Folk Tale Books and Fairy Tale Books

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We have several hundred folk and fairy tales for sale, from a collection begun in my early days of teaching, when teachers had time to create curriculum and children had time to read. To make the collection easier to browse, we have organized the books into shorter lists. Note that older vs. modern books are sorted by illustrator, not author. If you want all the books by a certain author or compiler on one list, for instance Grimm or Andersen, use the Search page.


 Older Fairy Tales Lovely older books from the 20'sand before, well illustrated, most published before jackets were an integral part of the book. Classic illustrators, Walter Crane, Kate Greenaway, Randolph Caldecott, Leslie Brooke, Dulac, Frederick Richardson, Pogany, and others will appear from time to time in this section. Occasionally, we'll include a less than collectible but interesting book or a good quality modern reprint, clearly labeled. Many of our foreign books fit in this category, so this list will grow much longer.


Modern Juvenile Folk and Fairy Tale Collections  Modern books of tales compiled for strong 4-8th grade readers, with black and white pictures in text, most including bibliographies. We have also included books of written tales from authors like Barbara Leonie Picard. Most of these books are inexpensive 1sts in nice condition, but since the emphasis is on content, we have included books with less than collectible jackets.

Nursery Tales (Story books) Here are collections of traditional and written stories to read aloud to small children, some of them easy enough for independent reading. They are beautifully illustrated in colour. Since we like good condition in picture books, and since these story books tend to be older, they are intended for a collector or for a special present. Please also see the Mother Goose/Nursery Rhyme list. Storybooks often included both tales and poems.




Modern Picture Book Folk and Fairy Tales. Almost all of these are 1sts are in extremely nice condition, but because most are easy to find, they are inexpensive. The style of the illustrations varies widely. Good Christmas presents... Coming later in the fall.

Fables, Myths, and Legends. Here we have grouped retellings of older children's tales from Middle Eastern to Western literature, stories from the Bible, epics like Gilgamesh and the Odyssey, fables from Aesop through La Fontaine, Egyptian, Greek and Roman Myths, Norse myths, Medieval legends, Arthur and Robin Hood. Also look at The Book House for Children for the later volumes of myth and history, a truly amazing collection. Coming later. Books which use only the text of the Bible itself can be found in one list by putting "Bible" in the Author field on the Search Page.

How to find a storybook _ Try the Loganberry Books Anthology Finder
which lists the content of many of these books, older ones at least. Storybooks typically came out in successive editions, so the covers, and, to some extent , the content, changed through the years. We don't stock many storybooks and were unfamiliar with them as children, so we can't be of much help, although our readers can. Extensive ideas and links for finding and valuing old books are on the Looking for a Book page of our site: /looking-for-a-book


Old book i remember reading when i was little

Im looking for this book i read when i was little. It was definitely an old book, but i'm not sure how old. Possibly old such as the book "Lisa and Lottie"? (The Parent Trap) I remember that there were two girls, i think twins, in braids and blue dresses on the cover i think. It was about how they had dolls that looked like them and thy switched roles: the girls turned into the dolls, and the dolls into the girls. I have no idea what the title is but can someone help me find it?

Looking for obscure book

I am looking for a non-standard fairy tale I read when I was a boy. It told a tale of a magical thicket of thorny roses controlled by a witch or evil stepmother archetype. Similar to SLeeping Beauty, the hero and the girl had to fight their way free from the thorns and vines. However, it was not, in fact, the story or Sleeping Beauty.

What I most distinctly remember were very fiery red/orange/violet roses, in a very stylized late 70's style, with dark backgrounds. The roses and vines permeated the book all the way through.

It would have been published no later than 1983. Any help is appreciated.

Desperate to find this book!

I am trying to find a book, it was very thick, at least 2 inches thick and quite big, rectangle shaped. It had a mainly white cover with a blue border which was curly. It had a lot of folk and fairy tales in it. I remember there were the stories of Sleeping Beauty, Selkie, The prince of Cats, The Snow Queen, The King of Cats (not quite sure about the name of this one, but I remember "cat" was in the name), a story about a beautiful woman with golden locks who a man sees at the sea and marries, with a warning from her father that he should never slap her three times (or along those lines, he does though...), a story about a girl with glossy black sweet smelling hair who eventually marries a prince and there were many more.
It had color illustrations and quite small text.
I would really love to find this book again, I would be immensely grateful if anyone could help.

