CAT 21 D Modern picturebooks.

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#296 Mommy, Buy Me a China Doll.

260 ABC. (Beisner, Monika.) /MB, illustrator. ABC A Folding Alphabet Book. New York: Farrar, Straus, Giroux, copyright 1979, printed in Singapore by Tien Wah Press 1982; tiny laminated accordion strip (panorama) alphabet with bright, realistic pictures of objects forming letters, mostly wild animals in natural habitat; on the back of each section is a little rhyme and some other words beginning with that letter in black and white with green; in a white box with the Apes on front and the Zebras on back.
CONDITION: Very Good Plus alphabet strip in Very Good Plus Box; no names, both alphabet strip and box are darkening; flaps of the box are a bit rumpled from opening and interior creases of flaps are rubbed, but box is not otherwise worn. 19028 $50.00

261 ABC. (Johnson, Crockett. )/CJ, illustrator. Harold's ABC. New York: Harper&Row (1963), probably 1966 printing; pale pink paper boards with Harold standing on an ABC book and drawing a D; in jacket identical to boards, 4.75x6"; np. A rambling journey in which Harold draws his adventures alphabetically.
CONDITION: Very Good without jacket; 1966 owner names, tight and straight with rubs to white, not card, through extrems and bottom edge, pale spot on ABC block, some reading wrinkles on eps and pages, very clean. 18963 $30.00

262 anon. Toytown Turnpike: 4 Board Books for Little Tots, Every Book on Wheels: Pixietown School Bus, Pixie R. R., Pistol Pete (on wheeled horse), Hey Diddle, Diddle, Dairy. Lowe, James&Jonathan, Inc., #1980, 1958; a set of four rectangular shape books with rounded corners and cardboard wheels, each book encased in a plastic section that hangs from a card label for display; each book is oblong 6x4" with eight interior pages and plaid spine. The entire collection was priced at 76 cents, each book at 19 cents. Wonderful vintage set!
CONDITION: Near Fine, no names, as new and unopened except for one clear plastic section opened to look at publication data; cardboard hanger label has missing corner, lightweight clear plastic is aging. 19025 $50.00

263 Baldner, Gaby/Gerhard Oberlander, illustrator. Joba and the Wild Boar/Joba und das Wildschwein. London: Constable and Co Ltd./New York: Hastings House, (1961); blue cloth with green decorated endpapers, all-around pictorial jacket with Joba riding her boar through the forest, oblong 11.75x8.5"; np. A very simple story in German and English side by side of Joba, who finds a wild boar on the doorstep. The boar runs away with Joba on its back in a series of bright dark ink and opaque paint drawings. 14360
CONDITION: Very Good Plus in Very Good jacket; no names, jacket with some rubbing on corners and edges, 1" closed tear on back; unclipped, 2.95. $32.00

264 Baskin, Leonard et al/LB, illustrator. Hosie's Aviary. New York: Viking, 1979, 1st printing; 4to, full pictorial cloth. np. A collection in watercolour and pen by a noted artist, with words by his children.
CONDITION: Fine in Very Good jacket; no names, nice book, in clipped dw w half inch tear. 10586 $15.00

265 Bettina (Bettina Ehrlich)/B, illustrator. Paolo and Panetto. New York: Franklin Watts, 1960, 1st printing Am. Cloth boards, 9.2x13 inches, c 32 pp. A spoiled and sheltered little boy who is plagued by bad dreams creeps out at night to the streets of Milan, meets a poor child, and goes to her garden. There the child Pan appears and they go adventuring through the beautiful landscape of Italy.
CONDITION: Very Good in Very Good jacket; no names, top of boards sunned, sl corner bumps, in lightly edgeworn dw with 3/8" tear at spine top; unclipped 4.95. 8255 $35.00

266 Bible: Noah's Ark- Janisch, Heinz /Lisbeth Zwerger, illustrator. Noah's Ark. New York: Michael Neugebauer, North-South Books, 1st printing US, # line; laminated tan full colour pictorial boards with Noah and animals, green wavy endpapers, in jacket identical to boards, 11x11"; np. A collectible Noah's Ark with Zwerger's distinctive atmosphere, scientific drawings of the animal pairs, misty land and seascapes, and animals jumping for joy on dry land.
CONDITION: Fine in Fine jacket; no names, as new, no flaws; unclipped 16.95. 14406 $35.00

