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We have several hundred folk and fairy tales for sale, from a collection begun in my early days of teaching, when teachers had time to create curriculum and children had time to read. To make the collection easier to browse, we have organized the books into shorter lists. Note that older vs. modern books are sorted by illustrator, not author. If you want all the books by a certain author or compiler on one list, for instance Grimm or Andersen, use the Search page.


 Older Fairy Tales Lovely older books from the 20'sand before, well illustrated, most published before jackets were an integral part of the book. Classic illustrators, Walter Crane, Kate Greenaway, Randolph Caldecott, Leslie Brooke, Dulac, Frederick Richardson, Pogany, and others will appear from time to time in this section. Occasionally, we'll include a less than collectible but interesting book or a good quality modern reprint, clearly labeled. Many of our foreign books fit in this category, so this list will grow much longer.


Modern Juvenile Folk and Fairy Tale Collections  Modern books of tales compiled for strong 4-8th grade readers, with black and white pictures in text, most including bibliographies. We have also included books of written tales from authors like Barbara Leonie Picard. Most of these books are inexpensive 1sts in nice condition, but since the emphasis is on content, we have included books with less than collectible jackets.

Nursery Tales (Story books) Here are collections of traditional and written stories to read aloud to small children, some of them easy enough for independent reading. They are beautifully illustrated in colour. Since we like good condition in picture books, and since these story books tend to be older, they are intended for a collector or for a special present. Please also see the Mother Goose/Nursery Rhyme list. Storybooks often included both tales and poems.




Modern Picture Book Folk and Fairy Tales. Almost all of these are 1sts are in extremely nice condition, but because most are easy to find, they are inexpensive. The style of the illustrations varies widely. Good Christmas presents... Coming later in the fall.

Fables, Myths, and Legends. Here we have grouped retellings of older children's tales from Middle Eastern to Western literature, stories from the Bible, epics like Gilgamesh and the Odyssey, fables from Aesop through La Fontaine, Egyptian, Greek and Roman Myths, Norse myths, Medieval legends, Arthur and Robin Hood. Also look at The Book House for Children for the later volumes of myth and history, a truly amazing collection. Coming later. Books which use only the text of the Bible itself can be found in one list by putting "Bible" in the Author field on the Search Page.

How to find a storybook _ Try the Loganberry Books Anthology Finder
which lists the content of many of these books, older ones at least. Storybooks typically came out in successive editions, so the covers, and, to some extent , the content, changed through the years. We don't stock many storybooks and were unfamiliar with them as children, so we can't be of much help, although our readers can. Extensive ideas and links for finding and valuing old books are on the Looking for a Book page of our site: /looking-for-a-book


possible lead: Big yellow book

Do an image search on Google for MY BIGGEST BEDTIME BOOK EVER by Hamlyn Publishing and see if it rings any bells.

Old fairytales

I am searching for a book I was read as a child. There was the story of the white cat who had its tail cut off to become a princess. The three fish who were given one wish each. Tamilin and Janet. Why the sea has salt. If anyone can help with finding this book I would be extremely grateful?

Desperately seeking a children's book

I am 36 in 2 weeks and have found a tape with my Grandad reading a story for me as a little girl.

The parts on the tape that I can hear are as follows;

What are you doing? he asked. 'The rabbit told me that if i rubbed the lamp all my wishes will come true'. But he really wanted to make a fool of me said Dorphin sadly...

....and now you can see its made of solid gold. The two friends raced to the house where Mr Galipus who was the goldsmith lived, and he's the best goldsmith you could find.

'yes indeed he said slowly this lamp is made of 24 carat gold i'll give you this big bag of money for it. You're a very rich bear now and your my friend' and the bear was happy as could be but naughty rabbit felt sad because his joke had not worked out, not one bit.

thats is the end of that story

I am trying to track this story as my Grandad died at the weekend and I would very much like to give my Nanna a copy of the story.

