CAT 21 Illustrator List.

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Book listings are alphabetical by author, including "anon", within their section, A, B, C, and D.

Note: Since the publishing of this catalogue coincided with the publishing of our revised website, and thus a giant learning curve for the cataloguer, we're following Baumgarten's practice of listing Illustrator/Author/Title. Much easier to compile and to read!

Illustrator List
A. The Twenties and before.
[Adams, J. A].    Adams, illus.    The Fairy Book.
[Bedford, F. D.].    Lucas, E. V. ed. Forgotten Tales of Long Ago.
[Birch, Reginald].    Fletcher, Robert Howe.    Marjorie and Her Papa.
[Caldecott, Randolph].    Caldecott, illus.    A Sketch-Book of R. Caldecott's.
[Coffin, Fred. M.].    Fanny Fern The Play-Day Book,
[Crane, Walter].    Crane, Walter.    Queen Summer
[Crane, Walter.    Deland, Margaret    The Old Garden and other verses.
[Dulac, Edmund].    Perrault..    A Fairy Garland,
[Dummer, H. Boylston].    Warren.    Little Danny Dandelion.
[Faber, Hermann].    Huber, Anne L.    The Nursery Rattle
[Fontanez, J.]    Ulmes, Mme. Tony d' (Berthe Rey)    La Pension Corneille
[Froelich, Lorenz].    anon.     "What Makes Me Grow?"
[Goble, Warwick].    James, Grace.    Green Willow
[Greene, Julia after Sir John Tenniel].    Carroll, Lewis.    Alice's Adventures
[Hallock, Ruth Mary]. Seegmiller, Wilhelmina. Little Rhymes for Little Readers.
[Herford, Oliver].    Dunham, Curtis.    Two in a Zoo.
[Hood, Thomas].    Broderip, Frances Freeling.    Crosspatch,
[Nitsch, Richard].    Pestalozzi, Heinrich Johann    Das Kind in Lied und Bild.
[Olfers, Sibylle v. Olfers    When the Root Children Wake Up.
[Pletsch, Oscar].    anon.     Schnick Schnack; Trifles for Little Ones.
[Poissonnie, Emile]. Veillet-Addison, Charles.    Tableaux Auxiliaires Delmas
[Price, Margaret Evans]    Dods, Helen.    The Camping Spree of Kiddies Three.
[Pyle, Howard].    Pyle, Howard.    The Story of King Arthur and his Knights.
[Russell, Mary LaFetra].    Mother Goose     Nursery Songs.
[Strang, Ray C. and Hazel Ives].    Yonge, C. M. The Chaplet of Pearls
[Varian, George].    Shaw, Flora L.    Castle Blair, a story of youthful days.
[Williams, George Alfred].    Bible (Williams, Clara)    The Ark That Glue Built.
[Wingrave, Marion M].    Andersen, Hans Christian. Quacks

B. Midcentury Books
[Ambler, C. Gifford].    Clark, Denis.    Black Lightning.
[Anderson, C. W].    Anderson, C. W.    Blaze and the Forest Fire.
[Anderson, C. W].    Anderson, C. W.    Thoroughbreds
[Atanasov, George].    Gabe, Dora    Lyulchitsa
[Bayley, Dorothy].    White, Eliza Orne.    Training Sylvia.
[Bromhall, Winifred].    Bromhall, Winifred.    Johanna Arrives.
[Chaplin, Ralph].    Pettee, Frank.    The Orange Cat.
[Cote, Phyllis N].    Foster, Elizabeth.    Gigi in America.
[Crowell, Pers].    Crowell, Pers.    Beau Dare, American Saddle Colt.
[Dorcas].    Derman, Sarah.    The Snowman Who Wanted to Stay.
[Dulac, Edmund].    Crary, Mary.    Daughters of the Stars.
[Duvoisin, Roger].    Tresselt, Alvin.    Sun Up.
[Evans, Katherine].    Tazewell, Charles.    The Littlest Angel.
[Federer, Charles A.].    Warren.    Mother Hubbard's Wonderful Cupboard,
[Ferrand, J.].    de Beaucorps    Histoire de France en Images.
[Greenaway, Kate].    Harte, Bret.    Queen of the Pirate Isle.