Fairy Tales/Fable Book, mid to late 80s

I am on a mad hunt for a book! My sister and I loved it growing up. All I remember is it was a light pink/peachy colored hardcover book. It was very heavily illustrated and had tons of different stories. Some of the stories I think were in were the princess and the pea, snow white and rose red, the woodcutters daughter, and maybe country mouse city mouse? These are just a few that I remember but I know there were many. Please help!

Wow think this is the book

Wow think this is the book I'm looking for also, your description sounds the same as mine

Childrens book about a donkey? calf? deer? stuck in the ice

I was probably 2 or 3 and remember the pictures about an animal (donkey?, calf?, deer?) being stubborn and refusing to come in from the cold. He ended up frozen into a puddle and had to be released by the farmer's wife pouring hot water from a kettle on the puddle to get him out. That's all I remember and have been searching for it for years. Can anyone remember this and give more information?

Desperate to find fairy tale book

Hi I'm trying to find a book that involves i think 7 sisters that are named "Gold, silver and other names" I remember the youngest sister's name was Carrots and Cream i think? It involved a evil King who married all the daughter and made a room and he gave her the key to open these rooms however there was one key that didn't open any doors. The cover I remembered was I think light bluey or greenish? and it had a picture of a girl's face on it. I remember reading it in 2004 or 2006?



childrens books

I am looking for a set of red leather covered books. They were a set of 18
books in this set.My mom had a set of books like that. One of the books had
stories of fairy tales. That is about all I can remember about the set of

Thank you!


Childrens book

I also was just thinking about I believe is the same set of books. I was just sharing with my three children who are 25, 23, 18 and becoming fairly successful at there young ages. Meanwhile there mother and I of 33 years have gone thru some really really tough times financially and have found it difficult getting gainful empoyment. We have some great God given ideas on how to get back on our feet that when up and running will be very rewarding not only to us but in serving the multitudes of good people going through similar hard times. My oldest son has purchased his 1st home in southern calif and had my wife and I move in and share expenses. we have a fixed low low income both from unemployment and hada fixed budget that would work. Then both our boys got promoted and had to relocate in downtown San Fransico and in addition then leased a condo there. Meanwhile our fixed budget has been forgotten and are being asked to participate more than we have coming in let alone enable us any ability to move forward. HENCE the story OF THE LITTLE RED HEN came to mind and I believe is in The Story Book your looking for

"CHILDRENS TREASURY BOOK OF STORIES AND PICTURES" I think our children need to reread and re think some of the values these stories taught us to visit in life. Sorry I rambled on and on when all you wanted help with was a BOOK TITLE ---- BUT IT SURE DID FEEL GOOD TO GET IT OUT OF MY MIND AND ON PAPER SO SORRY BUT ---- THANK-YOU!!!! Oh and just to complete my thought. Both Older boys are bringing in very heathy incomes which are allowing them the ability to enjoy the fruits of their labor in fashion!! Rightly so ( I was blessed to be able to teach them the basics of their trade and they ran with it and have excelled!! which we are very proud of them) But feeling a bit disapointed that they are tending to adapt to the I - I or Me - Me wants and desires of the world ways and how its direction its seems to have this generation heading. Leaving very little room any more for family Values and realizing how important it is to care for someone else first Then yourself! Imagine, Gods intentions and plan was IF we serve and Love one another as we love ourselfs ??????? Well then you in return would have everyone serving you. Wow what a difficult concept to teach and how simple the reward would be If the lesson was lived!!! I hope you find the correct collection of books I'm thinking of I hope to find the same collection and send some copies out for some food for thought and value reviews.

I'll End With This Note: I thought this class was already taught years ago and that we should be in a advanced class learning how to put these understandings to a new level of use. Guess basic 101 Class has to be re taken. And re taught Remembering ITS NOT THE STUDENT ! IT MUST BE THE TEACHER ! Feel Free to share your thoughts comments or just vent them real slow! like taking off a radiator cap when its hot IT WILL BOIL OVER and if you don't let it cool you will be burned! GOD BLESS and Pray !! And DON'T FORGET TO VOTE ! Cause, its looks there could be some trouble ahead!

