Cat Books

20437 Mr. Petersand's Cats Slobodkin

Mr. Petersand's Cats (and kittens)

When Mr Petersand, the summer cat supplier of Firefly Island, had to go to the hospital, most of his cats mysteriously disappeared. So he changed his policies toward the summer residents.




21038 The Observer's Book of Cats. Pond.

The Observer's Book of Cats.

"Describing all the recognized breeds and varieties with 32 colour and 25 black and white photographs and numerous line drawings." Another in this excellent little series.



21468 Columbine, the White Cat. (Slottie is present)

Columbine, the White Cat. (Slottie is present)

An old French folk tale, the old king decides which of his three sons to inherit the throne. The youngest prince meets the mysterious white cat "Lady Columbine" in her castle.



19832 Lullaby: Why the Pussy-Cat Washes Himself So Often by Bernhard.

Lullaby: Why the Pussy-Cat Washes Himself So Often.

"A Folktale adapted from the Polish." A Christmas story with many bright peasant style lithographs in the same colours. First all the villagers come with gifts for the baby Jesus. Then, after they leave, he is so excited he can't go to sleep. Only the purr of the little kitten, who must wash the ashes from her coat before he can sing to the baby, can lull him to sleep. Includes piano score for "Ah, ah, pussies two".



19580 Scat Scat by Francis.

"Scat, Scat".

A pretty white kitten seeks a welcoming place. After many rejections she rests in a flowerbox, and there Rosy Runabout finds her. Delicate colour on coated shiny doubled pages. Note: This Book Has Been Sold.



20180 The Pussycat Princess by Anthony, illus photos Frees.

The Pussycat Princess.

"The Pussycat Princess asks and receives from her royal father permission to go out into the world, taking whatever risks may befall, but for one night only." Thirty-two photographs of real puppies and kittens elaborately dressed and posed to illustrate the story. [White 576].



21561 Madame Tabby's Establishment by Kari, Louis Wain illus.

Madame Tabby's Establishment.

Little Diana learns from her grandmother that the King of the Cats and his subjects live in the barn and immediately she finds herself a student at Madame Tabby's school for kitten manners. A straightforward and amusing fantasy, written with an economy unusual for its era by a little known author. This book provided Wain with his first break into a lifetime of book, and kitten, illustration (Dale). These cats are more naturalistic than his later ones, all individual characters from the story, with a touch of Wain's style.
Note: This book has been sold.



21443 When the Wind Blew by Brown illus Slocum.

When the Wind Blew.

The little old woman lives content, forgotten by the world, with her 17 cats and her new little kitten. But when the storm and she takes to her bed with a toothache, how she wishes for a hot water bottle. "And she felt something warm along the side of her face.... click click purr purr purr purr. What could it be?" Brown wrote this as a student teacher at the Bank Street school, under the influence of Lucy Sprague Mitchell's Here and Now philosophy, which she incorporated and transcended. An important book in American children's literature, with the original illustrations that bring out the poetry in the text. Note: This book has been SOLD.



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