CAT 21 Illustrator List.

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The books in each section of the Catalogue 21 are listed alphabetically by author,.
Below are the illustrators, within each section A. B. C. and D.

A. The Twenties and before.

[Adams, J. A].    Adams, illus.    The Fairy Book.
[Bedford, F. D.].    Lucas, E. V. ed. Forgotten Tales of Long Ago.
[Birch, Reginald].    Fletcher, Robert Howe.    Marjorie and Her Papa.
[Caldecott, Randolph].    Caldecott, illus.    A Sketch-Book of R. Caldecott's.
[Coffin, Fred. M.].    Fanny Fern The Play-Day Book,
[Crane, Walter].    Crane, Walter.    Queen Summer
[Crane, Walter.    Deland, Margaret    The Old Garden and other verses.
[Dulac, Edmund].    Perrault..    A Fairy Garland,
[Dummer, H. Boylston].    Warren.    Little Danny Dandelion.
[Faber, Hermann].    Huber, Anne L.    The Nursery Rattle
[Fontanez, J.]    Ulmes, Mme. Tony d' (Berthe Rey)    La Pension Corneille
[Froelich, Lorenz].    anon.     "What Makes Me Grow?"
[Goble, Warwick].    James, Grace.    Green Willow
[Greene, Julia after Sir John Tenniel].    Carroll, Lewis.    Alice's Adventures
[Hallock, Ruth Mary]. Seegmiller, Wilhelmina. Little Rhymes for Little Readers.
[Herford, Oliver].    Dunham, Curtis.    Two in a Zoo.
[Hood, Thomas].    Broderip, Frances Freeling.    Crosspatch,
[Nitsch, Richard].    Pestalozzi, Heinrich Johann    Das Kind in Lied und Bild.
[Olfers, Sibylle v. Olfers    When the Root Children Wake Up.
[Pletsch, Oscar].    anon.     Schnick Schnack; Trifles for Little Ones.
[Poissonnie, Emile]. Veillet-Addison, Charles.    Tableaux Auxiliaires Delmas
[Price, Margaret Evans]    Dods, Helen.    The Camping Spree of Kiddies Three.
[Pyle, Howard].    Pyle, Howard.    The Story of King Arthur and his Knights.
[Russell, Mary LaFetra].    Mother Goose     Nursery Songs.
[Strang, Ray C. and Hazel Ives].    Yonge, C. M. The Chaplet of Pearls
[Varian, George].    Shaw, Flora L.    Castle Blair, a story of youthful days.
[Williams, George Alfred].    Bible (Williams, Clara)    The Ark That Glue Built.
[Wingrave, Marion M].    Andersen, Hans Christian. Quacks

