SIGNED Taxi Dog by Barracca.
Taxi Dog by Barracca.
The Adventures of Taxi Dog.
Barracca, Debra and Sal.
/Mark Buehner, illustrator.
Dial, (1990), 6th. Shiny full colour pictorial jacket, 11x8.3; 22 pp.
Picture Book.
CONDITION: Fine in Fine jacket; book and jacket without flaw.
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