[Iribarren, Sergio A.].    Olivera, Miguel Alfredo.    El Bombo de Bambu.
[Jordan, Nina].    anon. What the Wee Bear Did.
[Joyce, Robert].    Joyce, Robert.    The Stray Child.
[King, Dorothy].    King, Dorothy N.    Catch the Dogs.
[King, Dorothy].    King, Dorothy N.    Fix the Toys.
[King, Dorothy].    King, Dorothy N.    Take the Children.
[Kubasta, Vojtech].    Sovak, Cenek.    Jezek Pichacek Mezi Lidmi.
[Kubasta, Vojtech].    Sovak, Cenek.    Jezek Pichacek Mezi Zviratky.
[Kutcher, Ben].    Maury, Jean West.    Old Raven's World.
[Lane, Rosalie L.].    Johl, Janet.    Wilhelmina, a Little Dutch Girl.
[Lawson, Robert].    Gray, Elizabeth. (Vining)    Adam of the Road.
[Leaf, Munro].    Leaf, Munro.    Robert Francis Weatherbee.
[Leaf, Munro].    Leaf, Munro.    More Watchbirds.
[Leaf, Munro].    Leaf, Munro.    Fly Away, Watchbird!
[Lindman, Maj].    Lindman.    Flicka, Ricka, Dicka and the Girl Next Door.
[Mariana].    Mariana     Miss Flora McFlimsey's Easter Bonnet.
[Merida, Carlos].    Lowrey, Janette Sebring.    The Bird.
[Moeschlin, Elsa.]    Moeschlin, Elsa.     The Red Horse
[Moon, Carl].    Moon, Grace.    The Arrow of Tee-May.
[Oliver, Juan].    Alegria, Fernando.    Lautaro.
[Parain, Nathalie].    La Fontaine.    Fables de la Fontaine.
[Paull, Grace].    Curtis, Alice B.    Winter on the Prairie.
[Petersham, Maud and Miska].    Petersham.    The Circus Baby.
[Pinchon, J.].    Caumery, M.-L.    Becassine Nourrice.
[Pinchon, J.].    Caumery, M.-L.    Les Bonnes Idees de Becassine.
[Pogany, Willy].    Huffard.    My Poetry Book.
[Price, Harold].    Kiviat, Esther.    Paji.
[Ransome, Arthur].    Ransome, Arthur.    Peter Duck.
[Rojan (Rojankovski]).    ABC     ABC du Pere Castor.
[Rojankovsky, Feodor].    Lida (Faucher).     Bourru, l'ours brun.
[Rojankovsky, Feodor].    Lida (Faucher).    Froux, le lievre.
[Rojankovsky, Feodor].    Lida (Faucher).    Panache, l'ecureuil.
[Rojankovsky, Feodor].    Lida (Faucher).    Plouf, canard sauvage.
[Saintsbury, Dana].    Godden, Rumer.    The Dolls' House.
[Saintsbury, Dana].    Godden, Rumer.    The Dolls' House.
[Siemaszkowa, Olga].    Czukowski, K, )    Bajki. (K. Czukowski)
[Smith, Jessie Willcox].Dickens, Charles/ Crothers.    The Children of Dickens.
[Solbert, Ronni].    Boyle, Kay.    The Youngest Camel.
[Stoney, T].    Farjeon, Eleanor.    Dark World of Animals.
[Taylor, Ethel Boney].    ABC     ABC
[Weil, Lisl].    Moss, Marion.    Doll House, a Rainbow Playbook.
[Weisgard, Leonard].    Weisgard, Leonard.    Down Huckleberry Hill.
[Wiese, Kurt].    Brooks, Walter.    More To and Again
[Wiese, Kurt].    Dawson, Mitchell.    The Magic Firecrackers.
[Wiese, Kurt].    Kunhardt, Dorothy    Little Ones.
[Wolff, Kate].    anon. (Kate Wolf, illustrator)    Illuminated Pictures.
[Young, Florence Liley].    Warner, Gertrude.    The World in a Barn.

C. Modern Juveniles
[Aas, Ulf].    Sommerfelt, Aimee    The Road to Agra.