267 Bruna, Dick/DB, illustrator. Het Nintje Kleurboek. (Miffy's coloring book) Utrecht-Antwerp: a. w. bruna en zoon, 1979/1974; "D /1979/0939/126 c. 1974 Mercis" bright red wraps with Miffy standing in her blue daisy dress and a blue border surrounding; 8.7x12; np. 19068
CONDITION: Very Good Plus; no name, rubs to spine and tiny lateral creases, ow wraps and all pages are flat, clean, uncoloured; original price 3.95 $20.00

268 Brunhoff, Laurent de/LdeB, illustrator. La Fete de Celesteville. Paris: Librairie Hachette, (1954), probable 1st printing, Professeur not mentioned; yellow cloth back blue boards with Babar in newspaper stand; red background elephant endpapers; folio 10.6x14.5 inches; 40 pp. One of the most inventive of Laurent de Brunhoff's Babar books. The lion going underwater in his 'chemise transparente' is quite a sight!
CONDITION: Very Good; no names, corners and bottom edge rubbed, otherwise nice. 14405 $185.00

269 Chaffin, Lillie D/Lloyd Bloom, illustrator. We Be Warm Till Springtime Comes. Macmillan, 1980, 1st printing; black and white pictorial cloth boards, 8.3x10.4 inches; c 28 pp. A touching modern Appalachian story of a boy who defeats the cold in his family's cabin by going out to get chunks of coal from an abandoned mine. Deep shadows in black and white oil paintings.
CONDITION: Fine in Very Good Plus jacket; no names, only flaws: dw a little dusty on back, wrinkle on flaps; unclipped 9.95. 10709 $14.00

270 Falk, Ann Mari/Ilon Wikland, illustrato. Matthew and Eva in the Toy-Shop. London: Burke, "Words Your Children Use" 1965/1964 Swedish, 1st printing UK, "Mats och Eva-Karin" ; white cloth with full colour pictures of children surrounded by toys; in jacket identical to boards; 7.75x8.75 inches; 23 pp. A beginning reader with very fine and charming illustrations of children, toys and Christmas. Nice graphics and print quality, as well.
CONDITION: Very Good Plus in Fine jacket; only flaw, 1966 gift inscription; unclipped, 8s 6d. 14454 $20.00

271 Fatio, Louise/Roger Duvoisin, illustrator. The Happy Lioness. McGraw, 1980, 1st printing; 8.2x10.3 inches, np. Jealous of the attention her husband gets in the zoo, the lioness and her friends make her a mane, first of wild flowers, then of coloured string. But she 'comes to her senses' in the end.
CONDITION: Fine in Fine jacket; no names; unclipped 8.95 2947 $32.00

272 Galdone, Paul/PG, illustrator. Henny Penny. New York: Seabury Press, (1968) 5th; grey boards with endpapers showing Henny Penny running up a green hill toward the castle; in jacket with picture of Henny; oblong. Funny pictures of this cumulative story from Henny's eye view.
CONDITION: Very Good Plus in Very Good Plus jacket; neat name, in jacket a bit faded on spine, otherwise very nice; unclipped 6.95. 18976 $32.00

273 Goodall, John S/JAG, illustrator. Little Red Riding Hood. New York: Macmillan, 1988, 1st printing; green boards with red endpapers, in jacket with little mouse Red Riding Hood going through the country; 10.2x7.25 inches; np. A charming little mouse Red Riding Hood trots through a wild country landscape with looser lines than Goodall's usual. Great animals! A wordless book with half sheets interspersed.
CONDITION: Fine in Fine jacket; no names; unclipped 14.95. 14394 $65.00

274 Grimm /Felix Hoffmann, illustrator. Die vier kunstreichen Bruder. (The Four Clever Brothers) Aarau and Frankfurt am Main: Verlag Sauerlander, 1966, true 1st printing, (1-10 thousand), in German, Text from Kinder und Hausmarchen 1857; beige cloth backed, full colour illustrated boards with four brothers on ship in green sea, brown endpapers with city and sea illustration, oblong 11.9x8.6 inches; np. Four brothers, having gone out to seek a trade, use their combined skills to rescue the princess. Wonderful coloured pictures of the single-minded brothers: the tailor sews the rescue ship back together!.
CONDITION: Very Good; no names, corner tips bumped, some foxing on linen spine back, slight yellowing on page edges; an attractive copy. 14690 $75.00

