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       Welcome to our twenty-first catalogue!





We specialize in deve√loping moderately priced collections of high quality children's literature and picture books from the late 19th to 20th century. We are interested in finding charming or unusual books, or in common books in uncommonly nice condition. Here is a beautiful little book, Lyulchitsa by the Bulgarian poet Doris Gabe, from 1933. We hope someone reading this will know more about the artist, George Atanasov.

For the first time, we're publishing an online/paper catalogue. Our paper version is simpler than before, but you can now go to, then to Catalogues and Lists, then to the Catalogue Section A, B, C, or D, and click on any book with a picture to find additional illustrations and condition pictures, which can be enlarged.

Ordering, Purchasing, Terms, and Shipping are below. Please refer to the  the Illustrator List on a separate page. Hard copies of the catalogue are available for $6 postpaid. 

Note: Sizes of book pictures are not in proportion to each other. This, to better show detail of smaller books. We do not always show the exterior of the book in the catalogue listing, the better to display the artwork, but pictured books will always have full condition images; we will be happy to send you jpgs of books not pictured.

The catalogue is divided into four sections, numbered continuously.
A The Twenties and before........#1 through #83
B Midcentury Books...................#84 through #166
C Modern Juveniles....................#167 through #259
D Modern Picture Books............#260 through #296

We have many more children's books, about 15,000 in all. Our catalogues represent the type of book we offer for sale, but we carry similar titles in a range of condition and edition for both readers and collectors. Just ask or use the website Search. (About half are uploaded as of this writing.)

Our books are listed on computer with many descriptors. We are glad to send specific lists by mail or e-mail. If there are particular authors, subjects, illustrators, or publishers you are interested in, please specify. Our computer categories include dozens of key words including various historical periods, states, animals, cultures, etc. We are a reading family with long experience in teaching and small school libraries, and thus we are very familiar with our books.

We welcome visitors to the book cottage on our farm. Call and stop in if you come through the Willamette Valley. Our farm is easy to find, west of Salem, Oregon.

Enjoy your books!

Truman and Suzanne Price

• Email:
• Phone: 503 838-5452
• Large Orders: Availability of your order confirmed by email or phone within a few hours.

• Personal checks or money orders.
• Paypal or major credit cards through Paypal. (Charges credited to Columbia Basin Books.)
• Invoices or Purchase Orders: Arranged with schools, libraries, private collections, research institutions and established customers.

• We offer an additional 10% discount only:
     To circulating libraries, institutional collections, schools, and classroom libraries.
     On multiple purchases of over $300.
• 20% Trade discounts are extended to open shops specializing in used and out-of-print books and listed as such in the Book Hunter's Guide or Sheppard's Directory. We appreciate your efforts to keep bookshops alive and well!
• Any other dealer discounts, whether courtesy or reciprocal, have been previously arranged in person.
• We invoice or accept purchase orders from schools, libraries, private collections, research institutions and established customers.

• All books carefully packed in cardboard boxes with ample padding or in Priority envelopes, reinforced with cardboard and well padded.
• Media Mail (the old Book rate) US shipping is $3.50 total for any quantity of books, amounting to a small discount on multiple purchases..
• US Priority shipping is $6.00 for a single item. Ask for combined US Priority shipping.
• International Shipping: We routinely ship internationally. Please inquire about international shipping rates. (On our website, the Term page contains estimated international shipping as of 2/2010.) We pack securely. In over 17 years, we have never had a problem due to packaging within North America, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, or Japan. We are not responsible for the repacking job done by customs agents!

Return Policy
• Let us know that you are returning a book.  We accept a return for any reason within 14 days and will refund the purchase price of the book. If the return is due to our description error we will also refund the postage, going both ways.
• Please return the book in its original packing or pack protected against moisture in a sturdy, well padded box, large enough to protect the corners.


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