B. Midcentury Books

[Ambler, C. Gifford].    Clark, Denis.    Black Lightning.
[Anderson, C. W].    Anderson, C. W.    Blaze and the Forest Fire.
[Anderson, C. W].    Anderson, C. W.    Thoroughbreds
[Atanasov, George].    Gabe, Dora    Lyulchitsa
[Bayley, Dorothy].    White, Eliza Orne.    Training Sylvia.
[Bromhall, Winifred].    Bromhall, Winifred.    Johanna Arrives.
[Chaplin, Ralph].    Pettee, Frank.    The Orange Cat.
[Cote, Phyllis N].    Foster, Elizabeth.    Gigi in America.
[Crowell, Pers].    Crowell, Pers.    Beau Dare, American Saddle Colt.
[Dorcas].    Derman, Sarah.    The Snowman Who Wanted to Stay.
[Dulac, Edmund].    Crary, Mary.    Daughters of the Stars.
[Duvoisin, Roger].    Tresselt, Alvin.    Sun Up.
[Evans, Katherine].    Tazewell, Charles.    The Littlest Angel.
[Federer, Charles A.].    Warren.    Mother Hubbard's Wonderful Cupboard,
[Ferrand, J.].    de Beaucorps    Histoire de France en Images.
[Greenaway, Kate].    Harte, Bret.    Queen of the Pirate Isle.
[Iribarren, Sergio A.].    Olivera, Miguel Alfredo.    El Bombo de Bambu.
[Jordan, Nina].    anon. What the Wee Bear Did.
[Joyce, Robert].    Joyce, Robert.    The Stray Child.
[King, Dorothy].    King, Dorothy N.    Catch the Dogs.
[King, Dorothy].    King, Dorothy N.    Fix the Toys.
[King, Dorothy].    King, Dorothy N.    Take the Children.
[Kubasta, Vojtech].    Sovak, Cenek.    Jezek Pichacek Mezi Lidmi.
[Kubasta, Vojtech].    Sovak, Cenek.    Jezek Pichacek Mezi Zviratky.
[Kutcher, Ben].    Maury, Jean West.    Old Raven's World.
[Lane, Rosalie L.].    Johl, Janet.    Wilhelmina, a Little Dutch Girl.
[Lawson, Robert].    Gray, Elizabeth. (Vining)    Adam of the Road.
[Leaf, Munro].    Leaf, Munro.    Robert Francis Weatherbee.
[Leaf, Munro].    Leaf, Munro.    More Watchbirds.
[Leaf, Munro].    Leaf, Munro.    Fly Away, Watchbird!
[Lindman, Maj].    Lindman.    Flicka, Ricka, Dicka and the Girl Next Door.
[Mariana].    Mariana     Miss Flora McFlimsey's Easter Bonnet.
[Merida, Carlos].    Lowrey, Janette Sebring.    The Bird.
[Moeschlin, Elsa.]    Moeschlin, Elsa.     The Red Horse
[Moon, Carl].    Moon, Grace.    The Arrow of Tee-May.
[Oliver, Juan].    Alegria, Fernando.    Lautaro.
[Parain, Nathalie].    La Fontaine.    Fables de la Fontaine.
[Paull, Grace].    Curtis, Alice B.    Winter on the Prairie.
[Petersham, Maud and Miska].    Petersham.    The Circus Baby.
[Pinchon, J.].    Caumery, M.-L.    Becassine Nourrice.
[Pinchon, J.].    Caumery, M.-L.    Les Bonnes Idees de Becassine.
[Pogany, Willy].    Huffard.    My Poetry Book.
[Price, Harold].    Kiviat, Esther.    Paji.
[Ransome, Arthur].    Ransome, Arthur.    Peter Duck.
[Rojan (Rojankovski]).    ABC     ABC du Pere Castor.
[Rojankovsky, Feodor].    Lida (Faucher).     Bourru, l'ours brun.
[Rojankovsky, Feodor].    Lida (Faucher).    Froux, le lievre.
[Rojankovsky, Feodor].    Lida (Faucher).    Panache, l'ecureuil.
[Rojankovsky, Feodor].    Lida (Faucher).    Plouf, canard sauvage.
[Saintsbury, Dana].    Godden, Rumer.    The Dolls' House.
[Saintsbury, Dana].    Godden, Rumer.    The Dolls' House.
[Siemaszkowa, Olga].    Czukowski, K, )    Bajki. (K. Czukowski)
[Smith, Jessie Willcox].Dickens, Charles/ Crothers.    The Children of Dickens.
[Solbert, Ronni].    Boyle, Kay.    The Youngest Camel.
[Stoney, T].    Farjeon, Eleanor.    Dark World of Animals.
[Taylor, Ethel Boney].    ABC     ABC
[Weil, Lisl].    Moss, Marion.    Doll House, a Rainbow Playbook.
[Weisgard, Leonard].    Weisgard, Leonard.    Down Huckleberry Hill.
[Wiese, Kurt].    Brooks, Walter.    More To and Again
[Wiese, Kurt].    Dawson, Mitchell.    The Magic Firecrackers.
[Wiese, Kurt].    Kunhardt, Dorothy    Little Ones.
[Wolff, Kate].    anon. (Kate Wolf, illustrator)    Illuminated Pictures.
[Young, Florence Liley].    Warner, Gertrude.    The World in a Barn.

