CAT 22 C Modern Picture Books 1920+

Modern picture books 1920 and beyond, includes play books etc.
20194 The Secret of the Ancient Oak by Wolo.

The Secret of the Ancient Oak.

The animals have taken the oak tree for granted, for they do not realize the menace of Tarrux the black beaver!



21112 Babar and his Children by de Brunhoff.

Babar and His Children.

The tender story of Babar en famille. Extra shipping will be required for international and priority shipping because of the size and weight of this book.



19568 The Tale of Peter Rabbit Animated! Julian Wehr

The Tale of Peter Rabbit, animated/Wehr.

A long way from Beatrix Potter, but lots of fun. Each animation has interesting details.



20968 Flicka, Ricka, and Dicka and a Little Dog by Lindman.

Flicka, Ricka, Dicka and a Little Dog.

The little girls return Mr. Applegate's lost wet dog. He keeps running back to them but Mother says "we must not keep what does not belong to us, though we may want to badly." Happy ending.



21352 A Little Schubert by Goffstein.

A Little Schubert.

A brief story of Franz Schubert dancing in his cold bare room as he composed the Noble Waltzes, five of which are included in the accompanying record by the author's husband, a concert pianist.



19580 Scat Scat by Francis.

"Scat, Scat".

A pretty white kitten seeks a welcoming place. After many rejections she rests in a flowerbox, and there Rosy Runabout finds her. Delicate colour on coated shiny doubled pages. Note: This Book Has Been Sold.



20090 The Little Elephant by Williamson illus Hader.

Little Elephant.

A charming little book! Told in the first person by the little elephant, whose life revolves around his great mother. With expressive pictures on every page above the short text; four coloured pictures, incl. frontis.
Note: This book has been sold.



21482 A Boat for Peppe by Politi.

A Boat for Peppe.

A story of the Sicilian fishing community in Monterey, California. How Peppe's father was almost lost at sea, the Blessing of the Boats, and a wish come true for Peppe.



19631 Ilenka by Kingman, illus Arnold Bare.


A lovely copy of this beautiful book, whose deco style pictures pull a book that deals with farms and factories into a whole. "Ilenka Feodorovna had everything in Russia to make her happy" but she didn't know what she wanted to grow up to be. A dream of Russia, probably written and illustrated during the last days of World War Two. NOTE: This book has been sold.



20213 Many Happy Returns by Helps.

Many Happy Returns.

Widow Pintips gives a last minute party for her birthday, and though all the little animals mean well, they don't arrive with presents in hand. Dear little pictures in bright, deep colours. Note: This book has been sold.



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