[Acs, Laszlo].    Farmer, Penelope.    Emma in Winter.
[Ambrus, Victor].    Finlay, Winifred.    Folk Tales From the North.
[Ambrus, Victor]    Mayne, William.    The Changeling.
[Ambrus, Victor]    Peyton, K. M.    The Plan for Birdsmarsh.
[Bennett, Richard].    Wibberley.    The Hands of Cormac Joyce.
[Bering, Claus].    Berliner, Franz    The Lake People
[Blake, Quentin].    Franzen.    Agaton Sax and the Diamond Thieves.
[Boston, Peter].    Boston, L. M.    An Enemy at Green Knowe
[Boston, Peter].    Boston, L. M.    The Stones of Green Knowe.
[Boston, Peter].    Boston, L. M. The River at Green Knowe
[Brooker, Christopher].    Lynch.    Brogeen and the Princess of Sheen
[Brookshaw, Drake].    Hunter, Mollie.    Hi Johnny
[Browne, Anthony].    Gardam, Jane.    A Few Fair Days.
[Buehr, Walter].    Buehr, Walter.    Automobiles Past and Present.
[Buel, Hubert].    Lampman.    The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek.
[Burningham, John].    Grahame, Kenneth.    The Wind in the Willows.
[Capek, Josef].    Capek, Josef    Harum Scarum.
[Carrick, Donald].    Uchida, Yoshiko.    Journey to Topaz.
[Chamberlain, Margaret].    Mahy.    The Pirates' Mixed-Up Voyage
[Chew, Ruth].    Chew, Ruth.    No Such Thing as a Witch.
[Curry, Cathy Babcock].    Havrevold, Finn.    Undertow.
[Danska, Herbert].    Richter, Conrad.    Over the Blue Mountain.
[Davis, Dimitris].    Fenton, Edward.    An Island for a Pelican.
[DayniĆ©, J.].    Lavolle, L. N.    The Lost Lake (L'Etang Perdu).
[Dennis, Wesley].    Henry..    Cinnabar, the One O'Clock Fox.
[Dodd, Linley].    England, Clarice.    Druscilla.
[du Bois, William Pene].    Grattan, Madeleine.    Jexium Island.
[Duchesne, Janet].    Mayne, William.    The Glass Ball.
[Dulac].    Gallico, Paul.    The Day Jean-Pierre was Pignapped.
[Fava, Rita].    Carlson, Natalie Savage.    Sashes Red and Blue.
[Floethe, Richard]    Streatfeild, Noel.    Circus Shoes.
[Floyd, Gareth].    Harnett, Cynthia.    The Writing on the Hearth.
[Ford, Lauren].    Killilea, Marie.    Treasure on the Hill.
[Fromont, Jacques].    Guillot, Rene.    The Champion of Olympia.
[Gill, Margery].    Mayne, William.    Sand.
[Gill, Margery].    Streatfeild, Noel.    Apple Bough (Traveling Shoes)
[Gill, Margery].    Mayne, William.    The Last Bus.
[Gobbato, Imero].    Russell, Solveig Paulson.    The Mushmen.
[Goldsborough, June].    Kelly.    Green-Up, the Story of a Buffalo.
[Gordon, Margaret].    Crossley-Holland, Kevin.    The Callow Pit Coffer.
[Hauge, Carl and Mary].    Burgess, Thornton W.    Bedtime Stories:
[Jansson, Tove].    Jansson, Tove.    Moominsummer Madness.
[Keeping, Charles].    Sutcliff, Rosemary.    The Mark of the Horse Lord.
[Keeping, Charles].    Treece, Henry.    Swords from the North
[Kiddel-Monroe, Joan].    Grice, Frederick.    The Moving Finger.
[Lenski, Lois].    Lenski, Lois.    Christmas Stories.
[Loewenstein, Beatrice].    Coatsworth.    Bess and the Sphinx.
[Maher, Irene].    Clarke, Marjorie.    Sawdust and Spangles.
[Maitland, Anthony].    Garfield, Leon,    Child O'War;
[Martorell, Antonio].    Ada, Alma Flor.    Where the Flame Trees Bloom.
[Pendle, Alexy].    Symons, Geraldine.    Miss Rivers and Miss Bridges.