Fairy tale box set

I am looking for a group of books. I think there were 12. They were very large, but thin and pastel colored. They were published late 70s or early 80s. They were part of some kind of promotion, like they were ordered from a magazine or cereal box. The illustrations were magical. Cinderella was my favorite, but I loved reinvests and the pea, puss in books and thumbelina. The emperors new clothes was one of them as well. I found the set on eBay 10 years ago, I could kick myself for not buying them, or at least writing down the info!! Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

Those Classic Fairy Tales

Hello. I have those books in my library - I am an elementary school librarian. BUT, I am looking for another set so that our Kindergarten can have their own. The teacher wants those books, not any other. I am having a devil of a time trying to find them. But, I do have my hands on a set and can give you Publisher dates or ISBN's if it will help you.
Just email me direct and let me know if this would be helpful.

librarysj @ (eliminate spaces)


Thanks, Kendra. Must have been hard to find those. I gave up very soon. Unfortunately, unless someone has registered, I have no access to their email, so I hope Erica sees this. Suzanne

Folktales of the world

Hi... I'm compiling folktales of countries in the world. I am an English Teacher and I use folktales as my teaching materials. Indonesia - my country - is great resource of folktales and I was wondering about other countries' folktales.


Alessandro Akbar

Folk Tales of the World

This page isn't done, but the juvenile collections of folk tales are. Click above on
Modern Juvenile Folk and Fairy Tale Collections
and you will see about 7 pages of world folk tale collections. We actually have quite a few more, but I had problems uploading the tags last week. However, if you would like an emailed list of what is available in folk tales in a certain price range, from 1 or 2 dollars to whatever you want to spend, I would be glad to mail you one.

name of book?

I'm searching for a book for a dear friend of mine for her birthday. This is a book that she had read numeruos times as a child and would love to have it again so she can share it with her children.

She thinks the name of it is "the sweet treat" she says its about a girl who wants candy and as the story goes on about how everything she touches turns to candy and then at the end gets a tummy ache.
any idea if this is the name of this book and also she fould the updated version by the authors daughter but I would like to get her the original version that is a black and white version. Any ideas where I could get this from?

answer to: name of book? (girl's touch turns hings to candy)

This is THE SWEET TOUCH by Lorna Balian.

Fairy Tales

I am looking for a book I read as a kid, 2 books actually. They were fairy tales, Jack and the bean stalk, all the oldies. Both books were hard covered and green. This was in the late 80's early 90's. The man who gave them to me was alot older. I don't know how long he had them. I remember Hansel and Gretel, Jack and the bean stalk, Three little bears. I know there was a few. Any help would be great. Thank You!!!! I forgot to mention the green was a mint green in color....

Set of biography books about famous American women

Looking for. A set of biography books about famous American ladies such as Molly Pitcher, Juliet Lowe and Dolley Madison. I think they had a dark blue cover and all the illustrations were done in silhouette. I think there were as least two dozen of these, maybe more. I loved reading them as a child. Any info is appreciated!

Silhouette Biographies

These were probably the silhouette biographies, also called the Childhood of Famous Americans series. They were well written, by various authors, and are inexpensive in later editions, although they have collectible prices as firsts. Bobbs-Merrill was the publisher, at least in the beginning . They are currently in print as paperbacks published by Aladdin but I don't know if they have been "dumbed down", probably. Hard to find with a search engine, but try going to the abebooks Advanced Search and entering Childhood of Famous Americans in the keywords. You will have almost 4,000 results.


Desperate to find the name of a childhood favourite

Hi all, sorry if this is a little too lengthy for some but i have very little to go on apart from images and some of the stories in this compilation of childrens fairy tales...

The illustrations were done in a style i had never seen before, almost as if they were oil paintings, all of which had a sort of menace about the to a lesser or greater degree depending on which story they were attached too. One such story was about a little boy who had a sister who "might" have been bored with life when apon a which appeared before him and offered him a ball which held a golden thread that when he pulled on it would make him grow a little or greater bit older and that he would move through to later events in his life in the blink of an eye. he also had a sister... The little boy, impatient eventually came to the end of the golden string but instead of dieing, return to the moment which the witch initially gave him the ball of string.

Another story in the same book, had in a part of it a room with 3 thrones whereby there were 3 ladies with veils over their heads so that the man could not see their faces. I think he had to choose who his beloved was, by heart alone, but a friendly bee who he may or may not have saved, was encircling his true loves head, thus revealing to the man who his true beloved was...

Another story, this the last i have a somewaht clear idea on, envolved a young man setting out on a journey and when he met a fellow traveller he would cut an apple into 2, but not evenly, so that if the person he met took the bigger peice of the apple then the young man knew that this person wasnt to be trusted...

