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Mouse Hunt

I'm looking for a mid-90's book I read as a child. It was entitled "Mouse Hunt", though I don't remember the author's name. I do remember that one of the characters was named Missy, and her mom Flo, both mice, in a mouse family of 4 in a fabric shop, I believe. The owner of the shop I believe was named Mr. Miles, and he was very mean to the mice. Throughout the book, it tells of the mouse family's adventures while avoiding the evil advances of the shop owner. In the end, it tells of a final battle of that mouse family and their friends and relatives against Mr. Miles, which the mice eventually win. I hope this rings a bell with someone here...

Looking for a book

Emily, I reposted this in the Looking for a Book section where it will be seen by more people.

Angel book

I am looking for a book I had as a child, naturally. In the story a small angel leans over a cloud to look at the earth gets her wings wet and can't fly back to heaven. Two children find her and take care of her until her wings dry and she flies away. They miss her until she returns to them as a baby sister. Ring a bell with anyone?

Children Library books of the mid 50's

I'm looking for a book that I read in the late 1950's about a boy named Jack and his sister Susan who lived on a farm. It told of their daily activities on the farm. It also had illustrations of different animals.

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