!Trying to find childrens book !

I have been trying to find an old childrens book with no luck. Could someone please help? All I can remember is it is about a young boywho either runs away from home or he goes on an adventure, anyway along the way he runs into 10 different things that teach him a lesson and makes him want to go home. I used to read it to my son who is now a father and would like to get it so he can read it to his children. All I can remember about the front is that it seems like it was a picture of the boys setting off on his adventure, it was a tall hard bound book. Thank you to anyone who is able to help.

Fairy tale book from 30s-50s (?)


I'm looking for a book that was probably old when I read through it in the late 50s, early 60s. .

I know this is a long shot because the only thing I can remember with any certainty about the book I'm trying to find is that there was a pair of successive pages with images, first of a large tree, and on the next page the tree has changed, or is changing, into an enormous bird (maybe a crane?) that is attempting to take flight and pull itself free of the ground where it was formerly rooted.

That image has been stuck in my head for 50+ years, and I'd really like to find the book.

Thanks for your help.

- s.west

Desperate to find this book!!

when i was little, i used to sit in daycare and look at the pictures of a book, all i can remember is a schoolbus going through a forest, a picture of blackberries/raspberries in the forest, snakes, and possibly a witch? i know this is a pretty vague description but i cannot remember it and i have been looking everywhere! any ideas as to what book this is?

Want the name of the book

This book was a compilation I received in the 90s. It had a pink cover with very embellished stuff on it and looked quite storybook like. It included stories like The Princess and The Pea, Rumpelstiltskin, The 12 Dancing Princesses, I THINK it had Cinderella, and possibly one story about a shoemaker.

I can't find it anywhere and if possible I want to buy another copy because I grew up with this book. Thank you!

Was the book called The

Was the book called The Hutchinson Treasury of Children's Literature?


Searching for a book set given to me middle to late 1950s.
There were about 10-15 books. They were red hard back books
I rember stories of Mother Goose, Mythology stories, story of
Rikitikitave and the cobra, The Velveteen Rabbit, Snow White, Cinderella,
The Three pigs, The troll under the bridge, and many, many other book
whose names I don't remember.

Does anyone remember this encyclopedia of Childrens Books or
Where I could order it from. I was approx 10 to 15 yrs of age.




I am searching for a book set of about 20 books, made in and about mid 50s.
The book set contained mythology stories, Geek, etc.
The set also had stories of Rikitikitavi and the cobra snake,
Loki and Thor, The Velveteen Rabbit, The Troll under the Bridge
etc. The books were red hard backed and illustrated.
I had the entire set, which was lost. Please is there anyone out there who
can help. Thank u

fairy tale book from the 90's

My Uncle gave me a book for christmas when I was probably about 10 (mid-late 90's) All I can remember about it was that it had at least a hundred fables/fairy tales/ nursery rhymes, and poems. It was a a big square, hard backed, blue covered book at least 2-3 inches thick and the edges of the pages were gold on all sides. I'm desperately trying to find a copy. Please Help!

Omg! I'm looking for it too.

Omg! I'm looking for it too. My aunt bought it for my little sister and now I want to get it for my best friend who is a new mom.

I want this book for my son

I want this book for my son too!. keep me updated if you figure it out!

Was the book called The

Was the book called The Hutchinson Treasury of Children's Literature?

Looking for book of non-traditional fairy stories from the 70s

I'm trying to find a book which is called "______'s Book of Fairy Stories" or "Tales" - I can't remember which is it. It was British; it was a series of stories that were non-traditional and funny. One was about a boy named Peter who found a very small mermaid. He brings her home and she proceeds to wreak havoc in his house - climbing the curtains, roasting his goldfish, etc. Another story is about a little girl who finds a pair of magic spectacles which, once on the wearer, starts making demands and pinches her face when she doesn't comply. The other story I remember is about a girl who finds a magic wand and wishes herself long eyelashes and long golden curly hair. The gnome who owns the wand sees her and, having seen her before, realizes that she must have his wand. She tries to run but the golden hair gets caught in the bushes and she trips and falls and loses the wand. The gnome seizes it, points it at her and shouts, "Magic wand, take away / all she's wished herself today!"