One last thing, in one of the other stories, it was a adark setting, perhaps with a demon in it. i seem to recall alot of fire in the pictures...

Well thats about it, if you made it this far I thank you from the bottom of my heart, ivce been trying to find this book for a good 10 years now, and hopefully somebody out there may know of it :)

Yours, mark Mckenzie

The golden thread....

Mark I know *exactly* which book you mean. I had it as a child in the UK in the 1970s. It has haunted me my whole life, especially the pictures : the veils on the women were very sinister and beautiful, and the richness of the clothing was almost like c17 medieval paintings. There was something quite dark and underworld-like about the book. I too am desperate to find it. If I do, I will come back on this site and let you know. Please do the same. Kate

Golden Thread

Kate, since this is a traditional fairy tale, and thus available in many versions, it would really help to date it if you could remember how the illustrations were placed in the book. Many books have illustrations on one side and text on the other, both printed on the same kind of paper, and these are harder to date, but probably 20th century. Here are some exceptions though:
Running across the "gutter" , the inside edges of the pages, so that the picture is on the entire spread (think Wild Things) - a modern book, from the late 20s or 30s if European or later if American.
On separate shiny paper, with different paper used for the text, probably from the 30's or before, but there are lots of exceptions with reprints of children's classics and fairy tales. or with very small books (think Beatrix Potter)
Pasted on a different sheet of paper, either all around or just on the top of the illustration ("tipped in) probably a turn of the century book, and probably an expensive production.

More questions

A reminder to begin with: unless you Register, I do not have access to your email address, so I can't notify you if your book is found.

The first story is The Golden Thread, or Peter and The Magic Thread,  a traditional fairy tale, (not Theseus and Ariadne). It has the easiest search terms and should help you to find the book. (from the net: it has been made into the movie Blink starring Adam Sadle and it is included in William Bennett's Book of Virtues, without illustration, and Children's Book of Virtues with illlustrations by Michael Hague 1995; maybe it has a Source) There seem to be a lot of dumbed down versions of the story on the net. I can't find an older one.

  I can think of earlier artists who might have illustrated such a book, like Arthur Rackham or Scandinavian artists like Norelius  (barring the hell fire) but their illustrations would have been on shiny plates pasted in the book, rather than integrated with the text and going across the gutter. A modern American or English children's book this dark is hard to imagine, and I certainly can't see it as a Golden Book kind of thing (Ungerer? Provensens?) but it might have been a translated European, especially Eastern European book.

The best way to find this online is to go to Google Images and try "The Golden Thread" children's book or "The Magic Thread" Children's book and if you are good at it, exclude Theseus. (I didn't see anything)

Actually, the very best way to find this is to post on an ALA children's librarian list-serve, but a little complicated. Librarians have books of folk tale sources and reprints, and so do I, but they take a while to consult. If your library still has funding for a good children's specialist, ask her.

Just on the off chance, is it The Golden Thread? Here's a picture on this site. I don't think it's the right book

Inside Outside Over There Sendak, girl who finds fairy kingdom

A reader identified your book. I'm quite sure they are right, so I'm moving it up to the top so you will see it. Look down for their comments.

Update on my book search

I think the book I am searching for may have been illustrated by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite. I recently bought her book The Enchanted Forest and the illustrations look like the ones that were in my book. Also the writing style was like my book. Unfortunately it did not have the plot of the fairy wedding being sabotaged by the hook nosed goblins. I will keep looking...

book of fairy tales...

i'm looking for a book, maybe called 'my treasury of fairy tales'
it had all the classics, little mermaid, cinderella etc
but also newer short stories.... one of which was about a little girl whos grandfather (?) takes her to a toy shop, and she wants a pretty doll but she gets a simple bear instead, so she is really mean to it, ties it to a kite and throws it out the window etc... but she gets ill and realises that all she wants is her bear.... it had lovely illustrations
It was a big hardback with a dust jacket.... i had it in the 90's
any help would be appreciated! :)

Looking for the title of the

Looking for the title of the folk tale (made into a picture book) about a husband who goes to market to sell
a cow (I think) and loses all his money, makes a bet with another man that his wife wont be upset and wins the bet! I thought it was called the Good Wife, but it's obviously not!! Any help appreciated : )

All's Well that Ends Well

Is this the Hans Christian Anderson "All's Well that Ends Well"? Sorry it's not an exact book, but hope that helps!

