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We are in the slow process of photographing and uploading all our books to the website, so not all the books you see in Catalogues 20 and 21 can be ordered through the Shopping Cart. Currently, three options are available.


1. Ordering individually listed uploaded books, over 5,000 books:

Each book on one of the Topic Lists, on the Home page, and on your Search Results links to an individual book page. Any book listed on an individual page, unless marked SOLD, may be ordered directly from this site. Here is an example of an individual book page. See Terms and Shipping


2. Ordering Books from Catalogues 20 and 21

If a catalogue book has a picture, that means it has a live link to an individual page on this website. Click on the picture or the book's title. Go to the individual page to see if the book is still in stock. Then see Terms and Shipping

If the book does not have a link to a book page, (i. e. has no picture), Contact Us, to check availability and payment options. The copies of published catalogues on this site are not updated.


3. Ordering Books from the Bargain Basement Books list, over 700 books.

Basically, these books are a great value and are listed nowhere else on the net, but there is an $18 minimum order Most of those listed here are sold, we just did a recent inventory. 8/2019. See the Bargain Basement Books page.