275 Grimm /Felix Hoffmann, illustrator. Rapunzel. Aarau and Frankfurt am Main: Verlag Sauerlander, 1960/[1949], np, 1st printing German; beige cloth backed, full colour illustrated boards with prince and Rapunzel walking to the sea, grey endpapers with forest illustration, 8.6x11.9; np. Lyrical stone lithos in greys, russets, dull golds and greens of Rapunzel's story, with a terrifying witch.
CONDITION: Very Good without jacket; no names, one corner tip bumped, boards slightly splayed, foxing on linen spine back, yellowing on the page edges. 14691 $65.00

276 Herrman, Frank/George Him, illustrator. The Giant Alexander. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1965/1964, 1st printing US distribution; red boards, brown endpapers with Giant's clothes on a line, in jacket with full colour paintings front and back of the giant in the city and the village; 8.25x11"; np. Bright pictures, with a center spread of the giant, on a ladder, cleaning Nelson's column with a toothbrush.
CONDITION: Near Fine in Very Good Plus jacket; no names, clean and straight inside and out, in a crisp, clean jacket with a tiny pull tear and rubs to corners, slight bump on spine; unclipped 3.60 18969 $36.00

277 Janosch/J, illustrator. The Thieves and the Raven. New York: Macmillan, 1970, stated 1st printing US; 11x9 inches; oblong, np. The ruler of the ravens routs egg poachers.
CONDITION: Fine in Fine jacket; no names, as new, without flaw, unclipped 4.50 14448 $35.00

278 Jewell, Nancy/Leonard Kessler, illustrator. The Family Under the Moon. New York: Harper&Row, 1975, std 1st printing, full colour illustrated cloth boards with watercolour of house with lighted porch in the moonlight; in identical jacket, oblong 6.9x9"; 32 pp. The loving thoughts of a family of three generations under the moonlight, with soft, poetic watercolour illustrations in dark blues, blacks, and pale yellows.
CONDITION: Fine in Very Good jacket; no names, book without flaw, in clean jacket with bottom edge wear along 1/16" of margin, extremities w small chips and rubs, 1/4" tear at spine top; unclipped 5.79. 14414 $42.00

279 Johnson, Crockett/CJ, illustrator. Harold's Fairy Tale. New York: Harper&Row (1956), probably 1966 printing; pale pink paper boards with Harold drawing a flower and a castle, continued on back; in jacket identical to boards, 4.75x6"; np. Harold draws his way around the land of fairy tale.
CONDITION: Very Good in Good Plus jacket; 1966 gift inscription, boards and spine very bright and clean, spine ends bumped, bottom tips worn to card; pages very clean with occasional reading wrinkles; in rubbed lightly soiled and edgeworn jacket with moisture stains visible inside on spine and on back crease, resulting in a very faint stain on the back board margin; damage to both spine ends, at top `1/4" creased flap; original price sticker of one dollar partially visible. 18964 $45.00

280 Johnston, Johanna/Leonard Weisgard, illustrator. Penguin's Way. Garden City, New York; Doubleday, 1962, 1st printing. 8.5x9.5 inches; 40 pp. Rows of penguins in a masterful fluid design, graceful scenes of penguin life: distinctive blue, black, yellow, and white illustrations. With an interesting story of a penguin's winter.
CONDITION: Very Good Plus in Near Fine jacket; no names, unfortunate margin chip on back page of otherwise fine book; unclipped 2.50. 9530 $34.00

281 Jolliffe, Anne /AJ, illustrator. Water, Wind&Wheels. New York: Hawthorne, (1965). 8.8x11.2 inches; 28 pp. Bright, appealing little figures move through history, demonstrating the development of transportation. Well explained on a simple level. "So rivers could be used as MOVING ROADS."
CONDITION: Near Fine in Very Good jacket; no names, in dw with top edgewear all along; unclipped 2.95. 10914 $30.00

282 Krahn, Fernando/FK, illustrator. The Family Minus. Parents', 1977, 1st printing. Full colour pictorial boards, 10.2x7.4 inches; 28 pp. The first book of the endearingly ugly Minus family. Father Harry Minus who finished breakfast first, "loved to play the flute while the children sipped their milk in rhythmic accompaniment."
CONDITION: Fine in Very Good Plus jacket; no names, book without flaw, in dw w lightly rubbed extremities; unclipped 5.50. 10480 $25.00

