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lost duckling

looking for a book I had as a child(late 50's or early 60's) about a duckling that swims out of the pond, down the river and eventually to the ocean. A seagull gives the duckling a ride home on it's back. Don't know the title or publishing info.

red riding hood

Seeking information about a linen cloth book, Birks edition, published by Bancroft & Co, LTD., Red Riding Hood. Publishing date, illustrator or any other info.

Hamilton Pig

I am looking for book I purchased through Reader's Digest childrens book club in the 70's. The title is Hamilton Pig.


Are you sure it wasn't Hamilton Duck by Arthur Getz? I don't know what Reader's Digest published, but that was a very popular book (and is)  There were several of them.

Hamilton pig was published in

Hamilton pig was published in 1976 and was one of mine and my siblings favorites. It can be purchased on

Hamilton by Richard Newton Peck

Actually called Hamilton, by Richard Newton Peck, at least in the trade edition. Amazon has some nice reviews.

Sleeping Beauty

I'm looking for a version of Sleeping Beauty that I had a child growing up in the 1970's. I don't have much to go on other than the illistrations, they were photographic illistrations (not drawings or paintings) and extremely rich and colourful. Sleeping beauty wears a pink medieval style gown trimmed in gold if I remember correctly. I also clearly recall a photo showing a treasure chest with fabulous jewels spilling out. That's unfortunately all I know as the covers of all my books were torn off and then disposed of. It was not a thick book either. If anyone can help locate it or even knows the name author or publisher, I would be greateful. I can't make the search on this site work.

Egg book

There is always the Golden Egg book, but the animals are not correct. Look on Ebay or Amazon and see if the artwork is familiar. I can't think of a mouse book, but will post on the Looking for a Book Page if I do.

The Golden Egg Book by Margaret Wise Brown, Leonard Weisgard (Illustrator)

Once there was a little bunny. He was all alone. One day he found an egg. He could hear something moving inside the egg. What was it?

So begins the Golden Easter classic about a bunny—and a little duck that is about to hatch!

I am looking for a book that

I am looking for a book that I loved as a young child. It was small and the story was about a mouse in a panoramic sugar egg. Does such a book still exist?

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