[Pinkwater, Daniel].    Keele, Luqman and Daniel Pinkwater.    Java Jack.
.[Rawlins, Janet].    Mayne, William.    While the Bells Ring.
[Rojankovsky, Feodor].    Kalashnikoff, Nicholas.    My Friend Yakub.
[Sendak, Maurice]    Jarrell, Randall.    Fly By Night
[Sin, Anneliese].    Sinn.    Gauto and the Snow-capped Mountain.
[Stewart, Arvis L].    Johnson, Elinor.    The Plant Hunters.
[Sutherland, E.].    Ellin, E. M.    The Greenstone Axe.
[Tripp, Wallace].    Hegarty, Reginald B.    The Rope's End.
[Turska, Krystyna].    Mayne, William.    A Year and a Day.
[Voake, Charlotte].    Pearce, Philippa.    The Way to Sattin Shore.
[Williams, Ursula Moray].    Williams.    The Secrets of the Wood

D Modern Picture Books.
[Baskin, Leonard].    Baskin, Leonard et al.    Hosie's Aviary.
[Beisner, Monika].    ABC. ABC. A Folding Alphabet Book.
[Bettina (Bettina Ehrlich)].    Bettina.    Paolo and Panetto.
[Bloom, Lloyd].    Chaffin.    We Be Warm Till Springtime Comes.
[Bruna, Dick].    Bruna, Dick.    Het Nijntje Kleurboek
[Brunhoff, Laurent de].    Brunhoff.    La Fete de Celesteville.
[Cooney, Barbara].    Proddow.    Hermes, Lord of the Robbers.
[De Paola, Tomie].    De Paola, Tomie. (dePaola)    Flicks.
[Drescher, Henri].    Drescher, Henrik    The Yellow Umbrella.
[Duvoisin, Roger].    Fatio, Louise.    The Happy Lioness.
[Firth, Barbara].    Mayne, William.    Barnabas Walks.
[Galdone, Paul].    Galdone, Paul.    Henny Penny.
[Gentleman, David].    Langstaff.    The Golden Vanity.
[Goodall, John S].    Goodall, John.    Little Red Riding Hood.
[Green, Roland].    Ladybird Book (Cansdale).British Wild Animals
[Him, George].    Herrman, Frank.    The Giant Alexander.
[Hoffmann, Felix].    Grimm.    Die vier kunstreichen Bruder.
[Hoffmann, Felix].    Grimm.    Rapunzel.
[Janosch].    Janosch.    The Thieves and the Raven.
[Johnson, Crocket].    ABC. Harold's ABC.
[Johnson, Crocket].    Johnson, Crockett.    Harold's Fairy Tale.
[Jolliffe, Anne].    Jolliffe, Anne    Water, Wind&Wheels
[Kessler, Leonard].    Jewell, Nancy.    The Family Under the Moon.
[Krahn, Fernando].    Krahn, Fernando.    The Family Minus.
[Marshall, James].    Marshall, James.    Portly McSwine.
[Montresor, Beni].    Montresor, Beni.    The Witches of Venice.
[Moser, Rudolf].    Moser, Rudolf.    Zotti und Balloni.
[Oberlander, Gerhard].    Baldner, Gaby.    Joba and the Wild Boar
[Politi, Leo].    Politi, Leo.    Piccolo's Prank.
[Provensen].    Lawrence..    Birds, Beasts, and the Third Thing.
[Seaby, Allen W].    Ladybird Book (Vesey-Fitzgerald).    British Birds
[Watson, Wendy].    Watson, Clyde.    Father Fox's Pennyrhymes.
[Weisgard, Leonard].    Johnston, Johanna.    Penguin's Way.
[Wenz-Vietor, Else].    Wenz-Vietor, Else.    Kleine Leute im Moos.
[Wikland, Ilon].    Falk, Ann Mari.    Matthew and Eva in the Toy-Shop.
[Yashima, Taro].    Yashima, Taro.    The Village Tree.
[Zemach, Margot].    Zemach, Harve.    Mommy, Buy Me a China Doll.
[Zwerger, Lisbeth].    Bible: Noah's Ark- Janisch, Heinz    Noah's Ark.