283 Ladybird Book (Cansdale, George) /Green, Roland, illustrator. British Wild Animals. Wills&Hepworth Ltd. 1958, 1st printing, all points, Ladybird Series 536; 50 pp. Twenty four very bright full colour pages of animals of the English countryside.
CONDITION: Near Fine in Very Good jacket; no names, appears unopened and unread; in jacket with small chips corners, light wear to spine ends, two spots and nicks on back, overall crisp; unclipped 2/6. 4867 $18.00

284 Ladybird Book (Vesey-Fitzgerald, Brian) /Allen W. Seaby, illustrator. British Birds and their Nests. Wills&Hepworth, Ladybird Senior, Series 536. 1953, 1st, all points; 4.7x7 inches; orange jacket with white titles; with no title list on rear flap, list page within; c 50 pp. Full coloured pictures of about 25 British birds facing text in this little book. The birds themselves are detailed, each with an egg, painted against a lovely, impressionistic watercolour background of their habitat.
CONDITION: Near Fine in Very Good jacket; no names, appears unopened and unread; crisp dw has light even soil to back and front flap clipped. 8719 $38.00

285 Langstaff, John/David Gentleman, illustrator. The Golden Vanity. New York: Harcourt, Brace Jovanovich, 1972, 1st printing; grey cloth boards with ship, 7.4x10.2", in white jacket with rose and grey ship; c 28 pp. Picture book of the English folk song in which the Golden Vanity is attacked by pirates and saved by the gallant cabin boy. "As she sailed on the lowlands, lowlands, low /As she sailed on the lonesome sea."
CONDITION: Fine in Very Good Plus jacket; no names, book without flaw in jacket which is clipped, spine darkened. 13922 $12.00

286 Lawrence, D. H/Alice and Martin Provensen, illustrator. Birds, Beasts, and the Third Thing. New York: Viking, 1982, 1st printing thus illustrated; natural cloth backed with grey blue boards, gold endpapers, in white jacket with painting from "Delight of Being Alone."; 8.1x10.25 inches; np. A brief collection for young readers with handsome illustrations of the coal mining town in Nottingham of Lawrence's childhood.
CONDITION: Fine in Fine jacket; no names; unclipped 12.95. 16452 $40.00

287 Marshall, James/JM, illustrator. Portly McSwine. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1979, 1st printing; tan cloth boards with hero and autumn leaves stamped, pumpkin endpapers, in green jacket with PMcS. and red balloon, 7.75x8"; 38 pp. With one day to plan, Portly McSwine worries his way through each aspect of his National Snout Day party. It is a smashing success! Marshall shows the hopes and fears of this conscientious pig with masterly drawings, which only look simple.
CONDITION: Fine in Very Good Plus jacket; no names, a lovely copy with thin half inch sticker stain on very upper corner of jacket, tiny closed pull tear on spine; unclipped 5.95. 14496 $40.00

288 Mayne, William/Barbara Firth, illustrator. Barnabas Walks. London: Walker Books, 1986, true 1st printing; shiny pictorial boards with guinea pig, endpapers of children playing seen through a gate; small 4to; np. None of the "scholars" knows that Barnabas can open his cage. After they have all gone home, Barnabas walks. "He finds his book in a corner no one tidies. The first page is A, the next page is B, after that is C. Barnabas has looked at the end to see what happens. Z happens. He does not know how they can be so clever. Now he will read the middle." Mayne at his funniest.
CONDITION: Fine; no names, clean and straight, publisher's sticker says 5.95 pounds. 14505 $25.00

289 Montresor, Beni/BM, illustrator. The Witches of Venice. New York: Doubleday, (1989) 10/89 on title page and flap, no indication of printing; shiny black laminated jacket with sun, witches, and dragons; grey endpapers, in jacket identical to boards, 11.5x9.8 inches; n. p. "Beni Montresor brings to America some of the magic of the Venice he knew as a young art student in his beguiling tale of cunning, courage, and magic."
CONDITION: Near Fine in Very Good jacket; no names, very nice book with minute rubs on two corners; black jacket scuffed seen sideways to light, 1/2" tear, light rubs to extrems; unclipped 13.95 18986 $15.00