C. Modern Juveniles

[Aas, Ulf].    Sommerfelt, Aimee    The Road to Agra.
[Acs, Laszlo].    Farmer, Penelope.    Emma in Winter.
[Ambrus, Victor].    Finlay, Winifred.    Folk Tales From the North.
[Ambrus, Victor]    Mayne, William.    The Changeling.
[Ambrus, Victor]    Peyton, K. M.    The Plan for Birdsmarsh.
[Bennett, Richard].    Wibberley.    The Hands of Cormac Joyce.
[Bering, Claus].    Berliner, Franz    The Lake People
[Blake, Quentin].    Franzen.    Agaton Sax and the Diamond Thieves.
[Boston, Peter].    Boston, L. M.    An Enemy at Green Knowe
[Boston, Peter].    Boston, L. M.    The Stones of Green Knowe.
[Boston, Peter].    Boston, L. M. The River at Green Knowe
[Brooker, Christopher].    Lynch.    Brogeen and the Princess of Sheen
[Brookshaw, Drake].    Hunter, Mollie.    Hi Johnny
[Browne, Anthony].    Gardam, Jane.    A Few Fair Days.
[Buehr, Walter].    Buehr, Walter.    Automobiles Past and Present.
[Buel, Hubert].    Lampman.    The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek.
[Burningham, John].    Grahame, Kenneth.    The Wind in the Willows.
[Capek, Josef].    Capek, Josef    Harum Scarum.
[Carrick, Donald].    Uchida, Yoshiko.    Journey to Topaz.
[Chamberlain, Margaret].    Mahy.    The Pirates' Mixed-Up Voyage
[Chew, Ruth].    Chew, Ruth.    No Such Thing as a Witch.
[Curry, Cathy Babcock].    Havrevold, Finn.    Undertow.
[Danska, Herbert].    Richter, Conrad.    Over the Blue Mountain.
[Davis, Dimitris].    Fenton, Edward.    An Island for a Pelican.
[Daynié, J.].    Lavolle, L. N.    The Lost Lake (L'Etang Perdu).
[Dennis, Wesley].    Henry..    Cinnabar, the One O'Clock Fox.
[Dodd, Linley].    England, Clarice.    Druscilla.
[du Bois, William Pene].    Grattan, Madeleine.    Jexium Island.
[Duchesne, Janet].    Mayne, William.    The Glass Ball.
[Dulac].    Gallico, Paul.    The Day Jean-Pierre was Pignapped.
[Fava, Rita].    Carlson, Natalie Savage.    Sashes Red and Blue.
[Floethe, Richard]    Streatfeild, Noel.    Circus Shoes.
[Floyd, Gareth].    Harnett, Cynthia.    The Writing on the Hearth.
[Ford, Lauren].    Killilea, Marie.    Treasure on the Hill.
[Fromont, Jacques].    Guillot, Rene.    The Champion of Olympia.
[Gill, Margery].    Mayne, William.    Sand.
[Gill, Margery].    Streatfeild, Noel.    Apple Bough (Traveling Shoes)
[Gill, Margery].    Mayne, William.    The Last Bus.
[Gobbato, Imero].    Russell, Solveig Paulson.    The Mushmen.
[Goldsborough, June].    Kelly.    Green-Up, the Story of a Buffalo.
[Gordon, Margaret].    Crossley-Holland, Kevin.    The Callow Pit Coffer.
[Hauge, Carl and Mary].    Burgess, Thornton W.    Bedtime Stories:
[Jansson, Tove].    Jansson, Tove.    Moominsummer Madness.
[Keeping, Charles].    Sutcliff, Rosemary.    The Mark of the Horse Lord.
[Keeping, Charles].    Treece, Henry.    Swords from the North
[Kiddel-Monroe, Joan].    Grice, Frederick.    The Moving Finger.
[Lenski, Lois].    Lenski, Lois.    Christmas Stories.
[Loewenstein, Beatrice].    Coatsworth.    Bess and the Sphinx.
[Maher, Irene].    Clarke, Marjorie.    Sawdust and Spangles.
[Maitland, Anthony].    Garfield, Leon,    Child O'War;
[Martorell, Antonio].    Ada, Alma Flor.    Where the Flame Trees Bloom.
[Pendle, Alexy].    Symons, Geraldine.    Miss Rivers and Miss Bridges.
[Pinkwater, Daniel].    Keele, Luqman and Daniel Pinkwater.    Java Jack.
.[Rawlins, Janet].    Mayne, William.    While the Bells Ring.
[Rojankovsky, Feodor].    Kalashnikoff, Nicholas.    My Friend Yakub.
[Sendak, Maurice]    Jarrell, Randall.    Fly By Night
[Sin, Anneliese].    Sinn.    Gauto and the Snow-capped Mountain.
[Stewart, Arvis L].    Johnson, Elinor.    The Plant Hunters.
[Sutherland, E.].    Ellin, E. M.    The Greenstone Axe.
[Tripp, Wallace].    Hegarty, Reginald B.    The Rope's End.
[Turska, Krystyna].    Mayne, William.    A Year and a Day.
[Voake, Charlotte].    Pearce, Philippa.    The Way to Sattin Shore.
[Williams, Ursula Moray].    Williams.    The Secrets of the Wood

