The Firemen's Song Book. ... York, Maine.l

Contains 77 songs, 48 with full music, various topics, Some chesnuts, some unusual, some a bit risque. With 8 photos of local firefighters and equipment, 1929-1953. Somebody, probably in Mane, wants this book!



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The Firemen's Song Book. ... York, Maine.l
Rollins, Sherwood Jr., editor,.
York, Maine: Volunteer Veteran Firemen's Association of York, [1957]. Limited edition of which this is No. 539.
Paperback, spine-stapled in pale red cardstock, 9x12 inches, 68 pages.
Very Good: despite the uneven fadng to exterior, the inside is like new: straight, clean, unmarked and unwrinkled, with no signs of use, crisp and clean. Some fireman somewhere would like to have this!
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