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We have several hundred folk and fairy tales for sale, from a collection begun in my early days of teaching, when teachers had time to create curriculum and children had time to read. To make the collection easier to browse, we have organized the books into shorter lists. Note that older vs. modern books are sorted by illustrator, not author. If you want all the books by a certain author or compiler on one list, for instance Grimm or Andersen, use the Search page.


 Older Fairy Tales Lovely older books from the 20'sand before, well illustrated, most published before jackets were an integral part of the book. Classic illustrators, Walter Crane, Kate Greenaway, Randolph Caldecott, Leslie Brooke, Dulac, Frederick Richardson, Pogany, and others will appear from time to time in this section. Occasionally, we'll include a less than collectible but interesting book or a good quality modern reprint, clearly labeled. Many of our foreign books fit in this category, so this list will grow much longer.


Modern Juvenile Folk and Fairy Tale Collections  Modern books of tales compiled for strong 4-8th grade readers, with black and white pictures in text, most including bibliographies. We have also included books of written tales from authors like Barbara Leonie Picard. Most of these books are inexpensive 1sts in nice condition, but since the emphasis is on content, we have included books with less than collectible jackets.

Nursery Tales (Story books) Here are collections of traditional and written stories to read aloud to small children, some of them easy enough for independent reading. They are beautifully illustrated in colour. Since we like good condition in picture books, and since these story books tend to be older, they are intended for a collector or for a special present. Please also see the Mother Goose/Nursery Rhyme list. Storybooks often included both tales and poems.




Modern Picture Book Folk and Fairy Tales. Almost all of these are 1sts are in extremely nice condition, but because most are easy to find, they are inexpensive. The style of the illustrations varies widely. Good Christmas presents... Coming later in the fall.

Fables, Myths, and Legends. Here we have grouped retellings of older children's tales from Middle Eastern to Western literature, stories from the Bible, epics like Gilgamesh and the Odyssey, fables from Aesop through La Fontaine, Egyptian, Greek and Roman Myths, Norse myths, Medieval legends, Arthur and Robin Hood. Also look at The Book House for Children for the later volumes of myth and history, a truly amazing collection. Coming later. Books which use only the text of the Bible itself can be found in one list by putting "Bible" in the Author field on the Search Page.

How to find a storybook _ Try the Loganberry Books Anthology Finder
which lists the content of many of these books, older ones at least. Storybooks typically came out in successive editions, so the covers, and, to some extent , the content, changed through the years. We don't stock many storybooks and were unfamiliar with them as children, so we can't be of much help, although our readers can. Extensive ideas and links for finding and valuing old books are on the Looking for a Book page of our site: /looking-for-a-book


The name of the book is The

The name of the book is The FIve Hundred Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins.

Complaining rabbit

Looking for a story about a rabbit who gets a ride to the fair for free and complains about it all the way! One of my husbands favorite childhood books from the fifties. Thanks for help

Complaining rabbit.

I moved this to Looking for a Book, (see main sections above)  because I don't know it and it's pretty hard to search, yet your description is so good, someone is going to recognize it.

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