fairy tale book

I am looking for a wonderful fairy tale book I had as a child in the 80s. I don't know if we bought it brand new or not. I believe it must have been printed in the late 60s-to early 80s. It had those beautiful old fashioned illustrations, and lots of them. It was a large hard cover book. I believe the cover was of the forest with the big bad wolf and possibly red riding hood. The title of the book I cannot remember but I think it was in big blue writing. Some of the stories in it were The little match girl, the three little men in the wood, red riding hood, jack and the beanstalk, the little mermaid, the frog prince. I know there were a few more. One of a queen/princess that turned into a swan? Anyway, I've looked on ebay and amazon for hours but no luck. I'm desperate to find this so I can share it with my girls!!

i do have the books u are

i do have the books u are looking for they are 2nd reprints they are all paper backs .all in excellent condition well looked after. and are dated back to 80s. u can email me if intrested . back then they would be priced at 25pence

Please do not post items for sale.

This is an online children's bookstore. We select, describe, and pack our stock carefully and we stand behind each purchase. Please do not offer books for sale on this site. We rarely purchase books online from individuals, although anyone can email us and inquire. We are not interested in reprinted paperbacks, try listing on Amazon.

Fairy Tale book

Oh my goodness - you are perhaps searching for the exact book I am! I remember it as being a large, thick book with lots of fairy tales, hard glossy cover and predominantly white with either a big red or blue cursive written title. It had EVERY single fairy tale I can think of. I also remember fondly the lovely sweet scent of the pages. I was about 7 years old and it was given to me brand new possibly at Xmas 1979.
Anyhow good luck with your search.

Julia (Victoria, Australia)

Fairy Tale Book

I think I too am looking for this same book. I think I had it from about 1975, but it may have been a gift to my older sisters a few years before. I cant remember the name at all, but it did have so many stories like, The Snow Queen, Rumpelstiltskin, 12 Dancing Princess, and The Emperors New Clothes. Have been searching for years, but to no avail. Would love to know if anyone finds it.

Fairy Tale book

It seems as if what you need is a picture of the cover, since the tales have been in many collections. If you've already tried Amazon and Ebay, try
Pull down vintage
Enter fairy tales, or fairy tale book
Then look on the left sidebar and pick book
There are about 1,000 with pictures. The trouble is that Etsy crops the pictures and also that people are apt to break books and list the individual plates under "books" Anyway give it a try.

Grimms fairy tales

I am looking for two books,
1) Hans Anderson fairy tales. -large book pink in colour both apprpx 20 years old
2) Grimms Fairy Tales - large copy in hard back blue in colour. Approx 20 years old

If you have either of these please contact me via the email I would love to buy them as I had both as a child and want my grand children to hear the stories to.

old childrens book

I am looking for a book called "the elf and the magic shoes". Does anyone know where I can find this book?

Seeking childhood book about girl who finds fairy kingdom

I found this book in one of the houses we moved into when I was little. A little girl wanders off and enters a fairy tale land. She meets goblins, elves and fairies and has many adventures before returning home at the end. I remember she crosses a field and enters a grassy tunnel and the grass goes "Ssss....Sssss....Ssss...". At one point in the book two fairies or elves are supposed to be getting married but the "hook-nosed goblins" have captured the bride and substituted a goblin girl in her place. I loved this book and read it over and over. It was such a lovely and mysterious find. It had to have been published sometime before 1956. Any help in finding out more about this lovely treasure from my childhood is appreciated.

I found the book! It is

I found the book! It is "Shadow Castle" by Marian Cockrell with illustrations by Olive Bailey published in 1945. This is a very cool and different sort of book for anyone who loves fairy stories with a twist. I found this book on where it has recently been reissued with additional material. Thank you to everyone who has helped me with this search! Apparantly this little book has quite a large following. Many others have said they too discovered it under mysterious circumstances, loved it dearly and had it mysteriously disappear on them after they had enjoyed its pages. Like me, they could not remember title, author etc and spent many years searching for it. I'm SO happy to be reunited with it again after all these years.

I think this may be one of

I think this may be one of Maurice Sendak's, Outside Over There. I've just found it online and the ISBN information given on the listing is as follows: 0060255234 / 9780060255237 / 0-06-025523-4. My daughter checked this book out of her school's library last year and the story line sounds like the one you described.