D Modern Picture Books.

[Baskin, Leonard].    Baskin, Leonard et al.    Hosie's Aviary.
[Beisner, Monika].    ABC. ABC. A Folding Alphabet Book.
[Bettina (Bettina Ehrlich)].    Bettina.    Paolo and Panetto.
[Bloom, Lloyd].    Chaffin.    We Be Warm Till Springtime Comes.
[Bruna, Dick].    Bruna, Dick.    Het Nijntje Kleurboek
[Brunhoff, Laurent de].    Brunhoff.    La Fete de Celesteville.
[Cooney, Barbara].    Proddow.    Hermes, Lord of the Robbers.
[De Paola, Tomie].    De Paola, Tomie. (dePaola)    Flicks.
[Drescher, Henri].    Drescher, Henrik    The Yellow Umbrella.
[Duvoisin, Roger].    Fatio, Louise.    The Happy Lioness.
[Firth, Barbara].    Mayne, William.    Barnabas Walks.
[Galdone, Paul].    Galdone, Paul.    Henny Penny.
[Gentleman, David].    Langstaff.    The Golden Vanity.
[Goodall, John S].    Goodall, John.    Little Red Riding Hood.
[Green, Roland].    Ladybird Book (Cansdale).British Wild Animals
[Him, George].    Herrman, Frank.    The Giant Alexander.
[Hoffmann, Felix].    Grimm.    Die vier kunstreichen Bruder.
[Hoffmann, Felix].    Grimm.    Rapunzel.
[Janosch].    Janosch.    The Thieves and the Raven.
[Johnson, Crocket].    ABC. Harold's ABC.
[Johnson, Crocket].    Johnson, Crockett.    Harold's Fairy Tale.
[Jolliffe, Anne].    Jolliffe, Anne    Water, Wind&Wheels
[Kessler, Leonard].    Jewell, Nancy.    The Family Under the Moon.
[Krahn, Fernando].    Krahn, Fernando.    The Family Minus.
[Marshall, James].    Marshall, James.    Portly McSwine.
[Montresor, Beni].    Montresor, Beni.    The Witches of Venice.
[Moser, Rudolf].    Moser, Rudolf.    Zotti und Balloni.
[Oberlander, Gerhard].    Baldner, Gaby.    Joba and the Wild Boar
[Politi, Leo].    Politi, Leo.    Piccolo's Prank.
[Provensen].    Lawrence..    Birds, Beasts, and the Third Thing.
[Seaby, Allen W].    Ladybird Book (Vesey-Fitzgerald).    British Birds
[Watson, Wendy].    Watson, Clyde.    Father Fox's Pennyrhymes.
[Weisgard, Leonard].    Johnston, Johanna.    Penguin's Way.
[Wenz-Vietor, Else].    Wenz-Vietor, Else.    Kleine Leute im Moos.
[Wikland, Ilon].    Falk, Ann Mari.    Matthew and Eva in the Toy-Shop.
[Yashima, Taro].    Yashima, Taro.    The Village Tree.
[Zemach, Margot].    Zemach, Harve.    Mommy, Buy Me a China Doll.
[Zwerger, Lisbeth].    Bible: Noah's Ark- Janisch, Heinz    Noah's Ark.