I loved this book and would love to have it for my daughters. I would be happy for any information you can find. Thank you!

possible lead: "Looking for book non-traditional fairy stories

Could it possibly be one of Enid Blyton's books? The Enid Blyton Society has a great website that shows the covers and lists the contents for her books. For example: will show you ENID BLYTON'S FAIRY STORIES.

Fairies baking

I'm looking for a book about fairies or perhaps they were elves that bake a cake or cupcakes. I remember the front cover was teal & there were fairies or elves on the front surrounded by pink cakes. I was given this book to me around the early 80's. your help us greatly appreciated!

Fairy Tales book

I would like to know the origin of a book I have from my childhood. There is no copywrite page or list of publisher etc. The stories in the book are some old standards like Jack and the Beanstalk and three Little Pigs but also ones such as The Whte Snake, Childe Rowland, and the Golden Bird. The book is just called "Fairy Tales". The Cover is dark green and pink and has a picture of a Good Witch in a white dress with a large conical hat. She is standing in front of a tree and there is a castle in the background. Children and dogs gather around her feet. The inside cover looks like baby wrapping paper with picures of giraffes, elephants, dogs, teddy bears and rabbits. It is all in pink. I think it could be from England since by parents immigrated to the US from there. Does anyone know anything about such a book. Thank you

Hi I'm looking for a book of

Hi I'm looking for a book of fairy tales along the lines of 101 stories,or fairytales. one of the books inside cover had cute little pgeaple drinking out of thimbles,or wearing them? As hats. There were toadstools, strawberries, very pretty. I think book was red, hardcover,&tall. I am thinking of the two books I h
ad mid early 80s. One had all nursery rhymes,and included fuzzy wuzzy was a bear? The other book I think had the dog playing fiddle with spoon, not sure. Can you help me? They are the books my late father taught me how to read from and I want to carry that on with my girls.

Two books one about fairies the other about ghosts/dolls?

Both these books I read sometime in the early 90's, they may have been published before this? I'm not sure.

The first was a hard cover book about fairies. It was hot pink, and the illustrations were very vivid in color, but dark in color. Example they were bright colors but they were not neon. The plot had a young girl who was visiting a relative, an aunt? An uncle? I can't quite remember. I vaguely remember a barn where there was a painting the relative had created. The little girl ends up magically traveling through the painting where she finds herself in this world of fairies. I think while she was visiting there was a dance held by the fairies, a celebration of some sort. I wish I could remember more details (and hopefully the ones I do are correct). For the most part, a painting, fairies and this hot pink hard cover are the most I have.

The second book I'm afraid is just as vague. The cover had a little girl on it, she was standing in an attic I believe, holding a doll. Her eyes were red. I want to think this book was about two sisters who find a secret door leading up into the attic. Up there they find many dolls. These dolls come alive and the girls can hear them up in the attic at night walking around. This was a juvenile book, ment for young readers. At the time I was very into goosebumps, or anything spooky. But this was not an R.L. Stein book.

I have searched for years for these two books, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys :)

Behind the Attic Wall by Sylvia Cassedy

Behind the Attic Wall by Sylvia Cassedy
Pretty sure this is the second one. Spooky! Abebooks should have an inexpensive one in nice condition because they were remaindered in later edition.

Looking for Fairy Tale book from the mid - late 60s

The book I'm looking for is thin, like a golden book, but taller. It had a collection of fairy tales in it, the ones I remember the best are Cinderella and Toads and Diamonds. The illustrations were beautiful. One I remember is of Cinderella in a blue and silver gown leaving the castle by the drawbridge. The cover had a montage of pictures (I'm not as clear on this), I think the predominant background color was pink and blue. It was not a Disney verson of fairy tales. Thanks for any help (I did just go to and look there, with no luck, but that was a great suggestion - thanks for posting it! I've looked on eBay before, but will again.

possible lead: Looking for Fairy Tale book the mid - late 60s

Have you looked at TASHA TUDOR'S BOOK OF FAIRY TALES? It was republished several times so there may be different covers, but from what I could quickly find, there was a version printed in 1965.

