20819 Nenook the Polar Bear Maniscalco

Nenook the Polar Bear.

A wonderful cover painting with Nenook standing on an iceberg and roaring, ice and sea all around, kind of a sparkly texture. How Father and Mother polar bear brought up little Nanook.



20702 Daisy Ashford, her book.

Daisy Ashford, her Book.

A collection of the remaining stories dictated to her father by Ashford at 8 yrs. including Daisy's "most imposing novel", The Hangman's Daughter, together with The Jealous Governes by her sister Angela Ashford, and a preface by Irvin S. Cobb.



22311 Die Reise Mit Zebi. - Marianne Scheel 1947

Die Reise Mit Zebi.

Peter's toy zebra grows full size, and he rides with him to find adventures in the forest. Features a bear of character.



21559 VerySmallTaleofTwoVerySmallBears by Grosvenor

The Very Small Tale of Two Very Small Bears (The Story of Two Little Bears on top board).

Sold away from their parents' circus to be trained by a drunken clown, the little bears manage to escape, and, after a long search on their bicycles, encounter Mr. and Mrs. Bruin on the beach. Darling little bears, gentle humour, happy ending. One of only two books by the California teacher and artist, Fredrika or Frederica Grosvenor, somewhat in the style of G. H. Thompson, with finer line and minimal clothing. NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



20981 What Is Right for Tulip by Duvoisin.

What is Right for Tulip...

A somewhat tongue in cheek guide to good manners, with a very charming polar bear!
NOTE: This book has been sold.



21372 NoahsArkABCandPictureBook by Grosvenor

Noah's Ark ABC and Picture Book.

Funny, naturalistic animals, most undressed but using fishing rods, glasses, newspapers, fiddles, brooms, etc in the style of Thompson but more delicate. Bright chromolithos and amusing text (the tiger twirling his whiskers in his second hand clothing store "T for Tiger - keep away!/For it eats a man a day") Grosvenor (b. NY 1852- d. Geneva 1920) was a member of San Francisco society who later moved to Los Angeles. Her rare surviving works include paintings and tapestry as well as her other book, also 1905, A Very Small Tale of Two Very Small Bears (also as Fredrika). NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



20330 Eisbärli by Bohatta-Morpurgo.

Eisbarli. (Barli the Ice Bear)

The snowy day of very appealing little polar bear and his brother in his daily life, ending with him asleep and dreaming, his little orange slippers by his side. These books, reissued from 1949 to 1955, have their own style, paper boards rather than pasted on plates, jackets, and, with this title, fewer illustrations. (Bode #94)
Note: This Book Has Been Sold..



21419 My Life Story by Ted Bear.

My Life Story.

A very huggable bear cub with his tongue sticking out tells his story from the time his mother lost him to his permanent residence in the zoo. The flap lifts to reveal the underside of the bear's muzzle. One of a series of Life Stories which includes P. Uppy and E. Lephant.



What the Wee Bear Did by Nina Jordan. A panorama.

What the Wee Bear Did.

Wee Bear just can't keep from giving everything a little taste!



11232 Two Little Bears by Ylla.

Two Little Bears.

Ylla writes her own story here about two little bear cubs wandering through the woods looking for their mother and their happy reunion. Ylla died in India the next year while collecting photos for a new book.



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