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You can call up  more books on these subjects using the Keywords on the Advanced search. We've tried to keep the Category lists short, with photos. 

The Language and Children's Reference books are separate sections of our stock and we have included all of them in the four "All" Categories above. 

Ways to Use the Advanced Search

First Editions: Note that inserting "1st" in the Advanced Search Publisher field returns first editions, first printings.

No Ex-Libraries: We have quite a few ex-libs in nice condition, acquired many years ago when we sold in bulk to independent schools. We almost banished them to ABE but there is such good reading here! Limiting the advanced search to $19 and up will eliminate most of them.

Keywords: Although you can't see them, all our books have multiple keywords. The Category words above will create very long lists, for example Toy. A more specific term in the Keyword field will create short lists: Australia, turtles, panorama, family life, "Caldecott Medal", "Black interest", religion, Navajo, princess, etc.