Anthology of folk tales

I had this book when I was a child in the 1950s. It was an anthology of short stories. One was about a poor girl who cared for the town's geese. The geese gave her feathers to cover her tattered dress and the prince married her. Another was about a box that had held boots, then various items until it held the toy soldiers of a little boy. Another was about a woman who needed a dustrag, bought some pretty material from the peddler for a dress, but messed it up somehow and made successively smaller items until she got a dustrag.
If I recall correctly, the book was dark blue with a black vine-like design on the cover. It was approximately one-half inch thick. The paper was pulp. It may have been published in Britain. If there were illustrations, they were only half page line drawings in black ink.
Any help in finding this book, or another book with those stories, would be appreciated.

boxed childrens book set from 1970's

Looking for a boxed set of books from the late 1960's, early 1970's. There were 3 hardcover books with multiple stories(maybe 8-12) in each book. The box that held them was a thicker paper box, not wood, and the 3 books set inside with spines to the outside. The stories were fairy tale type stories about princesses, castles, etc but none of them were the common, familar fairy tale stories. I have no idea the author or authors, all I can remember is that there were 3 books and the entire set was about 6 iches wide sitting within there box on the shelf. I had them until I was 10 and then they were handed down to my cousin in 1978 or 79 and I never saw the books again. Any ideas?

Looking for an old fairy tale book from childhood

Hi. I am really hoping someone can help me. I'm looking for an old fairy tale book that I read as a child from my elementary school's library. It was a thick gold covered book with very thick illustrated pages. I think the picture on the front of it was a girl with a golden ball from the frog princess story but I'm not sure. I would love to be able to order this book to add to my collection! If anyone can help me to remember what the title of this book is I'd really appreciate it!




Large Book of Unconventional Fairytales and Poems

Hello, I am hoping someone can help me with finding the title of a favorite book from my childhood (late 80's, early 90,s), though I cannot say when the book itself was published.

The cover was predominately blue, with a boy and a girl, on separate, quilted beds, with images of all the characters from the stories around them. I remember a dragon, a king, some fairies, etc. The title may be something like "Bedtime Stories for Children" but I really cannot remember.

The stories and poems themselves were unconventional, nothing like Cinderella or any other classics. I remember one about a boy and a rainbow coloured dragon, a boy who could see fairies when he wore his grandfather's spectacles, and (my favorite) a story about King Sol and King Rain who are constantly arguing over who controls the weather. The illustrations were absolutely striking, alternating each spread between full-colour and outlined, black and white images (usually with a coloured page though).

Any help with this is greatly appreciated!!

etsy has it listed for is stories for Bedtime by Brimax

Thank You!

Oh my goodness! Thank you!! As soon as I saw the cover I knew that was it!

I am hoping that my parents still have our copy tucked away somewhere but at least I now know what it is called should I need to order one.

Thanks again :D

Childhood book borrowed from library between1943-53

I am searching for a book I remember vividly about a bear who ate each member of a family one by one except a little girl who befriended him. In the end, alas she too was eaten. I seem to recall that the bear was Horace, and the girl was Little Lulu. Needless to say a story like that creates a lasting memory. I signed it out from the library over and over. Does anyone know of this book and where I can find it?

answer:Childhood book borrowed from library(bears eats family)

I found THE STORY OF HORACE by Alice M. Coats. It matches the description.