290 Moser, Rudolf/RM, illustrator. Zotti und Balloni. Zurich: Atlantis Kinderbucher, (1959); in German; clothbacked paper boards with the two characters greeting against a high, black, windy, city scene with sienna, aqua, green, and yellow ochre accents; 12.25x8.5"; np. Lonely Uncle Zotti makes a balloon man who floats far from the town and finally finds three children and their lonely widowed mother. A perfectly charming story in bright lithos with angular perspectives from Balloni's high view.
CONDITION: Very Good; no names, corners bumped and slightly rubbed, a little (1/16") splay at top. 14370 $75.00

Piccolo's Prank by Politi, 1965, 1st printing.291 Politi, Leo/LP, illustrator. Piccolo's Prank. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons 1965/1965, 1st printing; blue cloth boards, in jacket with full colour picture of children watching Piccolo skate, 4to; np. The organ grinder and his monkey must go up and down Angel's Flight every day. But one day Piccolo climbs under the cable car! Politi preserved a much loved section of Los Angeles through these paintings of the Bunker Hill houses.
CONDITION: Fine in Very Good jacket; no names, book without flaw; jacket has minimal wear to extrems, 1" tear, rubs to spine; unclipped 3.25. 14435 $135.00

292 Proddow, Penelope, translator/Barbara Cooney, illustrator. Hermes, Lord of the Robbers, Homeric Hymn Number Four. Garden City: Doubleday and Company, 1971, 1st printing; full colour illustrated cloth pictorial boards of Hermes herding the cattle; green endpapers; in jacket identical to boards, 8.75x11.25 inches; np. One of a group of Homeric Hymns translated and illustrated by this pair. Beautiful writing, and accessible to children, distinguished pictures.
CONDITION: Fine in Very Good jacket; no names, clipped jacket has 1" closed tear. 14451 $60.00

293 Watson, Clyde/Wendy Watson, illustrator. Father Fox's Pennyrhymes. New York: Thomas Y. Crowell Company, 1971 1st printing; red cloth with tan endpapers, in jacket with all around full colour illustration of fox family singing as they walk through the woods; 8.5x9.25 inches; 56 pp. "Let the fall leaves fall/And the cold snow snow/And the rain rain rain til April./Our coats are warm/And the pantry's full/And there's cake upon the table." Happy poems loved by our children, evoking the author/artists' Vermont childhood.
CONDITION: Very Good Plus in Near Fine jacket; with neat 1971 gift inscription; in clipped jacket, else as new. 14416 $35.00

294 Wenz-Vietor, Else/EW-V, illustrator. Kleine Leute im Moos. Munich Munchen: Josef Muller (Meuller), (1954); yellow paper boards with baby in carriage watched by a knitting mouse, green titles, no free eps as issued, full coloured illustrations facing every page, 4.75 x 5.75"; in identical jacket with Publisher's name design on flaps; 18 pp. The lives of the little people who live in the wood. With bright, detailed pictures.
CONDITION: Very Good Plus in Very Good jacket; tiny owner initials/date near front endpaper gutter, otherwise Fine; in jacket with chip at spine. 14256 $32.00

The Village Tree by Yashima, Viking 1st SIGNED295 Yashima, Taro/TY, illustrator. The Village Tree. New York: Viking, 1953, 1st printing; tan boards with orange letters; blue endpapers with bird; in wrap around full colour illustrated jacket with orange bands, portrait of child holding snail; 7.8x 10.25, 34 pp. Yashima's third book, memories of his childhood painted and written for his daughter Momo. Life for children in his village centered around a huge tree. SIGNED AND INSCRIBED BY AUTHOR/ARTIST in English and Japanese with chop and painting of child flying a kite; 18944
CONDITION: Very Good Plus in Very Good jacket; no owner name, book with foxed top edge, sl bump bottom corner; in bright jacket with faded spine, tiny corner chips, top spine wear to 3/4" with title intact; unclipped 2.50. $200.00

Mommy Buy Me A China Doll by Zemach, Follet (1966) 2nd.296 Zemach, Harve/Margot Zemach, illustrator. Mommy, Buy Me a China Doll. Chicago: Follett Publishing Company, (1966), 2nd printing; grey cloth boards, 10.25x8.25; 32 pp When the peddler comes to the door with a beautiful china doll, the little girl comes up with an elaborate scheme to trade a featherbed for her. A classic, funny tale with splendid illustrations done in heavy black outlines and glowing earth tones. Bader #658.
CONDITION: Very Good in Good Plus jacket; no names, faint spot on pale grey boards, endpapers and pages very flat and clean, in rubbed jacket with light edgewear all around; unclipped 4.95. 18932 $55.00