Hope this helps, Hidayah

Fairy Tale Book

I checked out the Sendak book. It looks like a good one but unfortunately it is not my book. Mine did not have a little sister in it and it was much older. In my research I've come across one that looks promising. The Password to Fairy Land by Elizabeth Southwart. If anyone has this book or more information on the plot please contact me! My book was in this time period of publication and had a style of illustrations similar to those by Anderson.


I don't know if you saw the picture on abe. My, I would love to have this book!

1940s Waterbabies Book

I remember this book as being a book about water babies, and each page had cut outs so that you could see through it to the next page. I am not sure if it was paper or board, but I do remember that it thrilled me to look at it and I have been looking for it ever since!

old story book

I am 40 and my grandmother gave me a story book when I was young with different stories one story was about 2 men one was richer than the other and the other man was very nice and skinny. They had a yard with flowers the rich man was not so nice and didn't relize it toll his friend tied fixing a roof. Another story has a statue and a sparrow who made friends and the sparrow didn't fly away tot winter

oscar wilde

These are from Oscar Wilde's Fairy Tales

lost book from the 1930s/Doubleday/Doran

This is a Doubleday/Doran Juniors book from 1932-1934. It is a board cover, approx. 9x12 with white and pink illustration on the cover and the title in black script. The cover shows a grandfather and a boy trying to escape on a wagon from a group of either people chasing them or some creatures of some kind. The cover is very similar in layout to the Petershams AUNTIE from 1932. I would give anything to have it back.

FairyTale/Children's tales and poems

I'm looking for a book I had when I was young...I'm 66 it was in the late 40's or early 50's. It was green...not a smooth cover, but textured...I think it had sort of pencil/ink drawings on the front. One story in it was about the dolls who came to life at night....very quaint drawings of the dolls. I want to find the story or the book as I can no longer find my own. I've told my 6-year-old granddaughter about the story and she wants me to read it to her....

Large book of childrens stories

Looking for a Large book of childrens stories & the like it was a mostly red hard cover. It had stories like "The cry baby calf", peter rabbit, a story about kittens mittens, a dachshund that gets stuck in a hole in a fence & stretches. So many stories. Publish dates would be between 1960's & 1972.

possible lead: Large book of childrens stories

Crybaby Calf by Helen and Alf Evers was published by Rand McNally Elf Books, so it may be in one of teh Rand McNally Elf Book collections such as SUNNY MEADOW STORIES.

multi story book with cry baby calf

Did you find any further information ont he title or where this can be found?
I am also looking for this book with cry baby calf (and I hope a story on the beaver lodge)

Looking for Fairy Tale book

The book I am looking for was very large book with nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and Aesop fables. It was yellow with a beautiful illustration on the cover. The stories included Sleeping beauty, Cinderella, Snow Whilte, Ruplestilskin, Puss in Boots. The binding was yellow and made out of some sort of thread type material but I can't remember how many pages i had. It seems like in the middle you had to turn it upside down because the other half of the book had pictures and information about wild animals. This may have been part of an encyclopedia set but really can't remember. I just remember loving this book and would love to find it. May have been printed in 50's or 60's.

Thank you,

Looking for Fairytale Book

Have you tried "The Bookshelf for Boys and Girls"? Just a thought; they were a series I've been searching for. I only really rememberd what the covers looked like. I found them on ebay and some of the older editions at Hope this helps :)

Fairy tale book

I am trying to find out a book I had as a child (about ten years ago) which was a fairy tale book which had the stories of Hansel and Gretel, Brother and Sister, and other such stories. The thing which made this book different was that each story had a small, illustrated pathway which showed the stories happening along a small in the woods. Any help would be great.

I am looking for a set of

I am looking for a set of fairy tale books. Each book was large, full of pictures, and had 2-3 stories per book. I wish I had more details.

collection of stories

I'm looking for a book that has a collection of stories - some of which are "How the Bear lost its tail", Jack Frost, a story about a kitten that spilled milk while the old lady was away. I remember that the book was hardcover and tan, about 1 in. think. I loved the story about the bear and would love to find a copy to share with my son as he grows. Thanks

Little boy removing hat after hat for king

A friend remembers the teacher reading a book about a little boy removing his hat as the king is coming, only to have another hat appear, again and again and again.....Looking for book title and possible copy of book

Title of book

The 500 hats of Bartholomew Cubbins /Seuss

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