Fairy tale treasury book

When I was about five or six years old (1985ish) I had a thick, matte hardcover book of fairy tales that I last saw over half a dozen years ago at our moving sale (it had been lost for several years before that). I thought about keeping it but opted not to, and I'm kind of regretting it now. I thought I remembered the title but I can't find it on Google, so here's what I remember about it:

Hardcover, matte, with grayish-blue cover IIRC. I can't really remember the cover illustration except that I think there was a castle off in the distance and lots of different fairy tale characters going toward it. I think the colors were kind of muted too, now that I think about it.
The book was about 2 1/2 - 3 inches thick maybe? I'm just guessing here.
There were proably around 50-75 stories in the book, but I can only remember three for certain: Snow White, Pinocchio, and Why The Sea is Salt. In the illustrations, Snow White had pigtail braids a la Laura Ingalls.
The illustrations as best I can remember were monochrome--not b&w, but only one color per illustration besides the black outlines. I distinctly remember one of Snow White in the middle of the row of the seven dwarves' beds, as seen from behind and to the right (kind of unclear on that part), that was in green.
I could have sworn this was called Fairy Tales (or possibly Stories) for ____ Children, with the blank being an adjective like "Little", "Small", or "Young", or possibly another synonym I can't think of, but Googling every combo of those words I can think of is getting me nowhere.
This was definitely a stand-alone book and not part of an anthology like My Book House (which I also had growing up).

Found it!

I FINALLY FOUND THIS. Young Years: Best Loved Stories And Poems For Little Children (aka Best Loved Fairy Tales: Including Mother Goose Selections, but I had the first one)$(KGrHqN,!lME+HZbdy!nBP7)1gfveQ~~60_35.JPG

This was published by

This was published by Parent's, edited by Augusta Baker, and illustrated by Kurt Werth (which is why the artwork looks skilled). A good value, I would say!

The Ebay photo looks nice. There are also 5 on abebooks for low prices.

As usual on Abe, the best value for a gift appears to be the book in the middle from Owl's Books, although I don't know them. At the bottom end, not the inexpensive ones on Fair or Good condition (not very nice in bookseller terms) and, on the top end, not the rip off mass marketer or the business that adds a huge markup for inexperienced buyers. For most books, always look around the middle of the price range online. It is much easier to judge books on Abebooks than on Amazon, as all but the dollar books sort of follow traditional grading standards.

Looking for a set of Grimm's Fairy Tales

My husband remembers having a set of Grimm's Fairy Tale Books that were the Traditional stories, not the nice ones heard today. The odd thing he remembers is each book had 2 stories, and one was written upside down so you would need to start at the opposite end of the book for the other story. Any help is appreciated.

possible leads:Looking for a set of Grimm's Fairy (double-sided

Dandelion Library published double-sided books. One had Andersen's Fairy Tales and Johnny Crow's Garden. Another had Best Loved Fairy Tales of Walter Crane and Selections From A Child's Garden of Verses. Another was Grimm's Fairy Tales and Babar the King. The Companion Library also had double-sided books, but they seem thicker than the Dandelion Library. One of the titles is Andersen's Fairt Tale and the opposite side was Grimms' Fairy Tales (1963). A Google search will bring up images so hopefully one will be the right one.

OMG. Thank you so much! I

OMG. Thank you so much! I stumbled across this post, and as soon as I saw the word "Dandelion" I got teary. I have found the double-sided books from my childhood and am buying them for my own daughters and my niece. I can't tell you what it means to me. Thanks so much.

looking for a book

I am looking for this same set of books maybe, it sounds like the same ones anyway. Were there any ideas of what they are and who wrote them?

The children's Librarian has

The children's Librarian has given you all the information you need. Go to Advanced Search. Put the title, or one of the titles, in the Title field and Dandelion in the Publisher field. On the results page, check owner supplied photos on the left hand side to see pictures.

looking for a book

I am trying to locate the title of a book that I read to my children. It involves a boy whos bed and pillows turn into a land and it becomes a journey to cross it. Any help would be super. Thanks

Land of Counterpane?

I see there are a couple of recent books of Robert Louis Stevenson's Land of Counterpane, and also one older one, on abe.
Could this be the book you are thinking of? Was it a long poem?

Big yellow book

I am looking for a book i had as a child. I remember it was a large book with yellow and white checkered border on each page. it contained short stories and poems. One was about rainbow fairies that were going to a party and they each were deciding what to wear, and they each pick their own color, another story was about a boy who wanted to go to the beach and his mom/grandma (??) told him when there is a patch of blue sky as big as this scrap of fabric, when he holds it up to the sky they would go to the beach. It was a large book maybe 2-4 inches thick with about 70-100 stories. I believe the title was something along the lines of "the big yellow book of stories"

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