CAT 22 A Older Books 1920's & before.

20075 The Crimson Fairy Book, A. Lang, H. J. Ford Illus, Longmans 1st printing

The Crimson Fairy Book. Longmans 1st.

In an amusing preface, the editor points out yet again that he is not the creator of these stories, as most of his readers seem to think. "Like nature, popular tales are too vast to be the creation of a single modern mind." His wife, Mrs. Lang, actually wrote the adaptations for most of them so his role has been in ferreting out the interesting and varied world wide tales of this collection.



The Nurse's Rhyme Book, (Thomas Trueman)

The Nurse's Rhyme Book, (Thomas Trueman)

143 Rhymes. Taken together with the volume published in the previous year by Zeiger they comprise "all that is valuable in this particular department of juvenile literature." Most are one or two to a page with varied decorative borders and lovely small engravings. Some longer ballads and many unfamiliar rhymes and variants here. The later Smith editions are in World Cat, but this, presumably first, edition is not.



Old Garden. Deland/Walter Crane, ill. Houghton Mifflin 1894 1st US thus illus.

The Old Garden and other verses.

A lovely gift book, beautifully designed and drawn with delicate fairies, flowers, and wistful ladies. Note: This book has been sold.



Hilda and her Doll.

Hilda and her Doll.

Hilda played happily in her Greneda, West Indies home, unaware that she was soon to be sent thousands of miles away, to France, to school. Her father felt the experience of "finding her level" would be good for her character, but for a long time she was miserable at school. Her classmates teased her for the wonderful gift her nurse had given her, a beautiful handmade West Indian doll. The international flavour of this book keeps it from being a Sunday School tract.



21602 A Child's Garden of Verses by Stevenson, Ch Robinson, Ill.

A Child's Garden of Verses.

A full collection, with the Child's Garden, the Child Alone, Garden Days, and all the Envoys, including To Auntie.... What did the other children do/And what were childhood, wanting you?" Over 100 delicate illustrations spread liberally throughout the front matter and text. A later gift edition of C. Robinson's first fully illustrated book, published when he was only 25 years old, and well received on both sides of the Atlantic.
Note: This book has been sold.



21598 My Land and Water Friends by Bamford, illust Bridgman.

My Land and Water Friends.

Nineteen chapters with titles like "A Grasshopper's Remarks", chatty observations by the animals on their lives and relatives, filled with small, less fanciful, drawings. By an Oakland, California author of numerous books about natural science and history for children, this book being her first.
Note: This book has been sold.



21596 Travels into Several Remote Nations (Gulliver's Travels) by Swift.

Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World.

Children have taken Lilliput, Brobdingnag, and the Houyhnhnms as their own for several centuries: for them it is an imaginative and entertaining collection of travel voyages. The vague little maps, usually omitted from children's versions, add interest to this 18th c reprint. A nice special gift. Note: This book has been sold.



29590 Graphic Pictures by Caldecott

Caldecott's "Graphic" Pictures.

Randolph Caldecott's work for the "Graphic" magazine covered sports and funny little stories of English, mostly rural, life, as well as articles on his travels, (a marvellous analysis of how the French are able to make the awkward bathing of the time look elegant!) A children's book person is accustomed to Caldecott's view of a romantic English past, and this glimpse into his view of his contemporaries is just delightful. We'd expect the graceful movement and genial good nature shown here, but Caldecott's writing is a happy surprise. He's very funny, always perceptive, never cruel.



21472 Wies im Hause Geht by Lechler, Oscar Pletsch ill.

Wie's im Hause Geht.

A collection of stories by different authors. With stunning lithos and little drawings in text of domestic life. NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



19557 The Children's Corner by Elkin, W. Le Mair illustrated.

The Children's Corner.

Very honest, sweet paintings of incidents in children's lives, in delicate colours with simple arts and crafts backgrounds. It seems to me that these children, like those of her mentor de Monvel, have more character than her usual. A treasure.



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